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Feat twelfth gate: the battle until the end
Material posted: Publication date: 28-05-2013

On may 28 in Russia — Day of the frontier guard. A holiday for all, because in some degree the guard — every one of us, because ideally, everyone decides what and whom to let into your life and in the life of the country. One of the most tragic pages of the border service of the new Russia — the heroic drama of the Moscow detachment in Tajikistan twenty years ago.

In Tajikistan, on the Afghan border, twenty years ago there was a tragedy — a militant attack on the Russian frontier, large losses. The film crew of "Vesti of the week" had to overcome thousands of miles to tell this story.

"Comrade Colonel, the personnel of the twelfth gate — survivor — is in front of you. Deputy commander Lieutenant Merzlikin. I wish you health, comrade Lieutenant-Colonel" — the footage in a matter of hours spread all over the world. Why twelfth gate have suffered such a loss? The answer to this question finally gave none.

One of the main participants of the event was the head of the Moscow frontier group in Tajikistan Vasyl Masyuk. A film crew came to him to Vladivostok. Masuk told: the Soviet Union collapsed, and many officers, soldiers, abandoning the service, I went home. People lacked. But from the last remaining forces holding Afghan border sealed.

- Vasily Kirillovich, and you kill people?

If I didn't, I would be in front of you not sitting. This is a war. Not the commander's job to take the gun and shoot. The commander must command, to make decisions and be responsible for them. But there are times when you have to take up arms and together with his subordinates to perform a task. To me this had to be done repeatedly.

May 29, 1993, the Afghan mujahedin and Tajik militants stormed the eleventh frontier. The battle was six hours.

With the former chief of the eleventh frontier Dmitry Busurin we met in Zavidovo twenty years. Dmitry said that just before the assault fighters he entered the order: all the weapons and all the ammo to take to the warehouse. If he did, would have died.

"Shoot through the warehouse. And if something would happen, I would not be able to provide the Outpost with ammunition. Therefore in violation of the governing documents I brought all ammunition for small arms, machine guns, machine guns, automatic grenade launcher, underbarrel grenade launchers — all right under the gate, which ultimately helped us to survive. We are not left without ammunition", — says Basurin.

And on the next, the twelfth, the Outpost guns and ammunition, as ordered, surrendered to the warehouse. Posts with the border removed. All was quiet.

Former Deputy commander of the frontier Outpost, Andrey Merzlikin said that there were only premonitions.

"I have lived in the warehouse Cobra. I fed her there, milk was diluted, put there. She crawled away. We have a mountain lizard lived, called Shurik — did not know that he or she is. Ran. Rats in General are missing. Two more Viper lived. And they were gone. That is, the day before, at night, on the Outpost anyone, except people, there is not. Was a state of discomfort. It's a kind of barometer," said the hero of Russia, a veteran of the border service of FSB of the Russian Federation Andrey Merzlikin.

In June 1993, on the border went information: expecting a new assault of the eleventh gate. Military journalist Dmytro plant nutrition was in that moment at the border. When his colleagues, operators, saw the material filmed them, said: "the Camera can't take the main shots in your life, you already did."

"I was not ready for what will be, but I realized something important. And when I saw that, I went into a stupor and continued to do my job, probably mechanically, because in my life I have not seen such," recalls plant nutrition.

Ivan Mayboroda, the brother of the deceased chief, twelfth gate, arrived on the border in defending guests and together with the soldiers, after the fight at the hospital will say, "I'm going to serve on the airborne assault the Outpost".

"Called the mother. We were talking and she asked how brother. I already knew he was dead. I said: splinters, one in light, the other in the spine. Said he has long lived? I said no, immediately. She immediately burst into tears: "Vanechka, avenge him!" Mercilessly beat going, — says Ivan Mayboroda. — Only on airborne assault the Outpost will go."

Did not work for Ivan to become a soldier lost time. Is now very sorry. We invited Ivan with him to Tajikistan and was on the ruins of the lost Outpost.

"If it all back and I would say, is unknown, you'll stay alive, I'd be with those guys in the mess dived again. With them would be no problem. Guys were!", — crying Ivan Mayboroda.

New Tajik twelfth gate name twenty-five characters is in a different location. Planted alley and the monument to the fallen.

Forty-nine people. A small garrison defended more than ten hours. Twenty-five people were killed. How many of the attackers is not known. Very much. But it is not important. The most important thing is our guards fought to the end, to the last bullet, fought to the death. It was a soldier feat.


Alexander Sladkov


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