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Prospects of the Russian army
Material posted: Publication date: 15-11-2012

IA REX publishes an article by expert on issues of national security, defence and international armed conflicts, the General-major Sergey Kanchukova on the modernization of the Russian army in modern conditions.

5 Nov 2012 in Russia modestly observed holiday, Constitution Day. Now it's safe to say that 5 Nov 2012 can be written in the history of Russia and to call another Day as the beginning of the revival of the Russian army. Because this day, as demonstrated by the development of events, Russian President Vladimir Putin made the decision to replace the Minister of defense of the armed forces, and therefore the change of the vector of the reform of the army.

Can be infinitely long to write and discuss some positive aspects or the negative results of giving the army a "new look", the responsibility and irresponsibility of officials misunderstanding. Undoubtedly, the reform made a lot, but the drawbacks are plenty. So, due to layoffs of more than 150 thousand officers and liquidation of Institute of ensigns, implemented the pay rises. But the deprivation of a number of benefits are completely negated this increase, and according to some, the officers remained in the red. The same is the case with apartments, which was built where it is impossible to live for military retirees, and the lack of infrastructure, they now stand empty. This assessment is very soft definition, which is not suitable aphorism "who does not work does not make mistakes". With the reform, or rather, the modernization of the army can not be wrong.

But forget anything. All you need to perform, to consider, to investigate and to give an objective assessment. Now should be given the word "comrade "Mauser", in the face of the military Prosecutor and the military counterintelligence. Without these tough actions, without the burning hot iron of corruption, bribery, kickbacks, and outright theft, criminal negligence, deception, without overcoming fraud, ostentation, carelessness, a new army upgrade impossible.

It is important to create a plan for the modernization of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. The new defense Minister will have to resolve the daunting task of modernization and revival of the Russian army. First day at the Ministry of defence, army General Sergei Shoigu show that taken the right course, which the Minister said in an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Minister of defence, from the first steps in the post, relying on an army team, started the replacement of the management team of the Ministry, offering the Russian President a new candidate of chief of the General staff, honored and respected in the army environment the army General, Colonel-General Valery Gerasimov, and the post of first Deputy defense Minister, army General, Colonel-General Arkady Bakhin. Both officers are highly respected, as in the army, and the leadership of the country. And it's not recent appointments and changes in the military that gives us some hope. On the one hand it is impossible to enter twice into one and the same river, so it is impossible to return to the old army, just can't stand this economy. On the other hand, and is objectively seen, we can't continue without upgrading, that was implemented in the course of giving the army a "new look".

It is now clear that the Plan of modernization of the Russian army to develop and implement, using only paraphrase the famous phrase, the Russian army can be upgraded with cool head, hot heart and clean hands.

Previously, before the reform "new look" was not clearly highlighted the division of labour, administrative, and operational. Now, following the foreign fashion, these functions in the Russian army objectively separated. Administrative and political functions attributed to the defense Minister and operational chief of the General staff. Such a division in Russia, unproductive, and allows you to spray the responsibility of officials to the country, the people and commander in chief.

In this regard, the first feature of the modernization of the Russian army should be unity of command and personal responsibility of the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation for the defense of the country.

Choosing at the initial stage, between the study of administrative and operational functions, it is necessary to give preference to the study of it operational functions. In this regard, the defense Minister must personally know the alert entrusted to the organization.

The first step of the defense Minister on his post, it seems to us, should be associated with comprehensive test of combat and mobilization readiness of the army, to determine its ability to actually perform the tasks, both in armed conflict and large-scale war. We are confident that it will really test the combat and mobilization readiness, combat capabilities, the possibility of ensuring the functioning of structures, including outsourcing, both in everyday life and in training and combat conditions. This will allow to objectively evaluate the performance of the main management body of the army and its General staff. Without such scrutiny it is impossible to really determine all the pros and cons of reform "new look".

The second step should be a meeting of the security Council of the Russian Federation on which you want to report to the President of the Russian Federation, the Supreme commander, all the military forces of the Russian Federation, to clarify and to develop an objective picture of the situation in the world. This report and its conclusions should be the real analysis of the threats and challenges for Russia and forecast of its development. This forecast should include the closest (2013-2014), medium term (2014-2020) and long term (2020-2050 years) periods in which one can really predict the construction and development of weapons, equipment, development, economic, demographic, social policy, defence, taking into account the prerogatives of the trends and development that are observed in the world. We need to clearly identify the timing and magnitude of the threats, and hence the timing of the modernization of the armed forces.

