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Igor Strelkov: "I am ordered to destroy them at any cost"
Material posted: Publication date: 27-05-2014

Small Donetsk town of Sloviansk has become legendary (many seriously called the new city-hero). For the second month Slavyansk holds the line, not allowing many thousands of Ukrainian punishers to destroy a popular uprising. Long as local militias will be able to keep the pressure on self-defense, why the troops sent by Kiev, shot at civilians — we discussed with the Minister of defence of the Donetsk national Republic Igor Strelkov.

"They will continue operation.

- Igor Ivanovich, what actually happened with the international group of reporters — Italian, French and Russian, which the other day were shot under Slavonic?

- It's very simple — they went to make a report to the border of the city, on neutral territory in village Andreevka. Noticed them because the Ukrainian military on this mountain now shoot at anything that moves in the area. Reporters shelled.

They were marked as "press"? The Ukrainian military has seen that it is the journalists and not the military?

- It's difficult to say, seen or not, they do not understand now: civilians — non-peaceful, press — not press. They shoot at anything that moves. There are many cases in the region, when they just shoot everything that is coming towards them. Now is a planned replacement units namely the army to the national guard units, equipped with "the Right sector" and former Maidan activists. These consider all local people as enemies. So shoot the car on the road, or drive around the city and, as they did in Kramatorsk, just firing on all four floors — for them it is normal behavior, they believe that thus able to restore order.

- Election followed? Here Poroshenko kind of like to build relations with Russia are gathered, and on the other hand, speaks about strengthening "anti-terrorist operation"...

- Well, at least, information about what they are going to proceed, everywhere confirmed. Ongoing movement of troops, this is fresh information that today in the raisins they began to deploy a field hospital on a large number of beds, that is, are preparing for large losses, and lack of beds in General hospitals. Transfer of technology today, a total of 14 new APC passed in our direction. There are facts manoeuvres Karachun with tanks, another battery last night they threw Karachun, and 7 helicopters it took literally an hour ago on Kramatorsk, 4 transport and 3 of combat. So the movement of troops here continues ago discharged only parts that shabby in combat and lost morale completely.

"Slovyansk could be defended long enough"

- But if you call Poroshenko and say, "Igor Ivanovich, let's talk", what will you answer him?

- I understand that he will not come and will not offer. For one simple reason: I have data that I ordered to destroy them at any cost. By any means. Therefore, to negotiate with me, no one will. In addition, to negotiate with me useless, because I'm not a politician and warlord, who commands the garrison of Slavyansk and the surrounding cities. If they negotiate only directly with the leadership of the Donetsk people's Republic, Luhansk people's Republic and the authorities of Novorossiya that will be formed.

- How do you assess the chances to defend Slavyansk, and in General the surroundings of Donetsk Republic?

- Slavyansk we may assert, with more or less normal supply, long enough. For one simple reason — the enemy has a lot of artillery, lots of tanks, absolute air superiority, but the morale of enemy infantry is insufficient to come to the streets and to defeat our cause here. We have few weapons, especially heavy, we can't in the field to resist the enemy. But we fighters have a very high morale, in an urban environment capable of a minimum stop, and it is quite possible, and throw outside the city all who will enter it.

- Any predictions?

- Can't give forecasts for one simple reason: the logic of the Ukrainian command is absolutely unclear for me. The fact is that many of the decisions, purely military, are likely, just looking at the map, they don't even come to mind the Ukrainian command. On the contrary, it provides a lot of solutions that, as they say, can only take corporal.

"Every day content is added about 40-50 people comes"

One of the many military personnel you obtain?

- Until the navigation unit. Many more examples of what the soldiers, the soldiers of the Ukrainian army, sabotaging the orders for the offensive, on the attack. Many examples that the Ukrainian military just shot in the air ammunition. We believe, to say that can't perform a task due to lack of ammunition.

- What is the self-defence needs?

- In everything. In small arms, heavy weapons, ammunition, medicines, food, financial support, first you'll need a reliable means of communication.

- And people?

- People come. Although I was criticized a lot, especially on the Russian sites, defeatist statement... of Course, everyone fancies himself a strategist, seeing fight from outside, of course, "sofa spetsnaz" is much more visible that I need to do here... However, this appeal played a major role here in the Donetsk Republic, and who as it was seen in Russia (again I will repeat: the patriots, who are mainly fighting for the keyboard) I am somehow not very interested. Actually I have every day for 40-50 people refill comes with the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Not all of them are, natural selection is screening. Coming under shelling every day 2-3 people immediately think about urgent matters at home, but the vast majority remain in positions, strengthen the defense. This allows me to display some battle groups already outside the city and the last attack we had under Novotroitsk, for example, the successful defeat of the enemy post — produced groups that we were able, thanks to the influx of militia, to withdraw from Slavyansk and throw in the rear of the enemy.

