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I can come and put. American claims to the deployment of Russian missiles completely unfounded
Material posted: Publication date: 23-10-2014

Crimea may indeed become one of the places of deployment of Russian nuclear weapons carrier, and the indignation of the United States on this occasion is irrelevant. However, the media is not the weapon itself, firstly, and this will happen not immediately, second. The Russian troops in the Crimea have long needed a substantial update.

The head of the Committee of Congress on the armed forces Howard McCone, Chairman of the Subcommittee on strategic forces Mike Rogers and the head of Subcommittee of the lower house on tactical air and land forces Michael Turn appealed to President Barack Obama urging him to cease all cooperation with Russia. The reason for this was, as stated, "deployment in Crimea media tactical nuclear weapons."

"In the field of tactical nuclear weapons, in contrast to the strategic, purely gentlemen's agreement"

According to the congressmen, in early August, the Russian authorities decided to transfer to the Crimea bombers Tu-22M3 and operational-tactical complexes "Iskander-M", able to strike high-precision cruise missiles R-500, equipped, including nuclear warheads. According to a member of the Committee on armed services United States Senate the James Inhofe, it not only is a direct violation of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF) signed between the U.S. and the USSR in 1987 (on the document the parties undertook not to develop, produce and destroy existing ballistic and cruise missiles ground-based flight range from 500 km to 5500 km), but also poses a direct threat to all of Europe.

The reason for fighting

Ground for the statements of the American congressmen really quite rich. Washington is not the first year accuses Moscow of violating the INF Treaty. Last year, this occasion was just testing the R-500. After trial launch, it flew 2600 miles, and I must admit that missiles of such range are really prohibited by the Treaty. Officially on this occasion, Moscow has not given any explanation. The source of the newspaper VIEW in the Ministry of defense reported that it has passed the test of "marine cruise missiles", which for economy and simplification of telemetry parameters started with "land platform" and not with the ship.

In turn, Russia has accused the USA that Americans in trials of interceptor missiles used in the missile-target PRO units from missiles "Pershing", which according to the INF Treaty should be long and completely destroyed.

Concern and launchers the U.S. missile defense system MK-41, capable of launching cruise missiles, medium-range ASROC, "sea Sparrow", ESSM and Tomahawk. The USA intend to place these launchers in Poland and Romania. And their placement is also a gross violation of this agreement.

However, in September this year in Moscow, the sides seem to mutual fears were dispelled. The INF Treaty has resisted. But the appeal of congressmen to Barack Obama suggests that the claims of the American politicians concerning this Treaty are far from exhausted.

The direction of impact

"The deployment of nuclear weapons on the sovereign territory of another state without its consent is insidious and cynical decision, – said in the letter the congressmen Obama. – This will allow Russia to closely approach to NATO bases, having military superiority in the region." The actions of the Russian leadership, according to members of Congress, "a flagrant violation" of the agreement, the Russia – NATO from 1997. Under this agreement, the Russian military have been allowed to remain on the bases and objects of the Alliance – for example, in the building of the headquarters of the Alliance in Brussels. However, there, unlike located 50 kilometers from the capital of Belgium city Mons, no military solutions do not accept.

The congressmen demanded from the President of the United States in the near future to inform the Congress about possible retaliatory steps. And the first of them, according to members of the lower house, would be the decision on the full termination of all contacts between NATO and Moscow, as well as the withdrawal of Russian military personnel from the bases and installations of NATO. They also proposed to deny Russia the inspection flights under the open skies Agreement, giving you the opportunity to conduct overflights of each other's territories for the purpose of conducting radio and fotoritocco, confirming compliance with the limits on deployment of conventional weapons.

"The Americans are not as innocent as you want to present yourself, – said the newspaper VIEW, Professor of the Academy of military Sciences Vadim Kozyulin. – Suffice it to recall that the U.S. military bases in Germany more than 200 nuclear bombs b-61. This is a gross violation of the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, which prohibits the presence of such weapons on the territory of non-nuclear countries. Prohibits and training to handle these weapons representatives of countries not having such weapons. However, within NATO there is a Committee on nuclear weapons, which trained air force pilots of NATO countries to its application".