On the basis of volumetric analysis based on different approaches and insights of the military-scientific community, analysis of foreign military science, with all features, limited not only by the statement, and the submitted calculations and suggestions on a wide range of issues, to develop the main directions of modernization and development, which put in the basis of the modernization plan. The plan should include the structure of own aircraft, aircraft under various conditions of environment, structure, modernization and construction branches of the armed forces, and used new types of weapons, organizational structure and other issues.

Undoubtedly, the development analysis of the situation should be based on two criteria. The first is on the opportunities for potential adversaries to commit a particular aggression against Russia, or to unleash the internal armed conflict. And, second, that the state and ways of development of the armies of the leading countries of the world, their weapons, construction plans and capacity-building, paying particular attention to the army of the United States and China. But it should not be bypassed, the armed forces of Japan and some countries of NATO, as an organization "seeking to endow the power potential of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) global functions".

Before considering the immediate issues that need to be addressed, we need to solve one more very complex issue, which will directly affect the success of the modernization of the army. It is one of the main directions being to achieve the elimination of the influence of foreign intelligence services on the structure of state and military control. Without addressing this challenge, and the main role in this process should be given to the FSB military counterintelligence (VKR FSB), the military Prosecutor's office, some of the issues and of the GRU Russian armed forces, Russia is not able to ensure its security.

The new structure of the Armed Forces should include not three, as now, but four types of armed forces: the army, air force, Navy, air defense forces of the country. This is a real need in the context of new forms and methods of warfare. This is a real need to ensure security and the Arctic shelf of the Russian Federation.

The army starts with the exploration, that is, with the main intelligence Directorate (GRU). During the reform of this structure, was not just defeated, but for objective or subjective reasons, and yet kept itself aloof from solving a number of challenges it faces. GRU in modern conditions should be unifying for all types of intelligence, best practices for the entire army, constantly at the forefront of solving tasks, to unite under his command, and be responsible for all the intelligence in the armed forces of the Russian Federation, soldier, spy in a motorized infantry company to the scout-the illegal immigrant, those "for the Russian ruble bribe the President". Intelligence, is the basis of modernization of the army.

Feature should be the revival of the main commands of kinds of armed forces, commanders of the military branches (including new ones) with the return them completely of control features of construction, preparation and application of subordinate troops in full. The transfer of all functions of the RSC, in Russia, in our opinion, is a gross mistake of the reformers.

In the structure of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation needs to be modernized, reconstructed and rebuilt:

  • The command of the airborne troops would have to retain the status of forces of fast reaction and reserve of the Supreme commander, to comprehensive development and improvement. Airborne, being the most mobile of the armed forces, demand to itself and to associated species, especially to the command of the military transport aviation, special, close attention. Development, re-equipment of the troops, should remain under special control and the Minister of defence and the Supreme commander.
  • The command of the army aviation, which is one of the most promising and multifaceted armed forces, capable to solve successfully the whole complex combat missions, with the transfer to it of all management functions of army aviation, construction, combat use of army aviation parts.
  • The command of the Arctic forces under modern conditions is an important and necessary control if the development of capabilities, able to perform tasks in conditions of the Arctic.

- The command of special operations forces, should be established under the direct supervision of MOE, or in the structure of the GRU. This is because, based on the analysis of positive experience gained, GRU, especially in the WHO, and its deficiencies, obtained after the transfer of special forces in the army, as well as the exceptional importance and priority of necessary measures. Tasks, structure of forces and means, assigned to the command of the SDF on a constant basis, are determined separately, and allow in cooperation with the FSB, interior Ministry, emergencies Ministry to solve ongoing problems with a minimal number of troops.

General command of the army, as the basis of the Russian army, should not be restricted to the function which he has identified in the course of reform "new look". The main office of the SV, like everyone else, must be returned to its historic mission, the responsibility for the condition, development, combat use of ground troops.

Russia should be re-created five military districts: Moscow military district, Volga-Urals military district, North Caucasus military district, Siberian military district (with headquarters in Novosibirsk), far Eastern military district. These are the main strategic directions that should be created command, is able to perform all tasks, on strategic directions, both in house and tailored to enhance.

