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To steal an aircraft carrier
Material posted: Publication date: 04-02-2015

Car theft is not a rare event in our lives. Stolen, although much less frequently, planes. In 1991, the Russian sailors stole Crimea from the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov", which claimed ownership of Ukraine.

The first true Soviet aircraft carrier

The ship was built at the shipyard in Nikolayev in 1982. The time of its construction was the violent reconstruction years, which is reflected in the many transformations of the ship. In the project it was the "Soviet Union", was founded "Riga", descended on the water, "Leonid Brezhnev", was tested already "Tbilisi". In October 1990, the cruiser was renamed the 4th and final time, becoming the "Admiral Kuznetsov". In January 1991 the ship was enrolled in the Northern fleet, it raised naval flag.

Officially, "Admiral Kuznetsov" was not the first aircraft carrier of the Soviet Navy. Already sailed "Minsk", "Kiev", "Baku" and "Novorossiysk". However, the ships of the previous series were the carriers of the aircraft vertical takeoff and landing. In fact, it was the helicopter. In contrast, on the "Admiral Kuznetsov" aircraft based traditional scheme with fixed wing. He was the first and still remains the only full-fledged aircraft carrier in the Navy of Russia.

Kravchuk: "This is my aircraft carrier!"

24 August 1991 the Supreme Soviet of the USSR adopted the Act proclaiming Ukraine as an independent state. Together with the Act adopted a resolution, podchinyatsya all military units stationed on the territory of Ukraine, the newly formed state.

In November 1991 the cruiser was tested at Feodosiya. In one of the last days of autumn, the commander received a telegram signed by Leonid Kravchuk, the cruiser declared the property of Ukraine and mandatory for him to stay on the RAID of Sevastopol to the making of government decisions. Officers were perplexed: why Ukraine with its Black sea ocean cruiser? And on what basis it claims the right to ship, assigned to the Russian Northern fleet?

However, there were among the officers who was not averse to change the Russian Northern sea on the warm Black Ukrainian. Oppressive uncertainty heavy fog covered the cruiser. Accustomed to obey the orders of military men waited, what decision will accept the policy and the high command. From the Arctic received the telegram, and that in Sevastopol flew Vice-Admiral Yuri Ustimenko - first Deputy commander of the Northern fleet. The officers waited impatiently for the distinguished guest.

To steal an aircraft carrier in 60 seconds

December 1, around 21:00 the Admiral with a Ukrainian surname climbed aboard the cruiser. After greeting the crew and dismantling the team, Volodya ordered the commander of the ship captain I rank Jarigina urgently to weigh anchor and go to Severodvinsk. Yarygin to the comment that 2/3 of officers and warrant officers are on the shore, followed by the answer "by train will catch up". "And our planes left on a coastal airfield?" - "We can fly". The uncertainty was over. Someone at the top decided the cruiser Ukraine not to give. At 23:40, without turning on the navigation lights, in the pitch darkness "Admiral Kuznetsov" left the Harbor and headed for the Bosphorus.

Diving adventures

The Bosphorus passed freely, and at Gibraltar the cruiser met an American carrier battle group. The Yankees began to "put pressure on the psyche": the helicopters and planes flew over the ship, each time simulating combat attack, in the course of the ship threw bombs training. Not paying attention to these maneuvers, "Admiral Kuznetsov" was not changing course, however, the mood among the officers and sailors were dirty: none of the officers and seamen did not know whether all the bombs will be educational and will not become the next set of American combat aircraft?

I felt better when near the cruiser appeared watchman "Perky". Justifying its name, the watchman started to scare Americans with their maneuvers. The baton escort the Russian ship, the Yankees passed the English frigate and the Norwegian watchman. More than three weeks lasted the transition. On 27 December, Admiral Kuznetsov docked in Severodvinsk.

Fate of aircraft carriers, inherited from the Ukraine

In the Ukrainian media Saga with the cruiser still referred to as theft by Russians of the Ukrainian ship. But the sailors believe that "the Admiral Kuznetsov" dropped just a beautiful destiny. It helps to see how Ukraine has ordered her inherited wealth.

Heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Kiev" Ukraine sold to China that had got him entertainment attraction with hotel and restaurant.

2/3 built "Varyag" has been sold to the Chinese for $ 20 million under the world's largest riverboat casino. The Chinese do not have to do from the ship of a gambling house, and finished building the ship and renamed "Liaoning". "Varyag" was the first aircraft carrier China's naval forces – the pride of China and a headache of the U.S. Pacific fleet.

Laid down at the Nikolaev shipyard with the same type of "Admiral Kuznetsov" "Ulyanovsk" the Ukrainian authorities, and failing to complete, was cut into scrap metal.

And only "Admiral Kuznetsov" proudly sails the seas and oceans under the flag of St. Andrew a native, and rejoices that in their time went to Ukraine.

Klim Podkova


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