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Defense experienced a single integrated air defense system
Material posted: Publication date: 01-09-2016

Command of aerospace forces and the national defence control centre in real time protected from hitting the imaginary enemy in the Caucasus, Crimea and Central Russia.

In the ensuing 25 Aug a sudden check armed forces of the Russian aerospace forces for the first time tested a single, integrated air defense system (UIS PVO). The system allowed real-time to reflect conditional a massive attack of the conditional opponent, combining thus in one network of interaction of all participants of the process, from directly performing the intercepting fighters and calculations of anti-aircraft missile complexes and to the National defence control centre.

— Prior to the current snap inspections were only tested individual elements. Now during the exercises were first used the whole system, — told "Izvestia" the representative of the Russian defense Ministry familiar with the situation. In General, the system worked normally. However, there were certain difficulties, in particular, in the transmission of information. Also revealed minor flaws in the software. But it's not a critical problem, and they will be eliminated.

Within a few hours the fighter-interceptors, anti-aircraft missile systems, radar stations and aircraft of distant radar detection (AWACS) in the Caucasus, Crimea and Central Russia reflected the conventional massive RAID of aircraft, drones and cruise missiles. At the same time at the National center of defense and the General command of aerospace forces not only receive information in real time about everything happening in the air and on the ground, but also ran an air battle that took place on an area of several thousand kilometers.

It is noteworthy that, in addition to videoconferencing, in repelling an attack of the "enemy" was also attended by the battalions of antiaircraft missile systems s-300 and "Buk" that are included in the composition of Ground troops and does not formally obey the command of the Russian space forces. However, this did not prevent land gunners to perform all the tasks.

Even the most intense air combat currently takes only a few minutes. To win, you need not only to see the enemy, but also to understand what forces and on what objects he will strike, — said independent military expert Anton Lavrov. — Radar, AWACS, radar aircraft and anti-aircraft systems can't see the whole situation. If we are talking about massive enemy attacks with different strategic directions in the square of thousands of kilometers, to understand the whole plan of the enemy very difficult.

As the expert noted, the newest system enables all involved in a dogfight not only to get all the information about the enemy's actions online, but also timely to determine where enemy strikes, and catch it.

As have explained "news" the representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia, in the future UIS will be applied in all elements of combat training of Air and space forces, ranging from simple missile firing and interception of the target aircraft and to the large-scale exercises, which will involve the whole Arsenal of videoconferencing.

The principle of operation of a single integrated system at first glance is quite simple: each subscriber (the fighter, anti-aircraft missile system, radar, etc.) sends your coordinates, direction, and information about the enemy, whom he sees, and in response receives information about the location of their forces and means on actions and provision of aircraft, radar and anti-aircraft weapons, even if they are out of sight.

The commanders of regiments, divisions and brigades get all the information about the enemy operating in their areas of responsibility and beside them, allowing you to decide how best to reflect the airstrike and cover the specified object. At the same time, the pilots in the air and calculations of anti-aircraft systems on the ground will only see the goals that they need to intercept or which represent a danger to them.

— In the Armed forces of Russia for fighter aircraft, air defense, units and radar troops subdivisions have been developed and adopted for the supply of the automated control systems (management information system), — said the chief editor of the industry magazine "Arsenal Fatherland" Victor murakhovski. — Checked the same single integrated system is, so to speak, "mega-ASU connecting all these systems into a single complex. Until recently, the full functioning of the ERC interfered with the absence of a common format for data exchange and interface between automated control systems. But after the creation of the National defence control centre of all departmental bureaucratic partitions have overcome.

According to experts, currently in the aerospace forces of Russia has not only a "shield" of EIS air defense, but is now created and the "sword" is a single, integrated system for tactical, assault and bomber aircraft, directly hitting the enemy.

— The new system is already connected frontline bombers, and later will be joined by helicopters of army aviation and, possibly, attack — said Viktor murakhovski.

Alexey Ramm


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