Second, along with the teams must create and divisional structure, but in a new capacity, as the basis of the strike groupings of the land forces, with the return and official award titles and combat Red Banner of the all conquered by Russian soldiers with orders and titles. This will be another significant contribution to the modernization of the army of Russia, which should not be fenced off from their fighting history. Of division must be constant readiness, reduced and part of the frame (storage base). Neither the United States nor China as the main country of the modern world, having the most powerful armed forces, refused the divisional structures. In Stalingrad, during the defensive battle, along with the 13th Poltava twice red banner guards rifle division under the command of General A. I. Rodimtsev fought successfully and 124-th separate rifle brigade Colonel S. F. Gorokhova. Only the divisional structure, divisions are fully deployed, allows, without prejudice, to grow major generals and generals of the Russian army. Well, if you have names of that distant war of 1812, in the year of the 200th anniversary will be returned to the troops by presenting them the standards and banners of that era.

Third, modern war must be assessed not as war engines or network-centric war, and how war intelligence and weapons systems (information, fire). Who will have better intelligence, more weapons for different purposes, including information and precision, who will give preference not to the soldier, even in a helmet and flak jacket, on foot advancing on the enemy, or defending against a superior enemy while in the trenches or trench, model 1914, and intelligence systems and weapons, and he will win the war. Therefore, the future war is a war of intelligence and weapons systems, war, when the enemy will be destroyed on the distant approaches to the contact of our soldiers with enemy soldiers. It applies to armed conflicts, and the WHO. When the enemy or a gunman will know that it can destroy at any moment, and he doesn't even realize, that's a victory.

Recreating ground troops, Russia will get that deterrent, which does not allow just to unleash an armed conflict or the war on the borders of the country or against its allies. The main command of land forces should gain control system, intelligence system, based on the capabilities of units and formations within its structure, and the system destruction, including ordnance (artillery, AA, and missile troops) and the means of destruction, holding, gripping (updated divisions and regiments).

The high command of the Russian air force should get rid of the uncharacteristic tasks, by disconnecting the air defense consoles and focus on developing your branch of the armed forces. Here even more problems than we think. With the development of precision weapons based on the use of hypersonic, questioned a number of key earlier decisions in the air force. So, is not seen in the perspective of advantages in aviation, especially fighter, which has advantages in maneuverability of the fighters themselves. This is primarily due to the physiological limitations of the pilot. For parades and ostentatious flight, this is true. For combat – the notorious loss, as it imposes design features on the unit itself, not allowing him to have quite a lot of reconnaissance and destruction extended range. Yes, and reliance on benefits in the melee, it is a fiction. The Foundation of air combat in modern conditions, is a high-accuracy hypersonic weapons large and medium-range, and the advantages of the enemy in the detection range of aerial, and ground targets, as well as an advantage in flight range strike missiles of various classes, having a function do vserakursny (the missile launch regardless of the angle to the goal location). There is another feature, it's already an overwhelming advantage key countries, expressed in the number of strike aircraft corresponding to modern requirements of air combat, and errors in determining the main directions of development of our troops. Yes, and Russian military-industrial complex, are not able in the shortest time to create the required number of combat aircraft. So, the output needs to be sought elsewhere, in the urgent development of new forms and methods of application of aviation through the establishment on the basis of military transport (An-70, Il-476, An-122) and transport (Tu-96-400 aircraft in the new combat platform, capable of solving a whole range of different tasks in the field of air, from the task of intercepting warheads to strategic objectives and strike aircraft. The description of these complexes have been through in the media. Their creation does not pose any big technical or the more theoretical problems.

The use of force will be due to their disposition and ability to meet the enemy right on the border of the state, in areas where there will be no cover for the defense. The BBC should be a kind of the first tier of reflection aerial attack, and given the impact and opportunities that allow you to perform the task of covering the troops during the battle and the defeat of enemy troops, strategic targets on its territory.

In the structure of the air force emerges the complex, including on the management and intelligence system (A-50, a combat platform in cooperation with intelligence, defense) and system destruction (fighter, bomber, ground attack aircraft and strike aircraft platform).

The high command of the Navy, like other branches of the armed forces of the Russian Federation shall have full responsibility and full authority to be responsible for the security of the country on sea and oceanic theaters of war. Here a clear word to say, the General staff, on the basis of proposals of the Navy, identifying and inviting the Minister of defence and Supreme commander of the program of development of fleet of Russia in accordance with the previously defined periods in the development of the situation. Categorically it is impossible to get one type of missiles for SSBNs, it negates all the efforts and all the huge costs. Need to maintain and increase and complex "Sineva" and if possible, to finally bring the complex "Borey", or by recognizing, with courage, refuse it. Russia needs ocean-going fleet, as the great ocean state.

