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The work of Sergey Sotnikov, has made possible the miracle of the Izhma — landing aircraft, which has refused nearly all equipment
Material posted: Publication date: 24-10-2019
Remember the story about the Siberian village of Izhma and its airport? Of course, remember. But just in case let me remind you. Civilian flight. On Board the Tu-154 81. Suddenly the plane is denying everything. All of the systems. All. Pilots start emergency descent. But where? Under a plane wing about something sings green sea taiga. And there is nothing under the wing. The plane goes down and suddenly the miracle in the middle of the taiga is absolutely suitable for landing cleared the airfield. To sit down, the pilots put on the dashboard of a glass of water to clear the machine roll. Eventually sat down. No one was hurt.

Pilots awarded. They are now working. Fly. But such an ending would not have happened if not for one man who is 20 years day in and day out to work and cleaned the airfield, which in Soviet times were never used. Believed useful. And here came in handy.

What I remembered all this? And here's what. This man just retired. It kind of upsets me. Not because Vzletka now there's no one to clean, and it can come in handy. No. And because, as you know, is not worth the village without a righteous man. And the city is not worth it. And the country too. Something like that. In the Izhma quiet hero Sergey Sotnikov was found Alexander Lyakin.

The chief of the airport "Izhma" Sergey Sotnikov for a week already retired, but every day comes to work — shift yet, and to throw the cause to which he gave nearly all his life, he can't — not it's his character. And let from the airport were only a helipad, but for her to watch.

In the terminal building that looks more like a Museum, twilight — most of the navigation equipment dismantled. But the famous runway igumenskoje airfield and today is in order.

Width — 35 meters long, 1 kilometer 300 meters is the area of responsibility of Sergey Sotnikov, you could say its personal front. Even when it ceased to fly the aircraft, it is more than 20 years have supported this band in working condition, and one day she saved the life of 81.

It was nine years ago — over a small village of Izhma, a jet appeared. Saw him first inhabitants, whose Windows look out on the river.

Pilots Yevgeny Novoselov and Andrey Lamanov, really, at first wanted to splash down right here. Their Tu-154 has been de-energized, navigation and communication is lost, and though the fuel tanks were full, but had shut off the pumps, the fuel supply is stopped, the engine had to run for a few minutes — had to sit down immediately.

But here you are surrounded by forest and hills the only option is a small, flat shelf on the river Izhma. And only at the last moment, like a ray of hope, came across a concrete strip. She was almost twice shorter than needed, and not designed to receive large jet aircraft, but the pilots decided that it is their only salvation.

"We fully strip searched, flew over her. Saw that no concrete, no tractors not lying abandoned, just a small forest. He turned around and went", — says the commander of the crew of the Tu-154 Andrey Lamanov.

With broken flaps, at a speed twice put, a heavy aircraft flew to the end of the strip. The pilots used all the means of braking and Tu-154 only 200 meters rolled out in the forest. And after a couple of minutes unharmed passengers were evacuated from the cabin.

It's called the "Miracle Places". Admired not only the skill and coolness of the pilots, but also for those, like Sergey Sotnikov has maintained this runway. From it nobody demanded the authorities Vzletka have long given up.

And if not centurions, between the plates would grow willows and alders, and the strip itself would have taken loggers.

Certificates, awards, a medal for merits before the Fatherland, but national fame has not changed the character of Sergei Sotnikov. He decided to run in superiors, not go on improving — remains in Places at the same airfield. All I want to thank the band, every year hung new microcastle, patiently drew the layout and changed the bulbs of the landing lights. It was said that if every place would be that the hini, then everyone would feel safe.

On the wall hangs a new roadmap for small aircraft, and Izhma were there too. But in the village paved a new road — residents became cheaper by bus to get to Ukhta or to the nearest train station. A runway — like a memory feat.

"Hero or no hero, I'm talking about is not even think. Did the trick, so what?" — says Sergey Sotnikov.

He worked at the airport more than 41 years. The results so far sum up not going, but his life will remain very important numbers. They are forever in all the directories of aviation and in our memory: 72 passengers and 9 crew members and 81 life saved.

Alexander Lyakin


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