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The Russian war a new generation
Material posted: Publication date: 26-09-2017
A tutorial about the Russian tactics of hybrid war, and how should she confront the armed forces of the United States released the American army. Special attention is paid to the Russian operations in Ukraine and in the Crimea, also provides information about the Russian technique called Russian weak spots that can use the forces of the United States.

Manual "Russian war of a new generation", consisting of 68 pages, was released in December 2016 and recently got into the Network, writes the journal The National Interest. It is illustrated with photographs and data about Russian technology which can be used to conduct asymmetric warfare.

After analyzing Russian operations in Ukraine and in the Crimea, the authors come to the conclusion that the Russian strategy is based on achieving regime change by combining with the local puppet forces, and not through conventional military victory of the Russian troops. The Russian approach could be to use any leverage it has to achieve changes in the system of government, explain the authors.

The manual noted that Russia has mastered the approach of the US to cover the battlefield with manned and unmanned sensor systems to detect enemy forces, which can then be destroyed by aircraft and artillery.

The weaknesses of Russia, according to the authors of the manuals is the lack of motivation of recruits, weak logistics and a powerful but inaccurate air and artillery support. The armed forces of the United States, among other things, recommend to train in terms of electronic war, when GPS and radio working smoothly.

While the US army and warns of the power of the Russian air defense systems and electronic equipment, it also notes that at present this technique is in short supply and concentrated in Kaliningrad, Ukraine and Syria.


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