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"Colonel Kvachkov is ready for battle!"
Material posted: Publication date: 19-02-2019
He was the first in Russia sat down for an armed rebellion. Now came out: an interview with Kvachkov.

19 Feb from the Mordovian corrective colony №5 (HIC-5), a legendary GRU Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov. Twice the jury acquitted him in the case of the attempt on Anatoly Chubais in 2005, but then the Colonel came from the security services. In the end, the investigation failed to convince the court that Kvachkov was preparing an armed rebellion and attracted citizens to terrorist activities. For that in 2013 the restless Colonel received 13 years of imprisonment, but later the sentence was reduced — and now Vladimir Kvachkov came out. Before the release of the famous prisoner talked correspondent "" Maria Frolova and Igor Nadezhdin.

The restless Colonel

Penal colony №5 (HIC-5) is a strict regime of management of Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) for the Republic of Mordovia is considered to be the "COP" zone — say, here are serving sentences former law enforcement officers. In fact, most of the local cons — military who have committed crimes and got on a strict regime.

The bulk of sentenced either for drug trafficking or bribery. Among other setting here, Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov — monarchist, recognized by the court, the rebel, the hero of a Thriller about the assassination attempt on Anatoly Chubais, acquitted by the jury, and to top it off an extremist. And Kvachkov — the warrior-internationalist, holder of two orders of Courage, the order of the red Star order and medals of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.

Who and how, according to the FSB, tried to overthrow the government in the Urals: report ""
In March 2005, immediately after the assassination attempt on Anatoly Chubais, committed in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, Kvachkov and two of his alleged accomplice was arrested. The investigation and trial lasted three years and in the summer of 2008 the jury acquitted Kvachkov with associates. They were released in the courtroom. Office of public Prosecutor has addressed with the appeal, the case was sent for new consideration — but in 2010, Kvachkov was acquitted again.

The next day after that he was arrested by operatives of the Federal security service (FSB) of Russia and accused of planning rebellion. In February 2013 the Moscow city court sentenced him to 13 years imprisonment, but later the Supreme court reduced this period to 8 years. However, in August 2017 Kvachkov will again be in the dock: he recorded and transferred at will appeal, according to the investigators, stimulating the hatred of a group of people United on a national basis. For that Kvachkov received 1,5 years of a colony.

But on February 7 in connection with the decriminalization of article 282 ("inciting hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity") of the criminal code under which he was convicted, the sentence was revised and Colonel Kvachkova freed from punishment. This decision should enter into force today, February 19. As the correspondent "" has talked to Vladimir Kvachkov in the IR-5.

"Come — we'll see"

"": Only that the whole country celebrated a holiday — the day of the withdrawal of the limited contingent of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. Please accept our congratulations.

Kvachkov: Thank You! We here in the colonies, also celebrated this holiday. Of course, no alcohol, only tea. Us in the unit, three Afghan. And a profession military at all was a difficult one — the driver, and it is in Afghanistan, it was dangerous. Second — sapper. Also not an easy profession.

And for what are they condemned?

For drugs. This is, unfortunately, a very common infection. It's no secret that in Afghanistan, many smoked marijuana. Well, someone couldn't stop. It is our great misfortune, forgive me, Lord.

Vladimir Kvachkov. Photo: Igor Nadezhdin, Maria Frolova

What is your mood today — a day before the release?

Life teaches me that you first need to get out of here. Only then I'll know that yesterday was the last day — and today was the first. When 23 Dec 2010 I was again justified on the case of attempt on Chubais and began to congratulate, I said that before. And someone told me that I was flirting. But the next day, December 24, I was arrested on charges of armed rebellion... So tonight I'm not flirting when I say that will come out — we'll see.

Wait, what is that something supposed to do that?

No, I'm not expecting it. I'm just ready for it.

How is your health?

My health, as they say, age. Somewhere a little better, something a little worse, but functionally healthy. And me that care. Speaking nautically, the ship for the trip and ready for battle. And that is where something hurts, somewhere itching — it's a question the tenth. Although I would like to have health more.

