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The Minister of defence turned to the reform of military education
Material posted: Publication date: 21-01-2013

Shoigu continues the adjustment of the military reform undertaken by the former Minister. This time conversion related system of education, - writes the newspaper "Izvestia". The education Department of the Ministry of defense will be released from their, or rather not his, functions, and in 2013, his authority will withdraw the military universities and military research centers.

Military schools and military training and research center (VUNTS) will report to the respective commander of the troops for them. Flight — the main command of the air force, Navy — Navy command, land — the main command of Land forces and so on. The Academy of the General staff will be under the control of the chief of the General staff Valery Gerasimov, the Ryazan higher airborne school, airborne troops commander Vladimir Shamanov, Academy of strategic missile forces named after Peter the Great — commander of the strategic missile forces Sergei Karachaevo.

Direct management of universities and BUNZ will carry out management, established at each of the main command.

Source of "Izvestia" explained:

— These controls themselves will develop the qualification requirements to specialists ' training, responsible for logistical support of training centers, to prepare personnel decisions. Scientific work in military research institutes will also return control of the relevant commander.

Subordinated to the main command of the Land troops get cadet and Suvorov military schools, Nakhimov will remain in the Navy. In addition, these troops will be transferred to Russia's only boarding school of pupils of defense Ministry, where daughters of servicemen from across the country.

Thus, in the education Department of the Ministry of defense will remain the only legal and scientifically-methodical maintenance of educational process and curriculum development for universities.

This is not the first adjustment of the reform of military education, conducted the ex-Minister. At the end of 2012, Sergei Shoigu has canceled unpopular "Bologna system" of training officers, involving three levels: bachelor's, specialist's and master's degrees, reports "Interfax". With 2013 in the Russian military educational institutions this practice must stop.

Recall that the new concept of training soldiers, which was intended to replace the inherited from the Soviet system, was launched in 2008. Since then it has been implemented in phases, causing considerable criticism from former and current military, some of which directly called her a "collapse" of domestic military education.

Supervised Catherine Priezzheva, the former ally of Serdyukov from the tax office, which also caused a lot of irritation among military personnel. In fact, to decide the fate of military training in the country was entrusted to man, not having any relation to the army. At the same time, supporters of Serdyukov argued that this approach is justified – brought to them by the staff (mostly women) were not associated with any of the military community and, therefore, could not lobby for someone's specific interests.

In 2009 in the framework of this educational reform was a massive reduction in military educational institutions – so, instead of 64 universities was 10 (three military training and research center, six military academies and one military University). Of the universities joined in the consolidation process, and the part was reduced, the teaching staff has decreased in 7 times. According to the plan, such number of officers of the Russian armed forces was not necessary. And initially it was planned that the process of creating a "systemically important institutions" will be completed by 2013, but the reform of the past faster pace.

According to the authors of the reform, the "optimization" of military schools was necessary to reduce the costs of training officers and has improved the quality of education due to the concentration of the most qualified faculty. In the process of "optimization" has suffered a legendary educational institution, for example, Military space Academy named after Mozhaisky, Academy aerospace defense in Tver and other universities with big names.

To manage the new structure was reorganized and the Department of education, the Ministry of defence in the period from 2008 to 2012 – from legal and scientific-methodical management it has become a centre for the control of military higher educational institutions and secondary special educational institutions.

According to many military experts, such a move was not justified – the process of officer training should take place within the system of the Ministry of defence, under the direct control of the military authorities. It was here that gained the necessary experience and that here, as nowhere else, understand the specifics of military education that is not available to civilian educational personnel.

The return of military schools and military training and scientific center under the control of the military leadership will help to eliminate those negative factors that emerged during serdyukovskaya reform.

A new course in reforms for "However," commented Vyacheslav Kruglov, the General-the major in resignation, the doctor of military Sciences, Professor, honored worker of higher school of Russia, lecturer at the Military Academy of the strategic missile forces and the Academy of the General staff:

What made Serdyukov, can be described in one word which is not used, but correctly conveys the essence of the business – sabotage.

He created the national body – the Department of education, which was absolutely incompetent, who himself did not know what I was doing. All were fitted under the "trading scheme" - would be a good building somewhere in the center to release, just to sell. And everything else they were not interested.

Soviet military school, starting from the Suvorov military school and ending with the Academy of the General staff, was the best in the world, a Serdyukov it was destroyed. Well, what the basis of any school is the people, the people have remained. So that now makes the new leadership of the Ministry of defence, it is merely the correction of errors and the devastating sabotage of the policy, which was led by former Minister of defense against the universities.

All cornered: which should be a plus, there is connected a minus. No system will work if all mixed up. All literally in pain from what was done. Therefore, the first step you need to first go back to the original, that is, "to leave deadlock", and the second step is to choose the right path and to give the education system a second wind.

Sergey Krivenko, member of the Public Council under the Ministry of defense, the Director of the human rights group "Citizen. Army. Right", was less categorical:

-- Overall, the fact that Serdyukov was held, we regard as the most significant transformation of the industry over the last 20 years, which is long overdue. In particular it is linked with the reform of military education. Quite a few universities trained officers under the old program, graduates could in the new environment to cope with new challenges. If this is the transition to contract method of recruitment, the officers are quite different tasks than when working with recruits.

The reform was started not only to reduce and to optimize the system of military schools, but as times change programs, aiming to output the officer was able to cope with the tasks, which puts the current time.

How it happened - it is difficult to say here need time. But what was started, common sense has. But as always when there are a lot of problems. You must leave the common "grain" of reform, to minimize errors and problems that have arisen. It will be right.

Elena Gladkova


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