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What made me think the tragedy in Primorye?
Material posted: Publication date: 24-01-2019
Another (unfortunately) the tragedy, which happened on the sea of Japan, shocked everyone with his blatant stupidity. A collision and the death of three pilots of the four.

And according to preliminary results, I would like to talk about a few things. Precisely because the period of coincidences is clearly the end, you are only patterns.

But frankly problematic as some components of our army will leave for later and start with people.

You can say that this whole thing is a tragic set of circumstances. You can talk about what didn't work some kind of life support system. You can say that even the best ejection system, namely the so-positioned such system on su-34, does not guarantee 100% result.

But, speaking repeatedly with the pilots of our regiment Buturlinovskiy who committed more than one thousand sorties on the su-34 in Syria, I'll stick with their point of view. And it is simple: the su-34 is an engineering masterpiece, which can almost all. Apparently, the issue is solely in learning to hold this masterpiece.

Apparently, the training really wasn't just gaps, there are gaps gaped. And will continue the opinion of our expert, Colonel Staver, parachutist instructor, jump committed 564 in a variety of (as the instructor) conditions.

Of the three found the pilots of the crashed fighters and two died. Their bodies were enmeshed in elements of the parachute system. For more understanding of human nature, once it becomes clear that the pilots lacked the skills splashdown or were not able to comply with them.

It is possible that the required parachute jumps they were doing. But to splash down they just did not have at all, or they did it in "hothouse" conditions. Oddly enough, for the pilots of naval aviation.

The fact that the landing is one of the most difficult elements of the training of paratroopers. The brain of a skydiver just refuses to fix the surface, when calm, or a storm. Eye just don't "catch", and you jump in or out of the sky in the sky (calm), or from storm to storm.

Meanwhile, while landing the parachutist is obliged to do things which are simply necessary for survival. The dome in the water is transformed from an ally into a killer. Therefore, at a height of 4-5 meters parachutist is obliged to release the parachute and go in free fall mode.

Violation of this simple rule leads to tragic consequences. If smoothtop produced at high altitude, the probability of hitting the water, which will lead to a fatal end.

Conversely, if the jumper is not cut the dome in time, the landing ends or tangling in the straps, or covering of the dome. That same face Bouncing death.

In General, unlike the paratrooper, in such a situation the pilot must make a lot of actions in a certain order.

Tighten the air vents of your suit, so it has not filled with water, manually start the filling floats aeronautical rescue belt. At the moment of touching the water with their feet (or, as I said earlier) the pilot should get the parachute, plunk into the water (preferably painless), emerge, and then to climb into a life raft that inflates automatically, pulling his tether.

And on the raft can pull up "mosquito" and check his activity and hearing the helicopter, try to contact him on the radio and start the flare.

This is undoubtedly not easy. But it is doable.

It is clear that a bailout, no matter what the engineers and designers, a dangerous and extremely unpleasant. Any bailout for pilots — stress. Even the loss of the ability to fly in the future. But the chances of survival must always remain.

Specialists who worked out the landing in winter conditions, saying that in winter to catch the height is almost impossible. 4 meters often turn into ten or even more. Because of that, and recommends that pilots disengage the dome when touching water. And this is a fraction of a second.

Options bailout over the water, practiced engineers to detail. Including the emergency beacon. The "mosquito" that is automatically activated and works via satellite. So why "mosquito" is not food? There are many options.

So, the death of the pilots was imminent? So, yeah, the chances of survival was only one pilot out of four, I venture to suggest, very prepared. It is clear that he is taking away his chances 110%. In contrast to the others.

Say a few words about the above mentioned stations "mosquito". Everything is simple. Station is as simple as a pistol, and about as reliable. And has a good degree of protection against mechanical impacts. The only thing that could prevent it to work properly, the condition of the batteries and time factors.

But in any part of the "Mosquito" Department head of airborne service, and if it is in place and working as it should, the station will turn on and work their.

Go ahead.

And then we regret and bewilderment about the so-called search-and-rescue operations.

If you believe the (difficult) of the Ministry of defense, immediately after receiving information about the incident in search of the pilots flew the aircraft An-12 and two Mi-8 search and rescue forces.

The plane is great. Helicopters – even better, because after all this is the mobile sparedst. Especially in the excitement of 3 points (waves of 4-5 meters).

However, rescued the pilot and raised the remaining bodies of the ordinary trawler, which was in the area. The question arises: why? With the plane it is clear that with helicopters?

And with helicopters it's simple. They had nothing to bring on Board. Winch, normal, Carl, the winch that lowered from hovering helicopters trained person, able to snatch out of the water the wreck and to raise up in the Mi-8 is missing.

Checked. Yes, rescue Ka-27PS it is, and in the Mi-8 it is not.