How to you here in the colony? What is the relationship with other prisoners?

The same as in the civilian world with other people. With someone you have a relationship, with someone trying to contact, and someone generally avoided. As in any group, there are a small group. Personal aversions, I haven't encountered. Moreover, I will tell you a secret: and the staff [of the colony] been good to me. Of course, if you're gonna get pregnant — you get what you should. But violations of the regime are different. Sometimes, for example, the bath was late, and I really want — but the movement one is prohibited. Got — got, not got — have not received. That's all.

"My spirit here never was"

You many consecutive months spent in the strict conditions of detention...

I took four years of walking the triangle, SUS — SHIZO — PKT [WM — strict conditions; the cooler — solitary confinement; PKT — cell-type premises — the place of punishment of convicted offenders]. It turns out, technically, I was convicted to imprisonment in a strict regime colony, but in fact of the eight years, almost four years, from October 2014 to June 2018 has been, as they say here, under a roof, that is in prison.

Now back to the question about the relationship: the unit you choose, with whoever you want to communicate. To Sousse it's already harder to do, and becomes heavier in the sense of relationships. And PKT is no choice at all — that's who have to put in order and sit. I on the big secret, with some calling and with some shocking tell: me in prison even a single day was not. Not a single day! Because the spirit controls the soul, and the soul controls the body. People, where is his spirit and my spirit is here one minute it was not.

I have these eight years were a very interesting life: I wrote the book "the Russian revolution inevitable." And on the first page indicated his authorship: Colonel Kvachkov. And the court it was immediately recognized as extremist and prohibited for distribution — but without attribution. Wrote, as far as I know: "the author is not installed". Because if the author is not installed, then to the court to draw certain. And it turns out that my book was tried without me.

I also here different articles he wrote. The speech was prepared. Responsible for writing, distracted by the life in Russia.

Many letters received?

As of yesterday [17 Feb 2019] — more than 2700. And the vast majority of authors unknown to me. The letters came from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, Canada, Korea, Sweden, Germany, where I served for eight years. From Israel wrote an Orthodox, sent me a small icon of the great Martyr Panteleimon.

And what is most difficult here, in captivity?

The most difficult here — it's the cons. Not employees that protect you, namely the prisoners, who sit. But I can tell you that it should be. The thief, at first, should sit in jail, and secondly, the thief has to be pretty bad in prison. Under the thief, I mean any real culprit. The bastard should feel bad even among the same scum. But to beat it.

"Went to be baptized in dress uniform"

You are a pensioner, then a job in the industrial part did not go. What do you do here at free from SOUSSE?

Received his third degree (Laughs). I'm sorry for the indiscretion, two of the highest atheist — and now the third, the prison-legal. Still, for 11 years can learn. And we have here a very nice temple. I regularly attend. And I want to tell one problem that society needs to discuss, I think. In the area there is a temple, convicts have the right to visit him. But the place in the order of the day — neither for morning nor evening. The administration is trying to find a way myself, but it doesn't always work. Because the time allotted for Breakfast, very strictly regulated, and the rest of the time also painted. And the Orthodox people need to communicate with the Lord.

You, a member of the Communist party of long standing, came to God?

I was baptized later, when I was 44 years old. Baptized, as commander of the 15th brigade of special forces of the Turkmenistan military region, in 1992. When the Soviet Union collapsed, I suddenly realized that all of my colleagues are Asian, members of the Communist party-warrant officers- all of a sudden turned out to be devout Muslims. And felt a kind of emptiness inside. I do believe that the Soviet Union essentially was almost prechistenski society. Yes, Yes, Yes! If you remove all the shucks, the society formally atheistic, was more humane than the current supposedly religious.

Photo: Maxim Polyakov / "Kommersant"

And so, in 1992, when the Soviet Union collapsed, and my friends were Muslims, I went to be baptized. And as if on a Communist party meeting in full dress officer's uniform. And then, as partly a scientist and partly a General staff officer, began carefully to learn the basics. I think we need a monarchy — but not immediately, but gradually, as the highest form of churched people. Of all the people, and with these priests, who themselves sit without a clock and the polished table by their Breguet [watch brand Breguet] reflected — at the cost of millions of rubles.

