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"They don't know what are you fighting for"
Material posted: Publication date: 19-09-2014

"Military review" is an interview with a person who is 18 June took part in combat operations on the territory of Donbass on the side of the militia. Callsign Mach, a citizen of the Russian Federation, Colonel of the Russian armed forces (military intelligence) retired — this is all the information about the identity of the Respondent, "Military review" may present to the readership.

"IN": How did You get in the Donetsk region, and what reasons influenced your decision to go into the combat zone and to take part in them on the side of the militia?

Maha: an Event that became for me the main reason — the Odessa tragedy. When I saw alive in Odessa burned to the Russians on spirit of people, we could not remain indifferent. I will say that until the guys from division I on duty was the head, was invited to go to Ukraine. But to Odessa, to be honest, it was thought that Ukraine is "fun". Well, we in Russia, too, "amused" in 1991 and 1993. And after the Odessa fire accepted the offer of the guys to go without much thought. Moreover, with the Banderovites and other provocame I have a personal thing — these "lads" during the war burned down my grandmother in Belarus.

All our unit — six persons. But everyone behind the participation in several armed conflicts: Afghanistan, Africa... The youngest (I mean the title) mayor. And each by virtue of its experience and professionalism is not the company, but the platoon for sure. Just do not think that this is some kind of pathos.

Of course, we never crossed the border according to the General route. Even just the usual "word of mouth" works so that on the arrival of the new group will learn quickly enough. Decided to go separately and without weapons.

Just went out on one of the "ukropskie" posts, and got what we were quite enough for the first time. To six professionals, again I do not think that I exaggerate, to take hold of small arms to "very organized" the checkpoint "ukropskie" large forces were not working.

— Was there anything that particularly caught your eye upon arrival in the combat zone?

— Well, that was a lot. The first thing that I was honestly struck by the absence of the militia army in the classic sense of the term. I thought the Ukrainian troops are counteracting a full army of Novorossiya, but in fact it turned out that the militia is the militia really... Disparate groups, each of which defends its locality. Communication between departments is almost no. Organization of hostilities, unfortunately initially also not impressed. We also decided to operate its own unit, while organizing your inventory. I say, for example, about a couple of caches of food. They really helped us later. Especially like was the peas with beef. I recommend (smiles). And barley porridge was. Yes, it is barley. Not buckwheat, not rice... Those are too dry — and this at the time.

Speaking of the new Russia. And about Ukraine... It is also the thing that left an unpleasant aftertaste. I was under the impression that none of the parties, in principle, does not know what war is. Neither the one nor the other has no clear objectives, no major problems no one wants. Some "fennel" like state that are fighting for a United Ukraine. But what the hell, Ukraine United, when you shoot at their fellow citizens?! Other Ukrainian soldiers say they are fighting for your own home. I'm sorry, but your house hundreds of miles away — what the fuck are you doing in Donbass?!

The bad news is that the militias and there is no consensus about goals. Here personally I would single out four points of view on the necessity of continuing the war, which they say some of the fighters: the first is to live separately from the Ukraine in their National republics, the second — to live separately from Ukraine, but the people's Republic to merge into a Novorossiya, the third — to enter into Russia, the fourth and all original — just to throw the junta, but in the "unified" Ukraine to stay. In short, many opinions, and often some of them diametrically opposed.

— You met with the leaders of the militia?

— Yes. For example, Bezler (call sign BES) our group managed to get on the shooting. Shooters, by the way, famously organized the defense in Slavyansk. All were in their places. I'll tell you one interesting episode: remember repeater tower on the prevailing height of Slavyansk. So the "fennel" turned it into a well-equipped point for aiming artillery by establishing the necessary tools and clearly hammered at selected points in the city. Personally, shooters have developed an operation to destroy the item guidance "ukropskie" artillery. Performed the surgery, of course, spices. After this operation the tower was destroyed, and "fennel" began to peck out of place — were actually "blinded".

