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Russian do not surrender!
Material posted: Publication date: 12-04-2015
At night with 2 for February, 3rd, 1945 of prisoners of a concentration camp Mauthausen machine-gun shooting has lifted from plank beds. Shouts reaching outside «Ur!» Did not leave doubts: in camp there is a present battle. They are 500 prisoners of the block №20 (the block of condemned men) machine-gun towers attacked. The block №20, for Russian has appeared in the summer of 1944 in Mauthausen. It was the camp in the camp, separated from the general territory a fence in altitude of 2,5 metres on which top there was a wire which is alive. On ambit there were three towers with machine guns. Prisoners of 20th block gained m of a camp ration. Spoons, plates it was not necessary to them. The block was never heated. In embrasures was not neither frames, nor glasses. In the block there were no even plank beds. In the winter before to drive in prisoners in the block, soldiers CC filled in from a hose a floor of the block with water. People laid down in water and simply did not wake up.

"Condemned men" had "privilege" - they did not work, as other prisoners. Instead they were engaged all the day in "physical exercises" - is non-stop ran round the block or crept.

During block existence in it it has been annihilated about 6 thousand people By the end of January in the block №20 there were in live nearby 570 persons.

Except for 5-6 Yugoslavs and several Poles (participants of the Warsaw revolt), all prisoners of "the death block» were the Soviet prisoners of war the officers directed here from other camps.

Prisoners went to 20th block of Mauthausen, even in concentration camps pose threat to III Reich owing to the military education, strong-willed qualities and organizational abilities. All of them have been taken prisoner by wounded men or in an unconsciousness, and during the stay in a scab have been recognised by "incorrigible". In accompanying deeds of each of them there was a letter "To", meaning that the prisoner is subject to liquidation in the short terms. Therefore arrived to 20th block at all did not brand, as term of life of the prisoner in 20th block did not exceed several weeks.

In the appointed night about midnight "condemned men" have started to get from hiding places "weapon" - cobbles, pieces of coal and spalls of the broken washstand. Two fire bottles were main "weapon". 4 assault groups have been generated: three should attack the machine-gun towers, one in case of need - to beat off external attack from camp.

About o'clock in the morning with shouts «Ur!» Condemned men of 20th block have started to jump out through embrasures and were launched on towers. Machine guns have opened fire. In persons of machine gunners have struck foamy streams of fire bottles, the grad of stones has departed. Pieces flied even erzats-washed also wood shackles from feet. One machine gun has choked, and on a tower members of assault group have immediately started to clamber. Having taken possession of a machine gun, they have opened fire on the next towers. Prisoners by means of wood boards have short-circuited a wire, have abandoned on it blankets and have started to be overhauled through a wall.

From almost 500 persons more than 400 have managed to break through an external fence and have appeared outside of camp. As it has been agreed, fugitives have broken into some groups and were launched every which way to complicate capture. The greatest group ran to wood. When soldiers SS began to overtake it, some tens persons have separated and launched towards to persecutors to accept the last battle and to hold back enemies though for some minutes.

One of groups has come across the German antiaircraft battery. Having removed the sentry and having rushed into dugs out, fugitives barehanded smothered gun servants, have captureed the weapon and the truck. The group has been overtaken and has accepted the last battle.

About hundred broken loose prisoners have perished at the first o'clock. Failing in deep snow, on a cold (the thermometer that night showed a minus of 8 grades), exhausted, many simply physically could not pass more than 10-15 km.

But more than 300 could leave from persuit and have hidden in neighbourhoods.

In search of fugitives, except camp guarding, the units of Vermaht accommodated in neighbourhoods, units SS and local field gendarmerie have been involved. The caught fugitives forwarded to Mauthausen and shot at a crematorium wall where there and then burnt bodies. But more often shot on a capture place, and to camp brought already corpses.

In German deeds of a provision on search of fugitives were called «Mjulfirtelsky hunting for hares». The local population has been involved In searches.

Fighters of Folksshturm, members of Gitlerjugend, members of local mesh NSDAP and non-party volunteers hazardously searched in neighbourhoods of "hares" and killed them directly on the spot. Killed make-shifts - axes, pitchfork as protected cartridges. Corpses brought in village Read in der Ridmarkt, and dumped in a yard of local school.

What is the norm to death? As it was...

Here soldiers SS conducted count, crossing out the sticks drawn on a wall. After some days soldiers SS have declared that «the account has converged».

However. One person from the group which have annihilated the German antiaircraft battery has survived. Ninety two days, risking life, the Austrian peasant Langtaler which sons were at war at this time in composition Vermaht hid on the farm of two fugitives. 19 running and have not been caught. Names 11 of them are known. 8 from them have survived and have returned to Soviet Union.

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