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The armed forces of Russia: 2010
Material posted: -Publication date: 28-10-2010

The article presents the results of the Centre for strategic assessments and forecasts analysis of open source information about the state of the Russian Armed Forces at the beginning of 2010 Reviewed media coverage of key issues of military construction, state of the armed forces, social problems, personnel problems of the military-industrial complex, military-technical cooperation with foreign States.

The presentation material is available in print and electronic media and other open sources of information about the state of the Armed Forces (AF) of Russia at the beginning of 2010 We set out only the facts, without analyzing the content of the military doctrines, strategies, concepts (we plan to do one of the following articles) for the following reasons.

First, if there is even the perfect doctrines, strategies and concepts state of the Russian armed forces in the next few years will be determined mainly by their current state. A mathematician would say initial conditions. Since the process of development of the armed forces quite slow, policy documents can reveal themselves only after some time.

Secondly, according to the preliminary experts ' opinion, many of these documents constitute a set of provisions, it is not obvious, often contradictory and untrue. Build up on them real military policy impossible, especially because many of the concepts, strategies, etc. are not linked to available resources.

For similar reasons, we do not analyze the immediate plans of the Ministry of defence (MOD) and military departments: the experience of recent decades, these beautiful plans tend to remain on paper or be significantly changed by the influence of circumstances. So far only the facts contained in open sources of information. We allowed ourselves when they set out to remove unnecessary emotional background, which sometimes makes it difficult to comprehend the merits of the case.

It is clear that the experts know the true state of Affairs in each specific area is much better and better. But, on the other hand, because of the traditional closeness of information on matters of national defense many of them are not always available to the overall picture. Therefore, this material can be of some interest.

But more importantly, the article allows to estimate, what is the perception of wide public opinion important issue of national defense. Naturally, this perception is through available public information sources.

The problems of national defense and the armed forces can be discussed at different levels. In order not to "drown" in detail, the article discusses only the main issues. On the other hand, areas of sun do not develop independently from each other. They are linked through the arm Program, plans for construction of aircraft and other strategic planning documents. Therefore, considering only part of the problem, we can make quite accurate conclusion about the General condition of the aircraft. In other words, this is the case, when you can understand the state of the object, in this case the armed forces.

We would be grateful to readers interested in the extra or(and) clarifying public information on this issue. I hope that it will provide a more complete and accurate picture of the real state of the Russian Armed Forces.

Author: Grinaev S. N., Fomin A. N.

Tags: Russia , security , threat

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