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"My beliefs do not fall out with his teeth": a forgotten feat of General Karbysheva
Material posted: Publication date: 20-02-2019
Interesting and amazing life of Dmitry Mikhailovich Karbyshev, a Russian officer and a Soviet General, and not broken most powerful military machine of the third Reich.

Most of us have heard about the heroism of General, courageously gave all the ordeal in German prisoner of war and who died an agonizing death there under the jets of icy water, the 18th of February 1945, but not so well-known pages of his life from birth.

The Russo-Japanese war

The talent of the young officer for the first time clearly manifested in the Russo-Japanese campaign — Karbyshev was strengthened, made bridges over rivers, established means of communication.

Despite the loss in the Russo-Japanese war, Karbyshev showed himself as a cool professional that was marked by medals and the rank of Lieutenant.

The Brest fortress

Most notable in his military career under the command of specialists of the military engineering service professors major-General N..Bujnitski and A. K. Ovchinnikova Karbyshev involved in the construction of FORTS of the Brest fortress first as Junior and then as senior producer of works. As the manufacturer works Karbysheva commissioned the reconstruction of the Fort VII of the second line of the fortress.

It was his fortress, a few decades later, in 1941, the first meet of the German Horde and become an impregnable bulwark against perfectly-oiled German war machine. That's about it for the first time stumble all the power of the Third Reich, before that last triumphant March through Europe.

The First World

With the outbreak of world Dmitry Mikhailovich submits a report with a request to send him to the front. A report soon granted. Engineer captain falls in the autumn of the first year of the war in the army, in the South-Western front.

In 1915 March 6 Karbyshev was wounded in the battles for the conquest of the fortress city of Przemysl. The bullet "went through" the soft parts of the feet, but passed through the bone and slightly damaged tendons. This was the basis of the captain once again to ask the front. To the front Dmitry Mikhailovich returned along with caring for him in hospital as a nurse Lydia Vasilievna the Opatska, became his wife.

The first World war Karbyshev was held as divisional engineer of the 78th and 69th infantry divisions, and then the chief of the engineering service of the 22nd Finnish infantry corps.

For courage and bravery during the assault on Przemysl and during the Brusilov breakthrough, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and awarded the order of St. Anne.

Civil war

The October revolution found Karbysheva in the South-Western front, the 8th army, on the border with Romania. Without hesitation he went to the side of the revolutionary people.

For his merits in the battles on the fields of the civil war on the Eastern front, and in the capture of Perekop, Karbyshev was awarded a personal gold watch with the inscription: "the Red fighter of the Socialist revolution from the Executive Committee".

The great Patriotic war

Came The Second World War. The war caught the General on the Western front, not far from Grodno, in the headquarters of the 3rd army.

The afternoon of June 26 the Germans a considerable force of infantry supported by tanks attacked the headquarters of the army. Despite the superiority of the enemy, his attack was able to reflect and on the defensive in Vaukavysk brick factory near the Swedish mountains.

On 27 June the army headquarters were surrounded. The battles were taking place in the town of Vaukavysk. Officers have formed private militias and groups of stranded people in the woods and then went with them into battle. D. M. Karbyshev led device barriers on the approaches to the Castle forest.

Dmitry Mikhailovich was already over sixty when he's on foot, across almost the whole of Belarus, through forests and swamps a month and a half went from intruding from the environment groups of the Soviet forces, led the battles and restore the crossings, engineering software numerous breakthroughs of the German borders.

So General came to the Dnieper, where in the battle near the village of Dobraca Mogilev region was seriously wounded, and on 8 August 1941 in an unconscious state was captured by the enemy.


Seven concentration camps, starvation, disease, abuse and torture, overwork and incessant attempts against this background, on the part of the German command, to persuade the General to cooperate, stood this old man, before accepting a painful death in February ' 45.

In old age, has passed through hardship in the camps, exhaustion, General offered a luxurious setting with keeping position and even the title. They needed a specialist Karbyshev.

Dmitry Mikhailovich Karbyshev was perfectly aware that this is likely the last sentence. He knew what failure means to him.

However, the brave General said: "My beliefs do not fall out with his teeth from a lack of vitamins in the diet of the camp. I am a soldier and remain true to his duty. He forbids me to work for the country that is at war with my Homeland."


The head of the anti-fascist underground of the Soviet prisoners of Mauthausen Valentin Ivanovich Sakharov, was also an eyewitness to the death of Karbysheva 18 Feb 1945

"...The place where for two days tortured Generala Karbysheva, was cordoned off by a detachment of SS and fire-police team. The machine guns over the gate even during the day the guard was on duty...
Night, after a hot shower, General Karbyshev was taken to the courtyard. Stood dvenadtsatistrunnye frost. From hoses hit crossing the icy stream. Karbyshev was slowly covered with ice.

— Cheerful, comrades, think about his Homeland, and courage will not abandon you - he said before his death, referring to the prisoners of Mauthausen".

August 16, 1946 for exceptional endurance and courage in the struggle against the German invaders in the great Patriotic war, Lieutenant-General Dmitry Mikhailovich Karbyshev was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.



Source: Siforov V. a fortress of General Karbysheva; reshin, E. G. General Karbyshev. – M.: DOSAAF, 1987

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