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The state Duma requests the Ministry to create a foreign Legion
Material posted: Publication date: 11-11-2014

State Duma Deputy from the LDPR faction Roman Khudyakov appealed to the Ministry of defense and the Organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO) with a proposal to consider the creation in the structure of Russian army military units composed of foreign nationals. It is assumed that the formation is created by analogy with the French Foreign Legion. According to the parliamentarian, the Russian foreign Legion could become the guarantor of stability in Central Asia and a response to the possible aggression of the "Islamic Caliphate" in the region.

We will remind that in Russia already received threats from ISIS. According to some sources, lead to the invasion of Russia intends to field commander Omar al-Shishani. It was also reported about the impending attack of the ISIL terrorists in the countries of Central Asia through Afghanistan. According to the Deputy, the foreign Legion would be able to cope with the terrorists prior to their appearance on the Russian territory.

Roman Khudyakov is sure that a structure similar to the French foreign Legion, would not use the Russian army, and to cope with the military challenges by the forces of foreign troops. It is known that the French Legion has more than 40 thousand people of different nationalities. Units of the foreign Legion is often involved in military conflicts outside of France.

According to the proposal of the Deputy, contractors will receive pay at the level of the military force of the Russian army and to have the opportunity to obtain citizenship after 6 years of service under the contract.

— The French foreign Legion is composed of contractors from 136 countries, and no Frenchman does not die in the war. Why our soldiers have to die? Anyway, we must meet the challenges of our time — and it has to do with global security and threats of terrorism. We can't afford to ignore the fact that the fanatics of the Islamic state is now preparing an expansion into Central Asia and Russia. And to stop we need them beyond the border, and preferably without the participation of the Russian army. The foreign Legion would have coped with the task, — said the parliamentarian.

According to Roman Khudyakov, the cost of maintaining military units is not very large. The Deputy gave the example that wages in the French Legion is less than €1 thousand

— National security and the lives of our fellow citizens are more expensive. The people of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan gladly joined the Legion, no problems there. And all commanders and instructors — Russian career officers. We're actually doing this, and in Tajikistan. All Tajik military are taught only in Russian universities. So let's all right issue and legalize. We have enough experience and appropriate resources, — said the MP.

The proponent believes that the implementation of this military project in the context of a hybrid war undertaken by the United States needed Russia.

— The US behave arrogantly and unscrupulously — they send their own private military company, when officially can't send the army. It seems that the war goes on, and the government here and nothing to do with it. In such circumstances, you need to act tougher on their rules. Units of the Legion can be sent to help Novorossiya. And the most important thing I want to mention is that the formation of ideologically motivated unlike the PMC, who fight solely for the money. To be a Legionnaire is to be the elite, — said Roman Khudyakov.

In the state Duma already considered the initiative to the service of foreigners in the Russian army. The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Sergei Zhigarev told that earlier it was proposed to allow foreign citizens to enter military service in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation and as the stimulus was intended to give citizenship to the serviceman and his family members after completion of the contract.

— Of course, if the soldier no-claims and complaints, such an opportunity could be provided, but, unfortunately, we got a negative resolution of the legal Department of the government. Although, in my opinion, the idea was good — the service contract could come specialists, including citizens of other countries with higher education, — said the MP.

The main obstacle to the creation of the foreign Legion, Sergei Zhigarev believes no home outside of the country.

— What will happen is that we will arm foreign citizens with Russian weapons, teach them to use and they will not be citizens of the Russian Federation. If to take for a basis the French Legion, he always acted and was beyond the territory of France. Here we must clearly understand where will be the Russian Legion in the case of its formation, in Russia it is impossible to leave, — said the Deputy.

The defense Ministry was unable to immediately comment on the initiative.

Chief editor of the magazine "national defense" Igor Korotchenko believes that the creation of such a military structure will strengthen stability in the Central Asian region.

"This initiative deserves attention when it is legally proper development. "Foreign Legion" — not quite a good name for us, but, in fact, the formation of the number of foreign military contingents, which can be used to locate Islamic extremists in the countries of the CSTO, it would be essential for ensuring peace and security. First and foremost, it is important the opinion of the Ministry of defense, which to some extent will consider this question, — said the military expert.

Igor Korotchenko told "Izvestia" that in recent years, our military Department has paid considerable attention to strengthening military potential of the countries — CSTO members, primarily Tajikistan, where it can begin expansion of the Taliban.

— After the Americans leave Afghanistan, the mullahs will pay attention to their neighbors. Therefore, we are providing free training of officers, military-technical specialists and pass the batch of military equipment of our arsenals, which meets the conditions of the Central Asian theater of military operations. Of course, the fight must be primarily a national contingents, since we can't the blood of our soldiers to pay for the stability of Central Asia. But the foreign Legion may be appropriate there, — said Korotchenko.

According to military experts, the threat emanating from "Islamic Caliphate", is very serious.

— Now the main thing — to prevent the emergence of cells and underground structures ISIL on the territory of Russia. There is a great risk that the number of Russian citizens who are now fighting in the ranks of ISIS, you can start the creation of illegal armed formations already here, — said Igor Korotchenko.

Some experts are wary of the initiative. So, the coordinator of the working group of the Center for the study of Central Asia and Caucasus Institute of Oriental studies, Alexander Skakov fears that if the set of the Legion will be held of the representatives of Central Asia, there is a possibility that the legions with arms in their hands will move to the side of the "Islamic Caliphate".

— If you collect from the natives of those countries, then we have no assurance that they will not move to the side of the enemy in the war. Because there needs to be a lot of control and a serious test, — have explained "news" the expert.


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