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"Sabotage" by the standards of GOST
Material posted: Publication date: 16-05-2019

The repetition of the situation with pollution of the Russian export of oil in pipelines can happen at any time.

Analysis of the recent incident with the "spoiled by oil" leads to the conclusion that none of the aforementioned official versions about the reasons of falling into oil pipelines 5 million tons of contaminated materials is simply not tenable. And in General the whole system of Russian pipeline monopoly arranged so that the repetition of such "sabotage" can happen at any time.

Toxic regulations

"Of PJSC "Transneft" all the test oil in terms of the content of organochlorine compounds converted from the category of periodic (every 10 days) in the category of acceptance, then there is a daily control regime". This message of the Minister of energy Alexander Novak at the session of the government of the Russian Federation of may 7 gives the key to understanding how the pipeline "Druzhba" hit "tainted oil".

This ratio of the frequency of verification is registered in the Gosstandart of the Russian Federation, "Oil", introduced in 2002, shortly after the energy Ministry in its order had banned the use of organochlorine chemicals in the extraction of oil.

Paragraph 5 of section 8 ("acceptance") oil GOST reads as follows: "Periodic test performed within the time agreed and the dealer host parties, but not less than once in 10 days according to the following criteria:

  • mass fraction of mechanical impurities;
  • saturated vapor pressure (except oil pipeline transportation system);
    the presence of hydrogen sulfide (or hydrogen sulphide and light mercaptans in the presence in oil of hydrogen sulfide);
  • the contents of organochlorine compounds (dedicated NIC).

One of our sources in the oil industry — specialist with an experience of over two decades — says that getting into the trunk pipeline of oil contaminated with chloroorganics became possible due to this standard.

"Daily, "Transneft" monitors at all nodes receiving the main parameters oil density, sulfur content and hydrogen sulfide, mechanical impurities and water. It provides ingress into the system prepared by the oil.

But hlororganika is checked every 10 days, to know the people who organized the stuffing. They waited, when was the sample taken, which showed normal, and the next day began to take in large quantities of off-grade oil," — said the interlocutor of "Nick". It should be noted that 5 million tons is not the amount that you can throw in a tube instantly, it takes time.

So, for 17 years a norm exists, the vulnerability and the imperfection which is obvious to all, so surprising that the first "pollution" such a scale happened only now. But he continues to act, and the state-owned company, which is responsible for the consequences of imperfections in the present standards, any initiative for improvement is not shown. What, in fact, President Vladimir Putin has instructed the head of "Transneft" Nikolai Tokarev during the discussion of this situation.

The weak links of "Transneft"

A similar view is held by General Director of "InfoTEK-Terminal" Rustam Tankan. According to him, emergency of oil pollution completely meets it "Transneft": "Since oil was adopted in the system of "Transneft", the company assumes obligations under the supply of raw materials and its quality. Be responsible to pay the penalty will have to "Transneft"".

The root cause of the situation, the expert believes, arose in the construction of the pipeline system "Eastern Siberia — Pacific ocean" (ESPO), when he was allowed a very large cost overruns, as in the area where the pipeline had to completely create the entire infrastructure (roads, settlements, medicine, schools, etc.).

It was then that private capital was allowed not only to create this infrastructure, but in the system of metering of "Transneft", that is, in the receiving area of oil and quality control.

Another source of "Oil and capital" notes that private transit nodes are present virtually throughout the system of trunk pipelines (a total of about 150).

Theoretically, emphasizes the source of "Nick" in the industry between private terminals to receive oil and "pipe" Transneft is always a system of measurement of quantity and quality, is directly under the control of a monopoly. And pass oil into the system without control is impossible.

"The situation with the pollution of oil looks strange and mysterious. From official sources comes the information that there was some system of theft. Large quantities of contaminated oil that got into the Transneft system, associated with the fact that the organized criminal group tried to replace the oil that she stole. Looks like this version is quite strange," adds Tankan.

Of course, the version of "embezzlement" is a typical attempt to quickly find "scapegoats" and attribute it to them. A volume of 5 million tons is the annual production is quite decent field. A bunch of criminals, which "throws" in the Federal system a volume of non-conforming raw materials, in order to "hide the theft"... What is the amount of "theft" then it had to be that their disguise was necessary to pull it off? And if people are so familiar with the rules of functioning of the entire system seriously expect that all of these manipulations go unnoticed?

Search for major

Almost all observers — as surveyed and expressed in other media and on social networking pages — argue that the situation with the arrival of 5 million tons of "tainted oil" in the pipeline is unprecedented in the world.

Given the numerous and regular cases of theft of oil from the system "Transneft" identified cases in the pipeline were counterfeit, are rare indeed, and the pipeline company responded very quickly. In 2017 Transneft stopped accepting oil in the main oil pipelines in the port of Makhachkala due to the fact that the oil flowing through the terminal of the company "Dagnefteprodukt", it was found high content of water.

In social networks subject to the version of like a "spoiled oil" hit the Transneft system through the node of the drain and compounding of oil in the village of Nikolaevka of the Samara region. According to a source in the oil industry, should be taken into account is the amount of "tainted oil" is 5 million tons, "I don't believe that all the fault of this little unit — he took not the amounts, in question, and, as far as I know, quality control from outside "Transneft" there was carried out.

At the same time and such a large amount of oil could spoil only some big company supposedly working in the Volga region".

A similar view is shared by the wanted businessman Roman Trusov that by 2018 belonged to the group of companies "PetroNeft" that built the ill-fated node draining the oil. According to him, the local company "Neftepervalki" that uses the site on a lease, put in only 25-30 thousand tons of oil per month — a figure comparable with the stated amounts of "tainted oil".

"To such a small site ruined such a quantity of oil, it is necessary to have it for a very long time every day sent contaminated hlororganika oil "Transneft", and she deliberately sent her into the piping system. But this is ridiculous!" said Troshev edition

Another source of "Nick" suggested that the node through which the system gets low-quality oil, not private, and his translatewiki. The first line is "Lopatino", located in the same Samara region and is one of the largest oil pipeline "Druzhba". Its capacity allows to work with large amounts of oil. This obviously contradicts the data reported to the head of the company Nikolay Tokarev President Vladimir Putin, they would immediately be attributed to the "privateers".

Why the head of the transportation monopolies immediately tried "to translate arrows", of course — how else to act in a hardware logic... But the saddest thing in this story, not even the usual demonstration by the heads of all the departments concerned clumsy attempts to write off the responsibility and to find "scapegoats".

A short summary detective with 5 million tons of "dirty" oil is for the Transneft system as a whole vulnerable, including because there are still outdated standards quality check of raw material and this is no one cared.

The real blame, most likely, will not find. And while companies and agencies engaged in mutual otfutbolivanie responsibility, suffering the prestige of Russia as a state-exporter. And it's all in the context of sanctions and heavy "positional battles" around the new Russian export projects in Europe.

Valery Nesterov, Catherine Vadimova


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