It is possible (and considering such an option) that our Mi-8 winch was, but it was not... the "trained person". Agree, the operation to lift it from the water man is not always conscious – a complicated matter.

So once again thank those who rushed to help, that is, the crews of trawlers "Chance-106", "Electron", "Neon", "Chairman Hanslip", "Leader" and freezing trawler "Catherine". If not for fishermen, it is likely that would have killed all four members of the accident.

Stating a fact that emergency rescue service we have more on paper. Maybe someone will try to deny it, but here are a couple of things.

Before (Yes, from the times of the USSR) we have such events was provided by the unified state aviation search and rescue service. Then she came to replace the Federal management aviation-space search and rescue (FPSU) under the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation. Which is quite well dispersed in the process of "optimizing" the corresponding decree of the President in 2005.

And only two years later, in accordance with the decree of the government of the Russian Federation No. 538 dated 23.08.2007 of the year began its work a single system of aerospace search and rescue.

The Federal Executive authority performing functions of rendering state services aerospace search and rescue, became the Federal air transport Agency (Rosaviatsia).

How has the "service of rescuing" Rosaviatsia, we see. Thanks to the government of the Russian Federation, the Prime Minister and the President. Well optimized.

Apparently, the "optimized" Agency for the provision of rescue services is approximately on the same level as the training of pilots.

Now gradually move to the defense Ministry.

On the issues encountered in the preparation of the pilots we have spoken. Another question arises: what actually happened?

Yes, the lack of data. I wonder how many dead pilots were flying, what their General level of training was. But the conclusion that not aces.

In the first place. Clash is such a thing... allow It and megasi of aerobatic teams. But here we are not talking about an aerobatic group, but rather quite the opposite. Perhaps (as version) in the same crew were experienced men, but the second – on the contrary. Young and untried, as the saying goes.

Flying in bad weather, especially two – then everything is possible. We will not speculate, let's just say in terms of difficult weather conditions the crew made a fatal mistake that led to disaster.

Secondly. Emergency means the pilot has not used 100%, instructions not worked as expected. With the exception of one person.

Well what can we say? Good training, good understanding of the level of training of the one who sent the crews in flight. The result is more than logical.

Very sorry for the pilots in Primorye, sorry guys in Abkhazia. Well, this is not the case, when such losses on level ground.

And the last question of the agenda.

The work of the Ministry of defence in General and the press service in particular.

In General, however, the press service should be able to work in any situation. And when a delightful long-legged beauties of the charming form fit shape and are enthusiastic nonsense, and when you just have to clearly convey information, so as not to excite gossip.

Hearing – dad panic.

Yes, beauties of the Ministry of defense has learned to stand on the cutting edge with the tweets "Oh, we're all cool!" But with truthful information it's only getting worse.

No, when it is necessary to raise a wave of screams "and we have nameusername" than another, we all to dust is again in the press service of can.

But the truth is very napryazhno was the last time. But we about it we will talk separately and some secrets to reveal.

But the amount of misinformation (both in the military called a lie), which brought down the Ministry of defence for us in the Maritime tragedy, are already causing extreme concern.

Whether our media have no conscience at all (I do not believe that all at once) and in the pursuit of views and primacy in the publication of the nes exclusive game, whether informants were such.

The fact that ALL our media are covering the tragedy from the beginning, relied solely on the defense. It is clear that everyone has their "sources". That gave the race our media, only confirmed the fact that the defense was dominated by a fierce mess and a complete misunderstanding of the situation.

Well, a few thousand miles to the scene of the tragedy. The difference in time and a bunch of other factors. But excuse me, prevented Mr. Konashenkov to stop this Sodom with only one speech topic?


Just the press service of the defense once again put himself in a very negative light, making our media simply replicate it is not clear who started the rumors.

And, sorry, we are not talking about the portal "" and on such bison, as RIA "news"TASS, "Interfax".

The latter two respected media were given information about the landing of the second aircraft with "one engine inoperative". And the defense Ministry confirmed this information. And then denied.

And then appeared the information about "second rescued the pilot" also came from the defense Ministry. And I was denied.

Look at all this and realize that if I want the truth, it is somewhere in other place, not in the defense Ministry. Which, in theory, we just have to believe. But "word of a soldier – no longer the Golden word", said the character of the old books.

In General, how wonderful that we have the best fishermen in the world that could save the crew of the world's best fighter-bomber, wiping his nose, the world's best Agency in providing rescue services from the Federal air transport Agency.

I guess we just deserve this situation.

Once again we Express our sympathy and condolences to all involved in the tragedies. It wasn't supposed to be, but, alas, it happened.

Roman Skomorokhov, Alexander Staver


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