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Trillionaire, which is now not know
Material posted: Publication date: 02-12-2016
In 1770 William Pete said: "every throne is more than a king". Oddly enough, but since then little has changed, and all of revolution and social transformation sooner or later are reduced to a common denominator — the subordination of the Golden calf. To argue that said, I will share some materials on the activities of man, which they know little and do not write.

In the 50-60-ies of the last century, Washington and new York Central parks used to walk that well-dressed tall man of quite respectable appearance.

Often on a bench next to it sat a person in which passers-by would recognize the largest state officials and businessmen. Especially prominent was a colorful figure of Winston Churchill.

It was a sociable and smiling person Mannes Bernard Baruch, as the end of life has exceeded a trillion dollars, although in the lists of the richest people he never appeared.

Evidence of a special relationship to this person is that in 1960, the 90th anniversary of the Park opposite the White house was placed a memorial bench in his honor.

In the unofficial ranking of the secret power brokers of the world economy and geopolitics Baruch are much higher than the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and their ilk.

Bernard Baruch was the first to see closely of capital from the government method of concentration in their hands of the levers of the global processes.

Same age of Lenin, he was born in South Carolina in the family of a German immigrant physician, Simon Baruch.

Simon Baruch with the baby

In 1881 the family of Baruch moved to new York and the young Bernard arrives at city College, graduating from that, works as a broker on the new York stock exchange, and in 1903 establishes a private brokerage company.

From that moment begins to be seen the style of activity the richest man on Earth.

Contrary to the fashion of the time for enterprises to trust company Bernard Baruch leads a pretty successful brokerage business alone, for which he receives the nickname "the Lone wolf of wall street".

Young Baruch — owner of the brokerage company

For thirty three years, Baruch becomes a millionaire, and who is, manages to increase their capital in response to the persistent crises in the United States.

Since 1912, Baruch is playing the political card, financing the election campaign of Woodrow Wilson.

In gratitude for your support, Wilson introduces it to the Ministry of national defence.

During the First world war, Baruch became head of the Military-industrial Committee of the USA and spins the flywheel of arms buildup, which allows for some time to overcome the series of crises in the economy.

Exactly Baruch as an Advisor to the President persuaded Wilson to support the idea of the creation of the Federal reserve, since 1913, the US government delegates authority for the production of dollar bills to the commercial structure of the Federal reserve system.

After the revolution in Russia, Baruch suddenly becomes a supporter of cooperation with the Soviet Union. Along with hammer and Harriman Lenin invites him to the restoration of the national economy of the Soviet Union.

One of the first factories built by the Americans in Russia in the years 1920-1930, were tractor factories in Volgograd, Kharkov, and Chelyabinsk.

Of course, these plants had a dual purpose: in addition to tractors it began to produce tanks, armored vehicles and other weapons.

Required for army vehicles produced at the two main plants — the Gorky and them. Likhachev was built on subsidies of Henry Ford in the 1930-ies.

American companies were also built two huge steel plant in Magnitogorsk and Kuznetsk.

Magnitogorsk, 1931

In anticipation of the development of the situation in the world, Baruch with him in solidarity with us and British bankers in the late 20-ies conducts creative maneuver.

It seeks a reorientation of the American economy at the service of the military-industrial complex through its artificial cave-in and immersion in a crisis state.

Their actions, he shows quite a promising British politician Winston Churchill, which invites to America under the pretext of lecturing.

October 24, 1929, the day of the crash the new York stock exchange, Baruch brings Churchill on wall street.

At the time when the excited crowd stormed the building of the new York stock exchange, he shares with Churchill the information that a year before the collapse of stopped playing in the stock market, sold all their stocks and bought bonds instead of U.S. government by protecting their capital from devaluation.

At Churchill it made a huge impression, and since then their friendship with Baruch acquired not only personal, but also features strategic partnerships.

Baruch and Churchill

What Baruch and Churchill became active organizers of the game to strengthen, and then pushing the heads of Germany and the USSR.

Press Secretary to Hitler, Ernst Hanfstaengl (which, incidentally, introduced to the ritual Nazi salute) confirmed that the first Churchill's son Randolph accompanied Hitler during his famous flight campaign "Hitler over Germany", and then Churchill himself wished to meet with Hitler in the hotel "Kaiserhof", but Hitler turned him down.

However, all that aside, but the design must be embodied in life, and in January 1933, Hitler still promote the power.

Appropriate steps were made in Eastern Europe.

In the same 1933 of the United States in the full volume established diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, and Bernard Baruch with prominent American politicians meets in America, the Soviet envoys: Maxim Litvinov and Evgeny Rosangelica to develop a joint course of action.

We should not forget that after the revolution, Litvinov was the messenger of the Bolsheviks in London and in December 1917 wrote a very curious letter of recommendation to the British diplomat and intelligence officer Lockhart about Trotsky: "I believe his stay in Russia, useful from the point of view of our interests."

Of course, the interests of Baruch was not confined to the European theatre.

In 1934, in cooperation with the Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau completed an unprecedented operation to exchange the Chinese gold reserves at the stack of paper bonds.

Cornered Chiang Kai-shek, suffering one defeat after another, agreed to this "exchange", in which businessmen from the United States received at least 100 tons of gold bullion and a huge amount of silver, jewels and Antiques, and Chiang Kai-shek — 250 sheets of paper and a peaceful old age on the island of Taiwan.

By the early ' 40s Baruch was already a billionaire, but the peak dividends from its involved in the politics of the business occurred during the years of the Second world war and the postwar nuclear arms race.

The Japanese attack on the American naval base at pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, may for someone be a surprise, but not for Baruch and the banking oligarchy.

From declassified documents about the attack on the base shows that President Roosevelt, Allen DULLES and the banking elite knew about the intentions of the Japanese, however, went on to destroy the fleet and killing thousands of their fellow citizens.

