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Exercises "West-2013" is over. Journalists in search of a nuclear attack
Material posted: Publication date: 27-09-2013

The culmination of the joint Belarusian-Russian exercises "West-2013" was held on 26 September on two polygon near Grodno and Kaliningrad. In the final phase was attended by the presidents of Belarus and Russia Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin. For the first time atropatana interspecific interaction between the regional group of forces with attraction forces of the Russian Navy. The final point on the map exercises was the Khmelevka firing ground near Kaliningrad.

The scenario of this episode of the doctrine, "illegal armed formation" of up to 700 people seized a stretch of coastline with small settlements (at the site were specially built villages "Ermolovka and Trofimowa"). "Bandits" in advance and thoroughly prepared to defend his camp, mined the approaches, and had support from the sea and from the air.

First, the terrorists suffered a sudden massive blow in the rear of the Mi-8 landed tactical Marines, and the courts, provides terrorists with weapons, firing of ship and coastal artillery. Simultaneously with the air of "militants" attacked the su-27M and su-34, as well as helicopters of army aviation Mi-24.

Help surrounded by "bandits" tried to come transport aircraft, which dropped them to the containers with the necessary goods, but came under the fire defense. "Action" on boats trying to escape from the blockade, but came under fire jet systems of volley fire "Grad" and artillery installations "the acacia". Those who managed to slip through, were detained on border patrol ships.

At the same time at sea was held for the release operation of the ship with the hostages, which captured "terrorists" – it included divers and assault groups on boats and helicopters.

The surviving remnants on the shore "gangs" had experienced the full firepower of destroyers and missile boats. In particular, the "militants" fired from shipboard guns at a speed of 130 rounds per minute. Then the fight continued approaching large landing ships "Kaliningrad" and "Azov", on Board which were the latest BTR-82A, hovercrafts, aircraft, Marines, sappers and divers. Troopers in the ranks of which there were 350 guardsmen Belarusian battalion of the 103rd separate mobile brigade suffered its first casualties – was hit by an APC, to assist the crew of which came from military doctors.

Next, planes of military-transport aircraft Il-76 had to hold the landing of units of the 76th airborne assault division of airborne forces of Russia to complete the rout. However, this episode was cancelled due to severe weather conditions: above ground from the sea was blowing squally wind, with gusts to 20 meters per second.

Approaching the "terrorists" reinforcements met the special forces of internal troops of the MIA of Russia. The remaining "action" is blocked in the "Ermolova", but refused to surrender. After their successful assault for the elimination of fire in the "locality" used aircraft of the emergencies Ministry be-200, Il-76 and Mi-8 with spillway device.

These maneuvers in extreme weather conditions ended with a joint Belarusian-Russian exercises "West-2013". The presidents of Russia and Belarus highly appreciated the level of preparation and cohesion of the units that participated in the teaching. The satisfaction received by foreign observers and experts. Slightly upset there are only journalists: where is the nuclear strike on Warsaw, about which so much has been said of the Polish "experts"?

Sergey Birich


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