The main feature of the modernization of the army should be the revival of the high command of air defense forces of the country. The creation of a kind of troops, called SAI, is only a small fraction of the immense work ahead. Grouping under a SAI those crumbs will not allow to solve the whole range of challenges. The first thing that should be done is the organization of reconnaissance of the air enemy, as the first component, by deploying active and passive solid radar field radar covering the whole territory of the country at all altitudes and on the removal of up to 3000 – 6000 km from the border. The purpose of this event is obvious. The army is not able to see the traffic situation can not qualify for the combat readiness, especially when applying new hypersonic strike weapons. Such systems exist in Russia, and we know about them, but they are not in demand because of the corruption, incompetence, lack of the responsible authority and officials in this sphere of activities. Another component, drums, is a cover of all critical facilities located in the territory of Russian air defense systems of small, medium and large radius of action. In the list of data objects must be included not only traditional objects such as industrial and economic zones, and infrastructure, first and foremost, the TRANS-Siberian.

The creation of the main command of the air defense forces, through the creation of a management body, systems surveillance and attack in the aerospace field, will be solved one of the most important at this stage of questions, question cover the territory of Russia, its most important facilities and operational equipment from a sudden enemy air attacks.

In addition to the General command of the armed forces, command the armed forces — that relates directly to the troops, there are important areas in the functioning of the military organization of the state, not paying urgent attention which we cannot speak of achieving positive results.

The first in this list are military science and military education. It is necessary to reanimate military science and military education. It was clear to all that these areas have to deal only with professionals. One requirement, to return to a full-fledged military education officers, returning the duration of training. And that doesn't mean we need to abolish the various courses, but to reduce all education to courses and to do of semi-literate officers Suslikov or ptushnik, can be costly to the state. You must recover the status of all military institutions, abandoning the branches, not capable of independent work, at the forefront of payment and to believe not only in training, and the development of military science, where the focus will be on development of the theory of war and armed conflict, the theory of the use of new forms and methods of armed struggle, theory of new weapons systems, and direct scientific training of officers — scientists, who not only go to the teachers, after finishing graduate school, and to the troops. Military science can develop only when it is supported by practice.

You must restore the Military Academy of the General staff of the armed forces, the air force Academy named after Professor N. E. Zhukovsky and Y. A. Gagarin, Military Academy. M. V. Frunze, Military Academy of aerospace defense named after G. K. Zhukov and other leading Academy of the army in place of their previous dislocation. This will return a lost for the army of highly qualified scientific potential in the face of the faculty.

Second, in this list is that logistics and maintenance troops, as the basis of combat readiness. You must thoroughly understand the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing, both in logistical and technical support of troops. Only increase the cost of its maintenance, and thus fill the pockets of the merchants, at the expense of quality, combat readiness, and ability in combat to provide the army with everything necessary, is a military offense, because of outsourcing, designed for combat, simply no. Without ammunition and food, the army is not able to fight, and hence to pay attention to the study of this problem need with comprehensive coverage and severity. Essentially, outsourcing neutralized and removed from the structures of the armed forces of its logistical and technical support. In the brigade, the army, the rear is almost there, but how can you fight without having practical skills in his organization in peacetime.

You need to restore the rear and a arms in the structures of the army, as well as to restore the collapsed military medicine, destroyed and reduced hospital, returning to its historical roots, to the rear. Only during the great Patriotic war, using military medical institutions has been more than 22 million military personnel and civilian employees, of which 71.7% of returned to service, and only 7.5% died of severe wounds. More than 2 wounds received 1 480320 people, more than 3 wounds 927219, and more than 5 149785 people.

Completely destroyed sanatorium-resort support of the army, officers and generals are forced to buy permits in civil sanatoria. Even the Central military clinical sanatorium MO "Arkhangelsk" has its ambulance, and the rest of the vehicles are simply withdrawn.

The third one is combat training as the Foundation of combat readiness and combat capability of the army. The combat training that has existed to date should be completely revised. Must be re-created Main Directorate of combat training, which is responsible for military training of all branches of the armed forces. The Department to assign responsibility for equipment, development and improvement of the entire field and the training material base for combat training in full. On the development and implementation of the troops, on the basis of proposals received from the armed forces and the armed forces, new forms and methods of warfare and training troops. Thus, here will be concentrated all that concerns the material, theoretical and practical components of training, and will be official with specific duties and responsibilities for its development and improvement.