And anyway, in my opinion, we without solving the religious question out of the abyss of a national catastrophe is no way out. The national disaster that began in the Civil war, when the Russian Pravda cut into two — white and red.

How do you feel about the events in the South-East of Ukraine?

I talked a lot about this and I will repeat now: the unity of our society has been artificially divided the Bolshevik-commies. It was not in the Russian Empire, neither Russian nor Belarusian, or Ukrainian — was great Russians, little Russians and belorossy. All the rest is the attempt to destroy the emerging world. In the spring of 2014, the Ukrainian government was lying in the street. And it had to pick up. But instead of the full restoration of Russian control over Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, Kherson, Odessa regions, which were all military and military-technical conditions (special purpose brigade, razvedroty, Navy and so on), the Commander in chief limited to a single Crimea.

And missed the chance to take control of the Russian state in our ancestral territory. That's about the Odessa uprising all know about Kharkov uprising who heard anything? And the betrayal of new Russia, which we are seeing now? The current government is not able to solve this and many other problems. In my opinion, between the current Moscow regime and the current regime of Kiev there is no difference. Well, except that those richer and those poorer. And no one problem will not be solved until we change the statehood of Russia.

"The case was handled, to ruin Russia"

What you as a professional scout say about military operation in Syria?

This is the rare case where I fully support the actions of the current authorities of Russia in foreign policy. But I think that advisers had to leave, to do everything harder and that means less blood, and generally, before to intervene in the conflict. Syria after all is not only a base in a key geopolitical point. It has Orthodox a sacred meaning. The Lord spoke in Aramaic. But what is Aram? Is the ancient name of Syria. Therefore, the maintenance Pro-Russian government in Syria has a huge religious significance. The purely military aspect: these [terrorists] better destroy it than here.

What do you think about ISIS and what are your predictions of the fight against international terrorism?

Islamic state (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization — approx. "Of the") — of course, it is the enemy, and I also fully support Putin. But I am convinced that now we have just a temporary lull, and soon it will end. IG would be quite at hand, on the southern borders. I think that the next government [which will be the front line with ISIS] will Turkmenistan: it gives direct access to the Caspian sea and the Caspian sea is our coastal area. There we should expect the next battlegrounds of pseudo-struggle.

How do you, as a professional scout, think of the history in Salisbury?

Salisbury is Skrypali, or what, these? Skrypali — absolutely blatant spin-doctoring, nothing real there. Bullshit. The case was hyped to just to ruin Russia. External parasites, who had to bite, bite us.

Photo: Andrew Stenin / "Kommersant"

What do you think about the political situation in Russia? What are the main problems in the country?

I think that the current government of Russia — the enemy of the Russian state. And all of them are nothing more than internal parasites that use the state as their feeding. Yes, they are fighting against external parasites, but they themselves do not get better. The current government can be compared to worms.

Russia for these worms is a habitat, they can't get out of the body — they'll eat chicken either European or American Turkey. There are also external parasites that try to bite off arm, leg, head, but just because I can't swallow the whole of Russia, it is too large. And fighting internal parasites external parasites European chicken and American Turkey. But only because their existence is threatened by these worms. Not because they show care for the health of the whole body, called Russia. Well, we do not need any external or internal parasites. In any form.

And social policy? Glackin with "the state didn't ask you to give birth" and all that?

To flog her, and that's all. Ten whips and throw. But who is there now in the government, parasites, which the government privatized and are now using state of the organism. We, Russian, in this sense, fools. Ready to sacrifice himself, knowing that without the state we would not survive, relying on the government, and it is not for us. Hence, there are all these girls. This is a consequence of the political system. In a normal political system, with democracy, this fool would not have lived a day in there. And so — I live for years and nothing happens to them.

How do you assess the situation of the army and corruption scandals in Regardie?

