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The first Chechen war Hero
Material posted: Publication date: 03-01-2019
Today we want to tell you about the uneasy Hero of Russia. The thing is that Viktor Ponomarev was the first Russian military, received the Star of Hero for valor shown in the battles in the Northern Caucasus. The decree on awarding was published on 31 December 1994, when Federal troops stormed the Chechen capital. But Victor Ponomarev about it has not learned...

Victor Ponomarev at the time of his heroic death was of the rank of guards senior Lieutenant.

How did he die? As the partner of the sniper – the legend of the great Patriotic war Lyudmila Pavlichenko – Leonid Kitsenko. In any case, if you believe the story of film Director Sergei cavalry mokritskiy "Battle for Sevastopol". Just laid his body comrade, when the circle exploded mines.


Born Victor Ponomarev 27 Feb 1961 in a small village near Saratov. His parents worked in agriculture. In 1971 Ponomariov moved to permanent residence in the VILLAGE of Elan near Volgograd. In the same area Victor received basic secondary education, and then he learned the profession at a local vocational school.

In 1979 he went to undergo military service in the airborne. He graduated from the school in the Baltic States, then he was sent to the GDR. When the time came demobilization, expressed his intention to remain in the Armed Forces as enlisted. Having been trained in the school of ensigns, Victor Ponomarev served in Germany for another 5 years. From 1986 to 1993, served on the territory of the Byelorussian SSR. Then became a petty officer in the battalion scouts in the army infantry, stationed in Volgograd.

When the first Chechen campaign, ensign Ponomarev traveled to the North Caucasus. His battalion brought in Kizlyar, and on foot they came to the fore in Chechnya. They were heading straight to the Chechen capital. Sergeant Ponomarev led the group of scouts and on the night of 20 December 1994, they managed to establish control over the bridge through the river Sunzha, a preliminary work on the clearance of mines planted by the militants in this building. Senior warrant officer put a military task – to prevent the bridge bandits, until the main military force of the Federal troops. And the scouts controlled the bridge about 24 hours. During this period, their borders called for Lieutenant-General Lev Rokhlin, and it so happened that he was in the zone of fire. Victor Ponomarev, risking his life, and was able to take Lev Yakovlevich dangerous territory. Because of this episode at some point there is some confusion of facts, as many media outlets wrote that the Sergeant Ponomarev died, closing a of Gen. But this is not true.

On the bridge over the Sunzha – into eternity

December 21, 1994, the fighters shook himself, and gathered more military force, decided in whatever was to return control of the bridge across the Sunzha yourself. The attack was accompanied by mortar rounds. Soberly and objectively assessing the situation, the ensign Ponomarev reasoned that in this situation to hold the bridge his men can not, and gave the order to retreat. To cover their comrades, fled to a safe place, left alone with Sergeant by Arabadjieva. In hot and bloody fight Viktor personally eliminated 7 militants of the bandit Car with the passengers, killed the crew. Meanwhile, Sergeant Arabadzhiev seriously wounded. Ensign Ponomarev carried him on his back on the ill-fated bridge. Next to mine exploded. The foreman, himself seriously wounded, almost losing consciousness, he managed to close his body comrade Sergeant Arabadzhiev, so he survived.

But to celebrate the thugs did not. Soon the bridge came the main army of feds, and since the militants do not normally have time to settle, they were able to quickly dislodge from their positions and free the bridge across the Sunzha. The main forces of the feds could now freely approach the Chechen capital.

Rest of the heroic ensign on the small homeland – in the village of Elan.


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