Fourth, the deployment of troops should include provision of deployment groups cover in threatened areas and building groups through mobilization. The deployment must ensure that the possible presence near military bases, which deployed army division, or 100-200 km away, polygons, allowing him to marches on their own, practicing and marching skills to perform the full range of combat training of the regiment prior to and including simultaneously all units of the regiment). And the issues of tactical training, no less than up to and including battalion. Regimental tactical exercises, the divisional tactical exercises should be conducted at other ranges.

The base itself should include the full range of necessary social, household and cultural objects, the ability to promote the formation of contract military servicemen. The possibility of organizing the work of servicemen's families, but not in positions of janitors, and by building high-tech mini-mills(productions) to bring high intellectual potential.

Fifth, the military police, created on the basis of the "new look" is not able to perform the volume of tasks, which she identified, especially for the prevention and elimination of hazing among servicemen. Bottom negative need to solve by other methods, and it is completely solved, without creating additional cumbersome military structures. A more effective way would be to return to the ranks of officers of educational structures. You need to go back to educational structures that existed in the army before January 1, 2007. The educational structure played a major role in the prevention of accidents, the prevention of breaches of military discipline and immoral misconduct, not only among staff but also among the officers. To impute the responsibilities of educational agencies the education of patriotism, high moral principles, pre-emption of corruption, banal theft, swiftly bring the main tasks of the state policy pursued by President of the Russian Federation at the present stage.

Part of its functions, the military police is a duplicate of the already existing structures of military prosecutors and the military counterintelligence, which is unacceptable. And she just diverts the number of personnel and reduce staffing of troops. From this structure should be abandoned.

Sixth, the staffing of troops and the transfer to contract manning, are some of the significant gaps in readiness and combat capability of the troops. Should the re-establishment of military commissariats, with the return of regular posts of officers and generals, capable of not only mobilizing, call, and lead in emergency situations, in terms of territorial defense, creating and directing the local self-defense groups and to interact, in terms of the WHO, with other law enforcement agencies.

When choosing the method of recruitment of the army, the basis should be taken only mixed principle of manning the army, allowing how to prepare a mobilization reserve, and to train and educate the younger generation. Talk about the fact that in one year it is impossible to prepare a real soldier come from those who can not or do not want to do creatively in combat training. And the second reason is itself an outdated system of combat training.

Need to continue to develop training recruits in training centers at various DOSAAF, at least two military occupational specialties, carrying out subsidized funding for this activity.

It is necessary to develop and implement a new concept of army conscripts, taking into account, first of all, the ideological factor, allowing the soldier to understand not in the abstract, but in fact that it protects not billions one or two of the oligarchs, and their country, which has a part of it. This should be a political decision, without which it is difficult for some punitive measures to advance the construction of the army. Indeed, in modern conditions, of a soldier giving his military duty to the Motherland (in a strange capitalist society) gets nothing, and only wastes time for education, time on job, time to earn money for further life. As one example solution to this issue may be the decision to pay for excellent service 25% to 50% of the cost of the future of higher education, or 100% payment education, by obtaining the second higher education after his discharge from service. These are examples of material interest.

And there are moral concern, including a ban on public office or the monetary mercy of the army, then no one will, or flee to other States, or pay off. You need to include in the legislation a mandatory military service for all graduates of other academies and law enforcement agencies (MVD, FSB, Ministry of emergency situations), even in the shortened, six-month program, which does not affect the quality of future specialists.

The scientific interest is based on the army recruiting conscripts for their subsequent admission to higher education institutions on preferential terms.

The presence of a large number of universities with the so-called higher education, and subsequently allowing, due to the low qualification of workers of military registration and enlistment offices, to avoid recruits from service, does not allow the army to complete the necessary number of recruits. So in the period of reforms, the army didn't receive more than 280 thousand conscripts, for various reasons, not health-related. Universities should not just teach and do research work. Only the main scientific activity of the University, not the branches, allowing you to have the military departments and provide a reprieve from the army for the period of study. Other universities involved in a students admission should be made only after passage of military service. This will not only increase the status and the competition in the leading universities of the country, and will allow the army to more troops, and commercial to the University, even created, as a branch from the main institution, will earn using paid training served military service of students, which payment will ensure the Ministry of defence. Then there will be an incentive to the service on the basis of not only commercial interest, but also on the basis of moral interest.

Graduates of universities that do not have a military Department, after completion, should be implemented, after the end of the recruit during the training courses organized on the basis of DOSAAF certain occupations. The appeal must be on contract service, but with the possibility of Contracting for one year and its prolongation in the future.

