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Fox with an axe. As the red army Ovcharenko alone defeated 50 of the Nazis
Material posted: Publication date: 14-09-2014

In the books of the ideologists of the Third Reich much has been written about the superiority of Aryans over other races. But in "Mein Kampf" nothing was said about how to deal with angry Slavic carpenter in an army uniform.

Ovcharenko from Ovcharovo

The furious commando alone crushes dozens of armed opponents, turning them into a rout – like story familiar to many from the Hollywood rebels like "Commando" or "Rambo".

In the reality of what is happening on the screen hard to believe. And yet, something like this had actually place. Moreover, the reality exceeds the fiction of Hollywood scriptwriters.

However, the main hero of the incident, which happened in July 1941, was not a Navy seal or green beret, and a simple Ukrainian peasant.

Native village of Ovcharovo Kharkiv oblast Dmytro Ovcharenko was drafted into the army before the war, for military service. The rookie was a very ordinary peasant boy, not a hurt the heart and the article, but only five classes of education.

The son of a village carpenter, born in 1919, Dmitry Ovcharenko from a young age, more learned peasant, not school science – learning to care for cattle, make hay, cut wood, and, of course, mastered his father's carpentry science.

Hoped 21-year-old Dmitry to serve in the army, to return to his native farm, to marry – in short, ordinary dreams of a simple rural guy.

Unlucky number

But in June 1941 the war broke out, and the soldier of the 3rd machine-gun company 389 rifle regiment of the 176-th infantry division, he dreams about returning to the "citizen".

Commanders felt that more than just a peasant's son, Ovcharenko will be useful to the Homeland as driving. The duties of the soldier was bringing the cart to the position of companies of food and ammunition. The goal in war is not the most dangerous, and Dmitry went alone, being armed only with "three-line".

In mid-July 1941 the division Ovcharenko led the fighting in the area the Moldavian city of Beltsy. On 13 July, as usual, was driving carrying ammunition and food to co-workers.

But the number "13" no wonder the reputation of being unlucky. Suddenly on the road right on cart Ovcharenko jumped two cars, which were the Nazis – three officers and 50 soldiers.

For the confusion of the beginning of the war such breakthroughs enemy in the rear of the Soviet troops were. The soldier of this, however, was not easier. It brought an automatic, took the rifle, then approached a German officer began to interrogate the prisoner.

Believe it or not, but according to the documents – there was this place called ... Fox.

Unknown, said Li to himself, the red army Ovcharenko name of the locality, but his position was indeed unenviable.

The hatchet

The Germans felt confident and relaxed even in the early days of the war, they took the Soviet soldiers taken prisoner often, so this caught totally terrified Russian (Ovcharenko was Ukrainian, but the Germans in such subtleties did not go into) was another proof of the superiority of the Aryan soldiers over the Slavic "subhumans".

The officer interrogated Dmitry here, the carts. The rifle he took, so no catch from him was not expected.

Meanwhile, in the manger standing next to Dmitry lay the axe that the Germans either did not notice or did not was deemed a threat.

For urban residents the axe – it is rather something exotic. And for the farmer, and especially for the carpenter's son, is one of the main tools. And firewood to chop, and to build a house – lot where the villager can't do without the axe. And sometimes the axe is brought into play and in order, for example, to drive stuck in the woods bear.

What did you think Ovcharenko, standing in front of a German officer, is unknown, but it is unlikely he calculated the chances in a battle in the format of "one against fifty-three". Just at some point the soldiers decided that, as would say a red army soldier Sukhov, "it is desirable, of course, to suffer".

Suddenly he grabbed the axe, and with one stroke took off the head of the commander of the German detachment. The headless body slumped to the ground.

The Germans were expecting anything, but not this turn. For a few seconds from the shock, they fell into a stupor.

These seconds Ovcharenko enough to dive into a cart, to pull out three grenades, and send and standing in the midst of enemies.


23:0 in our favor

When the smoke cleared, those Germans who got hit with shrapnel, she saw a horrifying picture is everywhere littered with their dead and wounded comrades, and on top of them flew the angry Russian soldier with an ax.

In the books of the ideologists of the Third Reich much has been written about the superiority of Aryans over other races. But in "Mein Kampf" nothing was said about how to deal with angry Slavic carpenter in an army uniform.

And more than two dozen Germans in horror ran from Dmitriy Ovcharenko, forgetting about their own weapons, and in General about everything.

To escape could not all – for example, one of the two remaining officers who were trying to escape through the gardens, caught up with the soldier, and again floated the axe head and denying it.

When on a makeshift battlefield, leaving only the corpses of the Germans and the red army Ovcharenko, winner of the collected documents of the killed, officer tablets, and went to his company.

The soldier spoke candidly about what happened to him in the road, and then suffered the ridicule of his colleagues: "come on, you're much to invent!"

However, the political Commissar of a company, looking brought the documents, whistled in amazement, and took a few soldiers, went to the place of events.

When the estimated dead, it turned out that Dmitry Ovcharenko in this battle destroyed two German officers and 21 soldiers of the enemy.

Heroes do not die

Command, considering the scale of the committed deed, sent the presentation of the highest award.

By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated November 9, 1941 "for exemplary performance of fighting tasks of command at the front struggle with German-fascist invaders and for their courage and heroism" of the red army Ovcharenko Dmitry Romanovich was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, the order of Lenin and medal "gold Star".

After the battle Dmitry Ovcharenko was transferred from the sled to the gunners. He continued to bravely fight the Nazis, almost the entire war. But to Win, to survive, he was not destined – during the liberation of Hungary in the metro Seregelyes machine gunner of the 3rd armored brigade soldier Ovcharenko was seriously wounded. He died in hospital from his wounds on January 28, 1945.

Those same Germans that managed to escape on July 13, 1941 to the outskirts of the town of Fox, I suppose, to the last days tormented by the same nightmare – an angry Russian soldier with a bloody axe, from which there is no salvation...


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