Shooters has organized a great mobile defense, seriously posypav "fennel". In the old days many used to think that "no step back" and all that. But today it's absurd. Mobile defense: quickly spread, hit, regrouped, came back.

But the Arrow merged. Merged one of the last of all those who had been in the top DPR. And this sink really hurt him.

After the resignation of Strelkova with him many left, too. And the remaining units began to pull the blanket over himself, which frankly disappointed me. I do believe that from the professionals in command of the militia after the departure of strelkov remained the Tsar (Vladimir Kononov) and the Demon (Igor Bezler). But Bezler is configured anarchic. If he is, then he will have to solve it, not paying attention to someone's opinion. For such a position in DNR him even one time wanted a command to remove. But to take this step no one dared. And the Demon in the ranks. And the Devil and now declares that all of the armistice he personally doesn't care — he will fight with your squad to victory.

Then closer to August, the situation became more or less normal. Appeared the coherence among the troops, but to the ideal was still far away.

— Who is fighting on the Ukrainian side and the militia?

— When arrived, we saw the militia roadblocks not young people. The average age is over forty. There was one man, he is 65. Though I myself am not a boy, but I ask: what are you doing here? Says that was going to cook, but now "retrained" in the helpers of a bomber.

In General, 30 percent of the fighting militias — romance, another 60% — - retired military or reservists (many Russians), which just pulled out of the Ukrainian mess. Well, and another 10% are people who actually on the front line was by accident and decided to stay.

But thirty years younger and had one. It then began to very young children.

— Why do You think young militia at first it was little?

— People just didn't realize that there is a real war. And only after started to lose his friends, relatives, decided to take up arms. Managed to meet 18-year old boy — he has a cross on his chest — deserved. On TV showed the story.

Here's always say, they say, miners will rise... But not rose...

— And many miners are already working in Russia on our mines.

— Yes-Yes... Work. And honestly, once I even wanted one overage the big fellow, who stood beside the road and said "thank you for protecting us here", shot in the forehead. It is such and creates a negative attitude. Local women ready latest cake, a glass of water to give us, and healthy men are like This picture... once I saw one "ukropskie" a shell killed his wife and child, and he just stands and sheds tears: what do I do now?.. What to do? — Grab a pitchfork, grab a weapon!!!

I met one of Saratov. What Saratov — learned from the conversation. This knew exactly what to do. See — comes from landing one with a gun. I ask him: you are from which unit? He said to me: what party? I one, in itself. So this one person two hours a column of "Aydar" were kept, while other militias arrived. Four trophy "ukropskie" "Flies" (RPG-18), one machine — everything.

Imagine even one fight...

But in June and July not only with the staff at the militia had problems, but with guns. Really is not enough trunks. Each rowed under him. At roadsides is burned equipment, and all the guns removed. Who withdrew? I think the militia? No. Took local residents. And buried. Just in case — here's how! 've met war...

— Tell us about the nature of the fighting and the losses. Data on casualties on both sides, published in Ukrainian and Russian media, is this true?

— Well, how these data can be true!.. Here is, for example, "ukropskie" column. There's 5"of KAMAZ trucks, 2 BTR, BMD or BMP, and maybe a tank. Each KAMAZ sit, let, two offices. And here on these trucks the militia beat out "the Cliffs" or DShK... the cabbage chopping all living things. To the other day "ukropskie" channels transmit: in the shelling of the column — three "three-hundredth" and two "two hundredth". As "two", "three", if one only KAMAZ two offices!

— We have published the number of casualties should be multiplied by 10?

By 10, I don't know... But at 5 precisely can. There is a serious deception from the media. Ours, incidentally, is also sin. But all of our doobjective "ukropskie". Before the ceasefire, a lot of our (militia) were killed. Why? It's just we have historically used a "five-year plan in three years". Avant-garde too far forward, the main force is still catching up — this vanguard is ambushed and all... "Fennel" also understand this very well. No need to do the runs, considering that on the side of some idiots fighting. Especially during the fighting gunpowder had many smell — something began to think in combat tactics. But remains and many of those "fennel" — among the officers (up to and the commander is the only commander), just none in the military...