Everything comes from the system. If we consider the army as a political tool of the Soviet Union and contemporary Russia, I will say this. If godfather some holds for a quarter, or district in the city, you can compare it bandyukov with some kind of armed force? For the Russian government, the armed forces are so pechansky a tool which helps him to defend the interests of the bandits.

If it really wanted by their inner convictions of the Russian army, he would not allow this bastard Serdyukov and his passion to do what they did with the army. Yevgenia Vasilyeva not a day after the verdict didn't sit it was just brought to the area and have taken. I, an old grandfather, I hope to live to see the day when there will be created a special military Tribunal, and we know where and what he did all those Serdyukov and Vasiliev, and all this will be set by a special military Tribunal.

"I spiders flies were caught that they were there"

Tell us about the criminal case brought against you in 2010. You are accused of attempt of rebellion...

In 2015, I was approached by one of the editors — then it was a decade of the attempt on Chubais. And there were these questions: do you attempt on Chubais, prepared whether you're a military coup... And I was then sitting in the FCT. Could pray for several hours a day: I'm a loner, I have four Pets: two spider and two rats, we lived in this household, I spiders flies were caught, so they had something to eat. So, for fun, as my granddaughter says...

And so I remember, I decided to answer: you are me questions in the forehead, get on his forehead. Answered: Yes, of course, was preparing an armed rebellion. Successful armed rebellion called the revolutionary uprising, and a failed revolutionary uprising — rebellion, that makes all the difference in how this will end.

According to estimates solely from the case that was not newly discovered circumstances-under the Carpet really had to gather a few hundred militants, as they call it, to seize arms and equipment Kovrov infantry training division, infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, artillery guns, to run for 60-70 kilometers to Vladimir, to capture a building, to announce a General mobilization.

Then gathered the people's militia in Russia in the future — coverage of Moscow and the restoration of Russian national power. Here it was planned. The defense was that just one of the groups moved on their own, nobody was going to destroy staff. They took a crossbow, just in case. So was given the option to laugh this idea: Kvachkov was going to perform the surgery with three crossbows.

When the question of the protection attorneys become the subject to pedal, my position was the following: I have argued that armed rebellion is... we have in UK a list of the cases in which the act is not criminal — and, in particular, in the case of self-defense.

And I said, if a person has a right of self-defense, then that right there and nation, so an armed uprising to overthrow the government was a necessary defense, because we have left other political mechanisms to protect their rights. So I was preparing a revolutionary uprising with the beginning of Vladimir and spread to the whole of Russia. For what has already been spent.

"My release will benefit from two forces"

Who was going to revolt?

According to prosecutors and the FSB, was to gather a few hundred militants. However, nobody was arrested, except reconnaissance in Kovrov. But they testified against me and remained at large. Was sentenced Galkin, who with the crossbow came, Bobby. He's not a traitor, he's just a dunce. He laid it all out, and gave him quite a bit, a year and a half.

Tell us about your created public movement "people's militia behalf of Minin and Pozharsky" (the decision of the court recognized as extremist and banned throughout the Russian Federation). Why it is needed, who it included?

The movement arose as a consequence serdyukovskaya reform. In February 2009 held a national officers ' meeting in Moscow, which was selected by the highest officer of the Council. The top three were as follows: Chairman, Lieutenant-General Dubrov, former commander of military-technical troops of air defense, died under train, Deputy Viktor Ilyukhin died suddenly from a heart attack. And chief of staff — your humble servant, who at the prisons and camps dangle. That's the top of the movement.

Photo: Sergey Voronin / Russian Look /

We, the officers, warrant officers of the reserve retired, had to be prepared in case of aggression against Russia, to provide professional assistance to the army. That's why I created the people's militia. It fell apart after my arrest, I was arrested in 2010, and the movement only in 2015, recognized as a terrorist organization.

Were you able to obtain compensation for unlawful criminal prosecution on the case of attempt on Chubais?

If you know, in that case there were four juries, and the last one I met. I received compensation for forced absence from work compensated for starvation wages in the Centre for military and strategic studies. Worked for the idea, there all the same. About 300 thousand — in the three years of investigation and trial in custody.