It was American base missile defense system appeared in Poland and Romania, like an expert.

The defensive line

"Until recently there were agreement about the Status of the Russian black sea fleet in Ukraine, Moscow could not move to Crimea without the consent of the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev is not something that a new ship, but even a boss, – reminded the newspaper VIEW military expert Viktor Litovkin. – It is clear that Ukrainian parliamentarians last 20 years defiantly "dynamite" these deliveries. The fleet fell into decay".

The upgrade program of the black sea fleet does not go beyond the state armaments program until 2020. The return of the Crimea in structure of Russia only demanded adjustment programs towards urgent upgrade of arms and military equipment on the Peninsula. Reinforcement troops occurred due to the transfer of about 300 units of new weapons systems and military equipment. Military units in Crimea have received the newest self-propelled anti-tank complexes "Chrysanthemum-s", 152-millimeter howitzers "Msta-With", and also jet systems of volley fire "Tornado-G". Coastal forces were replenished with the latest mobile antiship complex "Ball", which is composed of cruise missiles X-35 "Uranus". It happened once in the Black sea on a permanent basis were present warships of NATO.

Opposed to defense

The accommodation on the Peninsula Tu-22M3 and operational-tactical complexes "Iskander-M", as explained to the newspaper VIEW in the Ministry of defense, is not regulated by any international agreements. According to the General staff, the appearance of Tu-22M3 in Crimea on a permanent basis is expected before 2016. When there will be operational-tactical complexes "Iskander", is unknown. But Sergei Shoigu has repeatedly stated that such complexes can be accommodated on the territory of Russia at any time and in any place. "I can come and bet!" – stressed the Minister of defence on a military Collegia of the Ministry of defense.

That is why "Iskander" appeared in Kaliningrad and Leningrad regions. In the first case, they will counter the threat from NMD base of the USA in Poland. In the second pose "sight" the military infrastructure of NATO in the Baltic. The placement of these systems in Crimea guarantees if necessary the destruction of another base U.S. interceptor missiles in Romania. And Tu-22M3 will be able not only to support the strike with cruise missiles X-22 and X-15, but also completely eliminate naval American presence in the Black sea.

"Tu-22M3 can offset both current and potential threats that may be relevant for Russia in the region, including through entering the Black sea destroyers that carry a direct threat to the functioning of strategic nuclear forces of Russia, – has expressed the opinion of the newspaper OPINION editor of the magazine "national defense" Igor Korotchenko. – Most recently, our bomber just shocked the crew of the American destroyer Donald Cook is the only one that worked the exit to the combat use of weapons".

Us congressmen are right in that, and Tu-22M3, and "Iskander-M", and even cruise missile X-35 can be equipped with tactical nuclear warheads. For example, the main percussion system Russian bomber – cruise missile X-22 – exists solely in nuclear facilities. According to General designer of the Kolomna mechanical engineering design Bureau Valery Kashin, on the complex "Iskander-M" can be used up to 10 different warheads, and one of them is indeed nuclear. But this does not mean that the defense Ministry will indeed place in Crimea tactical nuclear weapons.

Gentleman gentleman

"In the field of tactical nuclear weapons, in contrast to the strategic, purely gentlemen's agreement, says Vadim Kozyulin. – That is, its existence is not regulated by international treaties. For all time of existence of the nuclear disarmament process neither Moscow nor Washington has never attempted to limit the spread of tactical nuclear weapons, but also to inform, how many it exists at all".

For example, Washington claims that Russia not less than 18-19 thousand tactical nuclear weapons. In Rosatom, said that nuclear Arsenal of the USSR by 1990 had no more than 14 thousand tactical munitions. But this figure is inaccurate, as annually due to the aging of disposal shall be 1,600 to 1,700 warheads. However, as explains the risk of Russia and U.S. tactical nuclear weapons are governed by a "gentlemen's agreement" by which is not hold it unfolded in the media. That is, in good faith, each party shall hold those tactical nuclear warheads for cruise operational-tactical missiles and aviation bombs on its own territory in special warehouses. But here's keeps? Suspicion about the United States much more than Russia.

Dmitry Litovkin


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