Transfer the army to a contract requires a specific approach, developing a special Concept of service contract, which includes not only the order of service, the order of magnitude of a substantial payment increase service life and acquisition specialties military service, and social benefits and guarantees for contract servicemen. This applies, above all, those soldiers who want to link their fate with the army, to contract, for a period of three years, and to serve in the army of 20-25 years.

Should be compulsory for employment of dismissed soldiers, not only soldiers on contract service, and officers and men after discharge, including for health reasons (wounds, contusion). Adorns the state and society the situation when a major with two wounds received in the defense of the state, after the dismissal from the service due to illness, a security guard at the entrance to the facility.

Seventh, the social policy of the state the army must be radically revised. Main thing here is the return of prestige of service in the army, the prestige of the defenders of the homeland, raising its status in society. It should not be based on "the pyramid Makarova," when the Junior officer has no prospects to the service, to job growth, with the exception of the release of the next higher posts due to the dismissal of officer in stock. Or when a senior officer for years and is successfully acting in the service without getting the next rank, and this is also the prestige, the prestige of the older over the younger, the prestige of the authority of the position and the person occupying it. Social policy includes not only the increase or indexation of the wage of a soldier due to the increase of money allowances previously made. It should include a substantial distinction in the payment of combatants and the officer, who was not involved in the fighting. Increased to 100% of the pension of combatants and lots of other areas and incentives.

Payment should not be limited only to the vague requirements for classroom training, but also to significantly increase income for research activities for the scientific degree of officer, for participation in the conduct and direct training. That is, to encourage the officer is not on the individual characteristics of the organism, and on the scientific approach and collective achievements.

Social policy should be based on the prerogative of the family in front of the officer. Should not be so according to the existing rotation officer has departed to a new place of service and the structure of the army did not care about the employment of his family, children, results, service apartments, or payment for the sublease provisions of the status of the apartment.

Social policy, should not humiliate the officers, not providing a decent permanent or service housing, payment of lease, when everything from Lieutenant to General is equal in value to the payment of sublease of housing to equal category. When combatants cannot take advantage of legal privileges when arriving from one territory to another and the inability to use them. Or when monetization of benefits, including combatants less expensive than a monthly pass for a single ticket to Moscow.

It is necessary to reconsider a number of benefits that you have undone and return them to the army, this also applies to medical support, recovery and shortened hospital, and sanatorium-resort support, and benefits for travel on leave military, family members, retirees of the armed forces.

It is necessary to eliminate distortions in the payment of military labor and the distribution of additional payments and premiums of different categories of military personnel to eliminate the existing corruption schemes.

Eighth, the military-industrial complex, as technical and material basis of the existence of the army, should be based on what we wrote earlier, conclusions and forecasts, to review all specifications for the design of equipment and weapons. It is urgent to clarify the basic prerogatives in the procurement of arms and equipment, in the implementation of critical financial obligations, the army with the latest weapons, those that are truly needed in modern and future situation of the war. The hope is that once it is made and the cancellation of the purchase of the latest models, the same T-95 or T-90MS, entails not only the absence of new technology in the armed forces, and the inability of plants industry to develop. The failure of foreign customers from purchases of Russian military equipment suggests that, with its own army, if does not buy military equipment, it is impossible to sell and the other army. Here, an important role should play the military science that can justify the need for adopting of a particular sample. And only taking into account all the constituent parts need to take a sample for service, having had a description of its combat use.

Control system, as a basis for the construction of a new Russian army, requires special attention. Those unreasonably incorrect decisions made, and then rejected by the leaders of the "new look", must sink into oblivion. You need a clear, comprehensive approach, taking into account not only features of daily activities, and the possibility of functioning in various conditions of environment, the ability to ensure the survivability of the control system, its automation to the extent which is necessary for each governing body. Should be stealth and stability of the control system at all levels.

Management structure of all units must have the capability of functioning in combat mode for a long time. To have the possibility of allocating personnel to address emerging various, including combat missions, without prejudice to the operation of the main body.

Long enough, the process automation control system, the transfer of funds when on the figure, and the results obtained do not fully satisfy the needs of the troops. This process should also be reviewed in the shortest possible time to make decisions, ranging from strategic level, ending the interaction and tactical level.

Modernization of the Russian army, is truly a difficult thing, akin to only talented, courageous, responsible officers and generals, devoted to his country, able in all conditions to protect its interests.

The Kanchuki Sergey


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