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Liberated Prague – we are!
Material posted: Publication date: 08-05-2011

In the Russian mass-media there were allegations that Prague and Karlovy vary has not liberated Soviet troops, but American and especially not the Russians. It's a lie! Suggest as a participant of those events of spring 1945.

In the information opposition of geopolitical opponents of Russia using the most sophisticated techniques and methods of dealing with the glorious heritage of the country. Special attacks exposed the Day of the Soviet Victory over Nazi Germany. Falsification of the well-known events related to the liberation of Czechoslovakia, is a clear example. Authoritative voice in support of the truth about the events of spring 1945 was included in a letter to the editor TPV Chairman of the Council of veterans of the 121-th guards rifle division captain retired Mikhail Ivanovich Zakharov.

Our 121st guards Gomel order of Lenin and order of Suvorov II degree, red banner rifle division of the 13th army of the 1st Ukrainian front, in which I fought, was liberated from Nazi troops in Prague and then the town of Karlovy vary.

After the collapse of the military-political bloc countries of the Warsaw Pact, gave birth to the slanderous fabrications against the Soviet Army of deliverers. One of them is that Karlovy vary is not liberated by the Red Army and American troops. In the centre of a memorial monument, assert that the town was liberated by the Americans, and each year on 8 may, soldiers of America and the Czech Republic hold near it a memorable event. Write about the many tourist, advertising and other publications. I'm one of the participants in the liberation of the city and I want to talk about those events.

Early in the morning, at dawn of 9 may 1945 to the outskirts of Prague left our division, where she was ordered to consolidate and continue to advance. By the end of the day, the investigation established that the German part of the division of Vlasov and ROA left the city and head West through the mountains, to surrender to American troops.

On 10 may, the division headquarters was ordered the 13th army in which the commander has set the task: "due To the unwillingness to surrender their weapons by the Prague group of the enemy and their desire to avenge on West 121st guards rifle division to make a forced March, to occupy the city-resort of Karlovy vary and all the crossing of the ohře river, to destroy and to capture all the off part of the Prague group of the enemy".

To accomplish this task was assigned to our division, as the most mobile and hardy in prolonged and quick transitions. Sometimes it was called "the division on the deer's feet."

May 10, in the evening, our battalion 342-th guards rifle regiment, reinforced by artillery and tanks, were put on the car, and we made our way to the destination. Commanded a detachment of guards major Yury E. Korsak.

Not meet decent resistance on the way, early in the morning, before dawn, may 11, our battalion was built in Karlovy vary, opposite the Narzan gallery. Officers were called to the rearguard of the column to specify the units. I left the convoy in charge. Divisions were divorced on these places for a short rest and meal staff.

With the dawn of the personnel of the advance party began combing the city and surrounding areas to identify and capture the remnants of the German troops, as well as road closures and crossings over the river ohře. At the same time was appointed chief of the garrison, carlsbad commander 121st guards rifle division Hero of the Soviet Union guards General-major D. Logvin Chervonyi, the commandant of the garrison became Hero of the Soviet Union guards major Ivan Petrovich Martynov, nowadays well the General-the Lieutenant in resignation.

Began active work on disarmament of the German units. Only 11 may have been captured around 11 thousand soldiers and officers. Division units were combing the surrounding forests and mountains, but only caught scattered groups of Germans.

These units in our area of demarcation was arrested 19 American heavy-duty trucks with industrial equipment. Their revenue profit senior officers of the U.S. 9th division, which met at the station at 11 o'clock with the chief and the commandant of the garrison. The conflict was settled. The cargo is cleared, and the cars are released with a warning: not to appear in the area of responsibility of the red Army.

Meeting the commander 121st guards rifle division senior officers of the 9th division of the US at the station, where he unloaded trucks, served as a pretext to claim that de they, the Americans, liberated the city of Karlovy vary. Taking a city or near one prisoner, not denying the enemy a single piece of military equipment.

From 11 to 17 may, the 121st guards rifle division in the district of Karlovy vary, took prisoner 56 620 soldiers and officers of the enemy, Colonel-General of aviation Fisher, two Lieutenant General, seven the General-majors, colonels 29. Captured 28 armoured personnel carriers, 35 light tanks, 1690 freight and passenger cars, 610 motorcycles, more than 600 machine guns and many other weapons.

These days were caught hiding in town, Nazi officials, SS officers and DM, Vlasov. This is of great assistance to the guards rendered by local residents, workers, the youth and patriots of the Czechs.

In the Russian Church celebrated a prayer service in honor of the victory of the red Army.

These distant events, which is the fate of tens of hundreds of Soviet soldiers who will stay with us forever – they do not erase the memory of the present generation. Honor and valor of the Soviet Army should protect and defend both in Russia and abroad.


Mikhail Zakharov


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