There had to communicate with one prisoner of the Ukrainian officer. He thought that we shoot, and then, when I realized that to shoot it nobody is going to open up with us. Says: our loss is a result not only of narrow-mindedness of the higher ranks. Sometimes it's all about money. Here give the commander of the territorial battalion of the money for 150 people. Kombat throws all the fighters in the battle, from which 30 will not be returned. And where did the money go? It is clear that in the pocket of the commander, and he reports that went to war, they say, with the funds received and... it just so happened... the money is also gone...

On this occasion can still like to say. You know about the order "ukropskie" command — out of the boilers fought and captured not to surrender? Now this order did not appear just because of some Patriotic reasons. In fact, in the boilers in the composition of the punitive battalions full of foreign mercenaries. Most poles from the PMC. There are the Dutch, the French, the Americans. Them go and to surrender is impossible — the scandal!

Repeatedly found American "robe", helmets. Once got a broken M-16 — used for a long time. If you keep in mind that the pros of PMCs their weapons usually bring with them and rarely pass on what is in the country to which you go, the assault rifle could be any American mercenary.

— Foreigners such trips to Ukraine are paid?

— If we are talking about PMC, of course. About those who call themselves volunteers, can not say anything.

Our militia in the Donbas receive any money for participating in hostilities?

— What are you talking about? What money? We had no idea when traveling. On the other hand, why do we need these, the hryvnia, or something else? I already said, we have for Autonomous action squad was all — even a couple of caches with the "Technocom", cereals, etc. and who has the money to ask (smiles), one party fights, the other squad is fighting — that, one to another to go and ask money?..

— What do You think, the ceasefire agreement will go to the militia?

— I will say this. From the intense and exhausting battles all tired. And the battles in the Donbass were simply brutal. Was currently grinding personnel. I was in Afghanistan, and in Africa, but this, frankly, have never seen. It's a war of deliberate destruction of people. Human life is not valued by anybody.

So... If you do not declare this truce, all the words on the formation of a full army of new Russia would have remained only words. Needed a major regrouping of forces. I think it is happening.

— But the Ukrainian army is engaged in essentially the same...

— Yes... And now I think (this is my personal opinion) that Mariupol not to take. "Fennel" blew up three bridges, has improved my technique, placed Grads in the residential sector — they don't even hide their positions — like, batter, but here thousands of civilians...

What this could lead? Tell this revealing episode: there are two checkpoints in 700 metres from each other. One post "ukropskie" and our (militia). We have reached — each has its own life, each soldier doing his job. Ask: why no fighting — that the enemy, very close. Answer: why? They don't shoot at us.

Once again convinced that the war is strange. And that's an understatement.

Actually I think that if so will go further and then the war will end either this year or next. And will bite each other. But because there is no goal. In the Great Patriotic purpose was common — to take Berlin. And here...

— What will make those who smelled gunpowder, but they now have no opportunity to prove themselves in battle.

— If to speak about Ukraine and its citizens, my opinion is: those who are in the punitive battalions was not parted with weapons and go into crime. Because to work they can not. They felt the smell of blood. While soldiers and officers may well be in demand in those same Western PMCs. French private military companies many immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

— Why you and your squad decide to go back?

— Decided because I see no reason to involve the professionals as conventional infantry. So I see no reason to leave his men as chiefs of staff. Now really formed the army of Novorossiya, even if not all in the army fighting for an independent Novorossiya. I think that if our assistance is in the form in which it most effective, you need it, we'll come back and help.

Thank You for the interview! Count on information support in the future!

— Thank you! I would also like to thank the employee of the "Military review" Roman Skomorokhov for the initiative and the transfer of the militia. After all, there is this aid plays a big role. Whenever possible, get acquainted with its reports on the website.

Help is very much needed. Even an ordinary flashlight can become an indispensable thing. Myself, when I was leaving, all the guys there have left — will come in handy!


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