Even our car "Saab-9000", a nice car, was his wife, but seized during the investigation, we have not returned. Left as evidence, although the jury decided that the car has nothing to do with the crime and may not be physical evidence. So she was gone — 008 year lost all of its external and driving performance.

Today is your last day in the colony. What are your plans after the release?

The verdict of the court about the rebellion, I after serving his sentence in a strict regime colony for another year should be under the supervision. So I have to travel to the country can not, because the Moscow region is another subject of the Federation.

Any illegal actions it is not planned, no slogans, and so on. I'm with his wife now intends to go to the monastery, where lies the ashes of the revered Saint Fyodor Ushakov. Then to father Seraphim. Then in Moore to Peter and Fevronia. Then in Bogolyubovo monastery, where I frequently visited, to Andrew Bogoliubsky of Vladimir in the Kremlin, will go to Suzdal, then be sure to follow the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh. Well and then already in Moscow, under public supervision.

What you plan to do?

I have ten years is almost finished doctoral dissertation. Subject, of course, closed: "the General theory of special operations of the armed forces". I think, a very urgent work and is not outdated. You just have a little update quotes — and want to protect themselves. Even monographs and articles on this thesis published. So going to soiskatel a PhD candidate-that I have become.

And public and political activity?

Now in Russia public-political activity almost bessmyslenno. Political parties are simulators, perform ritual dance party — the ruling that the so-called opposition.

But Mr. Zyuganov became a Vice-President of the Russian Federation for communism. He resent me — I told him directly: "was the Communist party of the Soviet Union — CPSU. And you have the Communist party of the KPSSS — party of tears, snot and saliva".

Recently, the media reported that Zhirinovsky is ready to take you to the liberal democratic party. Refuse him?

Zhirinovsky — a figure that plays his role on any political stage. In November 2017 I have received a letter: "Dear Vladimir Vasilyevich, the LDPR faction considers you illegally convicted and appealed to the presidential administration asking for your pardon. We were told that a pardon is possible only on the basis of a personal application of the convicted person. If only you would write such a petition, the faction of the liberal democratic party and others in the state Duma will support your appeal for clemency".

I wrote a response, which openly Express what I think about the Zhirinovsky, the state Duma, about Putin. And said that I, as a Russian officer to accept a pardon is considered below their dignity.

Any party I will not join any party I will not organize. All my further activities will be aimed at promoting Russian Orthodox state, and to promote Association of churches. It will take another 25-30 years, at least. Become enchurched Russian people will.

What do you think about reducing the charges of extremism — the same one where you condemned the video, which was filmed already in the colony?

I think that article 282 decriminalized for one simple reason: it has been planted about two thousand people. Us — Russian nationalists. And the government finally realized that the more people clap for the huskies, the more the youth against him set up. And the system is bogged down, unable to cope with the influx of these cases.

Their release with something to bind?

My release (if it takes place), will benefit from two opposing forces. On the one hand, the Pro-Putin clan — as a threat to the liberals. And the liberal wing might want to negotiate with the government using me as a bargaining chip: look, let's make him a banner, bring people to the street for that fool, and repeat the Maidan...

Learning about your upcoming release, Anatoly Chubais wished you a happy old age. What would you wish him?

The Lord has saved this species from the easy death in that way. Because it was reserved for someone else. If in the spring of 2005, everything went as planned, the attackers, it would not be in just a few seconds. But the Lord did not allow to do so. This means, then that would be different.

Aren't you tired to fight?

John Chrysostom in a sermon, "six words against the Jews" literally: "Not tired do you, brethren, to fight against the Jews? No. If you are with Christ you can't get tired. The burden of Christ is easy".

Maybe it sounds pompous, but if I, by Christ — that we are the majority. And even if all are against, but I'll be with Christ, we are with him the most.

Not tired. Of course, there are some things related to health, but it doesn't matter. It does not matter. I will fight as long as I can.

Colonel Kvachkov to fight and campaign ready.

Igor Nadezhdin, Maria Frolova


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