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As a tank single-handedly broke through the occupied Minsk? Legends Of The Great Patriotic
Material posted: Publication date: 03-03-2019
Minsk. July 3, 1941. The Germans captured the city a week and organise it camps for prisoners of war. The German trophy team busy counting trophies.

Thousands of guns, hundreds of tanks, many of which during the war captured intact, they just run out of fuel, and crews, abandoning their equipment, they rushed to escape. Only one warehouse on the outskirts of Minsk German troops captured trenbelone 62 heavy tank T-28, most of them were perfectly serviceable. Pour the gasoline, put the shells to me. The Germans in the great Patriotic war period very often did.

From Brest on the highway, the city enters the T-28. The hatches are closed, the maximum speed. And suddenly the tank started to push the "winners" and shoot them with all his guns. Crushed not had time to rebound of German cyclists, crushed and shot a column of motorcyclists.

Shrapnel shells "caressed" a column of German infantry on the trucks and added of all their guns, crushing and crushing its body those trucks that prevented it to pass. He arranged the anti-tank ambush, holding against him a few guns Pak 35/36.

Small, unobtrusive, they are well burned T-26 or BT various modifications with their bulletproof armor. They fired the first shot. Got. But the tank was the T-28E, i.e., it was put additional armor screens. The shells 37 mm gun and its armor could not break through. The gun was destroyed a couple of shrapnel shells.

The calculation of the German 37-mm anti-aircraft guns in front of Government House in occupied Minsk

Another enemy motorized column was shot out of a cannon and machine guns. The tank popped up on the Central square, where the Nazis carried out some kind of a rally driven by local residents. In their eyes, T-28 machine gun combed the platform and rostrum. Tank then jumped on the way to the outskirts of the city, on Moskovsky prospect. Immediately shot out of a cannon and the crushing of the second anti-tank barrier, again made up of the same 37 mm anti-tank guns Pak 35/36, the tank rushed to the outskirts of the city.

Alas, over 2 km to the exit he ran into a third ambush. At this time, cannon was a 75 mm calibre and placed on the side of the road. The tank was hit in the engine part and caught fire.

The crew part were killed, part were captured, the rest fled. What were the tank and the crew?

Senior Sergeant Dmitry Malko with his wife, 1941

The mechanic-driver and the core of the crew was staff Sergeant Malko, Dmitry Ivanovich. He had fought in Spain and Khalkhin Gol, and during the Finnish war. Early in the war he served in the warehouse of machines and parts of the Western military district. On June 27 they got the order to evacuate. While at the front our soldiers burned the enemy tanks with bottles of gasoline, the warehouse stood calmly 63 breakthrough tank T-28. Their here... just forgot? Is it possible that the commander and his staff forget that they are in the warehouses of the same tanks, which are so lacking at the front? A couple of regiments of tanks breakthrough! Can stupidity be such a giant? And here in this warehouse came the order to evacuate.

Dmitry Malko persuaded his boss to withdraw from a at least one tank, the other was not the drivers. Shortly after the from warehouse column was bombed by the Germans. The tank, which was ruled by Malko, was damaged and stalled. Dimitri refused to leave him and began to mend.

His column he never met. Repaired the engine and continued the retreat, I arrived to the retreating column. Then he found the crew, major-tanker and three cadets-gunners. According to the memoirs Malko, the name of the major was the programmer, and cadets name was Fyodor Naumov, Nikolay Pedan, Alexander Rachitsky. The crew was ordered to pull out three mired at the crossing of the T-26. They came back, but when arrived, it turned out that the Germans occupied Minsk and cut them off from their.

Malko sent tanks to his former warehouse. There they filled the tanks with gasoline and loaded as much ammunition and projectiles as I could. And decided to go the only way that they could — through Minsk.

German soldiers examine wrecked and burnt-out Soviet tank T-28

So began the hour of battle, glory and life of the T-28E and its crew. Almost all their ammo they shot at the enemy and inflicted considerable damage. But I guess the main thing was the animal terror that suddenly had "winners". Those that survived, could not forget. Some German officer interviewed who took him prisoner American allies among the most hard experiences of the war in Russia mentioned the episode with a crazy Russian tank stupid feathers on the anti-tank gun, shot and crushed them and only a miracle was set on fire for a kilometer or two before the end of the city, where he could take refuge in the woods.

Sergeant Malko jumped out of a burning tank and managed to hide and then get out of town. Came to his own, was sent to serve in the armored brigade. Fought at Moscow and Stalingrad. In the summer of 1943, was discharged from the hospital after being wounded, came to be convinced of the 2nd Guards Tatsinskiy tank corps, where he served until the end of the war. On the evening of 2 July, 1944, the corps reached the outskirts of Minsk, and after a stubborn fight on the morning of 3 July 1944, tankers, guards came to Minsk.

One of the tanks, first entered the Minsk ruled Dmitry Malko.

The same tank T-28

Incredibly, where 3 years ago he got out of the burning T-28, stood the burned-out tank. The Germans did not take to the scrap to be melted. The fight became a legend that few believe today. And in 1966, the sole surviving participant of the RAID D. I. Malko was awarded the order "Patriotic war".

Author: Igor Vadimov

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