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Parliamentary control of import substitution environmentally friendly innovative technologies
Material posted: Publication date: 01-12-2017
22 November at the Institute of Europe at the "round table" on theme: "Modern Arctic: issues of international cooperation, politics, economy and security," discussed the problems of import substitution. It was about the use of domestic innovation in infrastructure development projects in the Arctic and the Far East. As it turned out, in the Russian regions import substitution faces a strong lobby of foreign manufacturers.

During the discussion, experts noted that, despite the Declaration of the import substitution program Russian producers of high-tech materials are experiencing serious difficulties in competition with world leading chemical companies. At identical result obtained in the case of domestic or foreign technologies, often a decision in favor of the better known imported brands, despite the significant difference in cost. The recommendations and design decisions leading research institutes as well laid technologies and materials manufacturers. A strong lobby does not allow Russian developers and producers of specialized materials and technologies to enter the market.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee on transport and construction Paul Fedyaev announcedthat two state program on development of the Arctic and the Far East at the end of last summer received additional funding. It is planned to develop 8 control zones in the Arctic. In most cases they are combined with the mineral resource developments. Increasing the amount of cargo transported via the Northern sea route. It is now about 4 million tons per year, is expected to reach 70-80 million tons per year. Invest in the Arctic, Rosneft, NOVATEK, "Gazprom oil" who build the terminals, as well as investing in exploration and production. In the state program of socio-economic development of the Far East, where we located the ports of the Northern sea route includes about 20 private investment projects. The total declared amount of investments 545 billion rubles. Plans to build both the government and private companies.


"All the money necessary to invest in their domestic development, materials and technology. And here it is extremely important to follow the sequence of principles of import substitution, environmentally friendly technologies and materials, as well as the efficiency of budget spending in the end we got positive effect in the technological development of our country, won the technological and geopolitical competition in the international arena that in the period of sanctions will not be easy. Russia has the necessary capability.

The large-scale implementation of such priorities as the development of the Arctic and the Far East require significant annual investments from the state budget, so we should be rational, economic, efficient and effective in all regions of our country. In this case we will use as incentives legislative and parliamentary control. Next-generation technologies, such developments in Russia have that will allow us to move away from dependence on imports and save the budget", — noted in his speech, Paul Fedyaev.

Member of the expert Council under the state Duma Committee on transport and construction, General Director of the NGO STREAM of Andrey Glukhov made a report on "Environmental aspects of the use of innovative domestic technologies STREAM at the facilities of the Northern sea route". Modern technologies and materials that are being developed by NGOs STREAM, produced entirely in Russia. Since its inception, scientific-production Association engaged in the solution of environmental problems and the prevention of environmental disasters.

"Warming not only in the Arctic, and global warming. Our materials allow you to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Together with the Academy of civil defence EMERCOM of Russia, we are developing technologies that reduce the impact of warming. Since there are not only economic and technical problems, but also biological pollution in the Arctic is present: loss of cattle, burial of anthrax they start to thaw," — said in his report, the expert.

In 2016, the East economic forum NGO STREAM presented a design for infrastructure of the far Eastern hectare: technologies to strengthen the soil, creating sites for airfields, repair and construction of roads. In 2017, technology NGOs the STREAM was presented on the stand of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia.

"We focus on protecting port facilities. Our trains serve ten times longer. All nuclear power plants in Russia is protected by our materials. All treatment plants of St. Petersburg was restored to our materials. Today one of directions of our activity is the reduction of environmental impact on the nature of the North, working with the company Surgutneftegaz in the isolation and elimination of sludge pits. Our credo is reliability. Once repaired by our materials and technologies, the object is ten times longer than originally projected in its technical solution," said Andrey Glukhov.


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