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The national guard: more questions than answers
Material posted: Publication date: 15-04-2016
In Russia will soon begin to operate the new power structure — the national guard. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin sent a bill to Parliament regulating its activities.

Also on 5 April the President signed a decree abolishing the Federal drug control service and the Federal migration service and the transfer of their functions to the interior Ministry. In Russia there have been dramatic shuffling of law enforcement agencies, requiring very serious consideration.

About the creation of the national guard in the media are dominated by two opposing points of view. Pro-government publications and TV channels are reproduced by rave reviews from the experts. And the so-called liberal media just squeal about what will appear in Russia "Putin's Oprichniki" that will drown in blood "protest folk".

Why eliminate the internal forces?

In the creation of the National guard I have more questions than answers. To understand this structure, please refer to the international experience. The national guard appeared in France during the revolution of 1789, and it consisted of citizens, there was a voluntary military formation, in Russian- team.

In the West the national guard has traditionally performed the functions of law enforcement, but in time of war was decided combat tasks jointly with the armed forces. Now this Institute is unique for each country peculiarities exist in about two dozen States. For example, in the U.S., the national guard performs the function of the army reserve.

Also the guards sent to quell the rebellious citizens. Similar "punitive" function performs the national guard in Ukraine. Recreated in 2014, the structure was involved in maintaining order in Kiev after the Maidan and the armed suppression of protests in the South-East. Therefore, in our country "national guard" has a negative and even a little frightening connotation.

In Russia the functions of the national guard, traditionally performed internal security troops, the employees of which are green berets. The Russian national guard in principle overlap with similar responsibilities, from maintaining order in the streets to fighting terrorism. There is a guardsmen will have the same material and technical base. What's the point to create almost similar power Department?

It seems that the government just insured against possible social unrest. She needs loyal law enforcement agencies, is able in an emergency to obey orders, whatever it was. Probably, not casually the head of the National guard Putin has appointed the former chief of his security Services, who came from the famous 9-th Department of the KGB of the USSR Viktor Zolotov.

What doesn't like to talk the government

To say something is not worth it, and about the real reason for the shuffling can only guess. But, apparently, the interior Ministry troops have not been tested for loyalty (or professionalism) and therefore had to reformat this structure. Also, we cannot exclude the existence of other, hidden from the public cause, or a complex set of factors. Whether this is due to the upcoming Duma and presidential elections, according to media reports, while difficult to say.

One, in my opinion, obviously. The creation of the national guard occurs on the background of unfavorable socio-economic situation, where actually made for the mass social protest. The government doesn't like to talk about it, being covered by official statistics, but in our country is quite high actual unemployment. This also applies to the young people of the avant-garde and fighting force of any revolution and coup d'etat.

In the public and private sectors have undergone severe retrenchment. People were on street during restricted due to the crisis the employment opportunities. Salaries and social benefits, despite the many promises of the first persons of the state have been cut. May decrees Putin, in practice, poorly executed, and if executed, then a "tick".

The real life of people different from what the leadership of the country reads in their reports. And it's the first of all our government. The trouble is that the righteous indignation of people can take advantage of our internal and external enemies, which benefit from the weakening of Russia. Don't want to paint a bleak picture, but the answer to the question whether we are better to solve problems with crime, illegal migration and terrorism, I have not yet received.

Leonid Ivashov



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