"They, without knowing the full situation"

- The balance of power about what?

I didn't want to discuss the balance of forces in armored vehicles of the enemy, of course, the overwhelming superiority, but we have a certain amount of anti-tank weapons that allow us to fight with this armor, if she tries to go on the assault.

- How can you trust the websites on your behalf publish summaries? Remember, the fake was that in the spring - it's supposedly the militias destroyed...

- It's not fake. It is really my statement, and there really was an acting battle groups, which is, shall we say, not under my direct command, but as it formally enters the slave I of the militia. Immediately thereafter posted on the Internet movie, where laid out captured weapons. I know that this video is already out and I did not find it necessary to hide the truth. The attack was really hard. And then their helicopters Ukrainian troops added in some additional losses.

Is it from ignorance or deliberate destruction?

- No, certainly not intentional destruction is just a proof of full nevladine situation and incompetence of command, the helicopter pilots and everyone else.

"Communicate with relatives via courier"

Can a bit about yourself to tell? How your day starts, how often you communicate with relatives?

All. After journalists began to harass my relatives in Moscow, where I'm extremely negative, as well as attempts to invade my privacy, I do not communicate. Especially because all my phones tapped, so I prefer to focus only on the performance of their military duties, and information about what's going on with my relatives, I get through couriers in oral form.

- Why here, in the Donbass, the people organized a resistance to the Kiev junta, and the rest of South-East — has not yet happened. Kharkov, Odessa almost depressed...

- Because decisive people, able to risk everything including own life, reputation and everything else...

- ... Yes, on the Maidan in Kiev it was enough to throw a cry, and immediately ran thousands, but here?..

- You understand that cry — it can be thrown by man, had both hands over his mouth. And can be used thousands of cameras, TV screens. And spread the battle-cry which rushed to the Maidan, was very well provided with all the mass media in Ukraine... I was in Kyiv, I participated in providing security of supply "Gifts of the Magi". In those few moments when I had the opportunity to escape from work, and I was looking through the local press, and television, visited the Maidan. And I was with the naked eye can see that everything is very well organized, established, and any who came there man immediately felt that underneath it all, a large base that his opinion there is shared by a huge number of people. From here and it was such a powerful movement.

Here, in the South-East, on the contrary, the Ukrainian propaganda immediately called folk protest "fascist mutiny". People do not inspire the revolt in Kiev, and suppress the same TV, radio, Newspapers, the Internet, which are then orchestrated a media campaign. Secondly, the lack of real support from the outside, the USA and Ukrainian oligarchs had the independence... From Russia such support wasn't even close. Accordingly, the structures of patriots that acted in the South-East, they got some crumbs, its forces and means from them again was not enough to organize even minimal action. Oligarchs able to sponsor such movements, nothing there either.

"Everyone who goes on the attack, do not interfere with us"

- The Internet has a lot to say about some Chechen battalions arrived from Russia...

Well I know that in Gorlovka is one Chechen locals, who have long lives here and in the volunteer battalion, other Chechens here I have not seen, at least in Slavyansk there is not a single Chechen fighter.

- And from Russia many volunteers come?

Ninety per cent of our troops are locals. There was a small group of Bashkirs, they did not take up arms, they just came to help, brought humanitarian aid, participated in the construction of fortifications. Worked a few days and left.

- You accuse that you money some pay...

- Now I have a very big problem — I can't the militia, who more than a month and with in arms fighting for the independence, can't help their families. People are fighting here. Yes, they are fed and clothed, they have guns and ammunition, but their families get nothing. This is a very serious problem, and I needed funds in order to give people a minimum benefit that their children did not starve. I have the money for that. All these tales about the fact that we are here recruit mercenaries, soldiers perekupaet — this is again an information war that is waged against us.

- Speaking of mercenaries. It is true that foreign mercenaries involved in punitive operations against you? They say that under the Slavic poles...

- We have data that Karachun really protects the Polish private military company. They're not out to eat, the attack does not go, but around the perimeter are guard Karachun, using the latest tools: thermal imagers, long-range sniper rifles. But I have no complaints, though, because they are sitting there and the attack does not go, and anyone not in the attack, us does not interfere.



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