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The state Duma adopted in the first reading the package of draft laws on the establishment of Regardie
Material posted: Publication date: 18-05-2016

The state Duma adopted in the first reading the package of draft laws on the establishment of the Federal service of national guard troops (Regardie). The documents were submitted by President Vladimir Putin on 6 April - the day after the President announced the establishment of a new power structure.

In support of the initiative by 345 deputies, against - 14 abstentions, was not.

The essence of the initiative

Under the base bill, passed Regardie the powers that were in the Interior troops, OMON, SOBR and MVD tssn.

"Guardsmen", in particular, will be able to detain citizens, to check the documents, to cordon off areas of countryside, including the suppression of the riots. They will be entitled in a state of emergency to prohibit the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, to use the cars of citizens for travel to the place of the accident or the pursuit of criminals, to enter a dwelling, to use force, special means and weapons if necessary. It is assumed that Asgardia will consist not only of contractors but also of the inductees.

The new Federal service of the transferred powers in the sphere of trafficking in weapons and private security (currently this is the responsibility of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia). Previously issued identity private security guard, a license for the chop, permits, licenses, conclusions concerning the circulation of weapons and ammunition will be accepted as valid until the expiration of their actions.

Key tasks

On national guard troops assigned to perform such tasks as participation together with the police in the protection of public order, public security and state of emergency, participation in combating terrorism and in ensuring the legal regime of counter-terrorist operations, as well as participation in the fight against extremism and in the territorial defense of the Russian Federation.

Among the other tasks of Regardie - protection of important state-owned enterprises and special goods to assist boundary bodies of FSB in the protection of the state border.

"National guard troops carry out their activities on the basis of principles of legality, observance of rights and freedoms of man and citizen, unity of command and centralization of management," reads the explanatory note. The leadership of the troops of Resguardo to be provided by the President of the Russian Federation, and managing Director of the Federal service - chief of the troops of the national guard. On April 5 this position was appointed Viktor Zolotov, who previously held the post of chief of the Internal troops of the interior Ministry.

Position of committees of the state Duma

The profile state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption recommended the house to support presidential initiatives. During the discussion the Chairman of the Committee, Ernest Valeyev said that the concerns about allegedly overly broad powers to the military in Regardie are unfounded. In particular, the powers of the national guard to infiltrate the premises, the use of physical force, special means and firearms installed in accordance with those powers that the law-enforcement bodies in such situations", said the MP.

"The Committee believes that the establishment of national guard troops of the Russian Federation will strengthen the national security of the Russian Federation, and recommends the state Duma to adopt the bill in the first reading", reads the conclusion of the Committee.

The Committee Chairperson Irina Yarovaya told reporters that "the national guard will provide a new level of counteraction to modern threats such as terrorism, extremism, organized crime, and thus ensure a maximum protection for the life and safety of citizens of Russia".

In late April, the presidential initiative supported by the Duma Committee on defense, appointed co-executor in the preparation of documents. Then the deputies voted to expand right to use firearms by members of Regardie and, in particular, to allow them to shoot at the crowd to prevent a terrorist attack and release of hostages - by analogy with the norm, already implemented in the law on FSB.


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