Bernard Baruch and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The price of this provocation, America was dragged into world war II, and the oligarchs, first and foremost, Baruch, tore a huge jackpot.

After the war, the incriminating material was leaked to the press. The Americans, of course, horrified, because Roosevelt was regarded as an ideal, but the declassified documents do not become privileged and those they published, shortened language.

During the Second world war, Baruch continued to advise the government and had a powerful influence on the distribution of state military orders. Billions of dollars went to Finance the directions they offered.

In 1944, thanks to the skillful game Baruch and his partners in Bretton woods tacky war Europe and the USSR agreed to recognize the U.S. dollar the world's reserve currency.

Baruch talks to soldiers, 1940s.

After world war II, Baruch took charge of the nuclear program of the United States and subjugation of the nuclear industry.

Incidentally, the expression "cold war" did not belong to Churchill. It was first performed out of his mouth in a speech before the house of representatives of South Carolina on April 16, 1947 to indicate the severity of the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union.

"Baruch wants to rule the world, the Moon, and perhaps Jupiter, but we'll see about that," he recorded in his diary, President Truman.

This phrase clearly demonstrates who actually make the decisions, and who were jealous, but openly oppose could not.

With the beginning of an arms race that brought the contractors to the American military-industrial complex fabulous profits, Baruch personally supervised the us production of the atomic bomb under the motto: "We must go forward with the atomic bomb in one hand and a cross in the other."

French nuclear physicist frédéric Joliot-Curie recalled: "When I was in America, the famous banker Baruch, United States representative to the United Nations Commission on atomic energy, suggested that I relocate to the USA. He promised me mountains of gold, subject to... well, you know, what was the condition! I refused, of course. But I avenged."

Soon a great scientist daughter, Irene, visited USA on the invitation of the Committee for aid to immigrants, anti-fascists, was imprisoned, and in 1950, under pressure from the Americans, the French government has freed physics from the leadership of the Commissariat for atomic energy.

After the demonstration of the power of the US atomic bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 August 1945, the Soviet Union has made every effort to restore nuclear parity.

In this situation, the United States hastened, on the one hand, to convince the world community in their peace-loving aspirations, and with the other held a clever combination with the purpose of subduing America nuclear energy development worldwide.

Of course, the initiator of such a large scale plan was none other than Baruch, whom President Harry Truman appointed U.S. representative to the United Nations Commission on atomic energy.

At the first meeting, 14 June 1946 the us delegation announces plan for total abolition of nuclear weapons, known in history under the name "Baruch Plan".

Externally, the plan called for a seemingly good purpose, however, suggested the international inspection by the UN Commission on atomic energy with the simultaneous granting of authority to the adoption of coercive measures against violators. Moreover, its decision would not extend the right of veto of the permanent members of the UN Security Council.

At the meeting of the UN Commission on atomic energy in October 1946. Bernard Baruch is the white-haired man sitting just behind the sign "U. S. A.". Behind the sign "U. S. S. R." — Andrei Gromyko.

And here the ideas of Baruch faced with the distrust of Stalin, who understood that their implementation will slow the movement of the Soviet Union to create its nuclear capability necessary to ensure their own safety.

The Soviet delegation at the UN conference have used the fact that the Americans ' offer is fundamentally at odds with the UN Charter and its structure, and vetoed.

Very interesting is the fact that an American diplomat and historian B. Bechhofer participating in disarmament negotiations, said: "the Position of Baruch on the veto is an extreme example of its isolation from the General line of US foreign policy".

How did it end for Baruch? And nothing.

Since 1949 the world has entered the nuclear arms race, accompanied by the development of tactics and strategy of ideological Subversion where Bernard Baruch felt like a fish in water.

To a ripe old age Baruch was personally involved in the cases. Towards the end of his life assets of its controlled companies and foundations reached a trillion dollars.

Surprisingly, the arbiter was not hiding from people, was very easy to communicate, talking in the Park with tourists, found out what their sentiments and wishes, and the guard beside him could not see.

Baruch died in 1965 on a simple graveyard on the outskirts of new York next to his wife, who died many years earlier. No fences, no pompous monuments at his grave there. Only a modest small plate on the lawn.

Unusual is not the modesty of most powerful person on the planet at the time — many prominent figures showed modesty.

What is surprising is that today nothing is known about the heirs of the trillions of state Mannes Bernard Baruch his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Someone's Almighty hand has removed all the information. No collective photos from the funeral of Bernard Baruch, since they probably attended his successors who do not want to light up.

Who now controls huge assets of the owner of trillion-dollar status is unknown.

One inventive man in September 2013, conducted an interesting experiment.

A couple of days he was walking on 6th Avenue to Central Park new York t-shirt with a portrait of Baruch on his chest, and the back was adorned with the inscription: "Mom! Why my grandfather isn't Baruch?", which translated into Russian means: "Mom, why is my grandfather not Baruch?"

During these trips his wife, who followed a few meters behind, and kept shooting.

At the beginning of the Avenue only a few people drew attention to it, and one girl boasted that he knows where is Baruch College.

Here further describes the experiment itself the organizer: "Near Central Park there are a host of five-star hotels, and in each of them — meeting rooms...

Home life slowly floated down the street, but when they meet me their eyes accordiomania informed at infinity, floating in space a portrait of Baruch, and their gaze became interested.

When I was equal with them on the sidewalk — they'd turn their heads and read the inscription on my back. Then their eyebrows crawled to his forehead, and in eyes, there was the question: who the hell are you?

My experiment gave an unexpected result: average Americans do not know Baruch... For most of his portrait was just an informational noise, however, was a stratum of people for whom Baruch is not just six English letters.

These people know who he is, how he is hidden in the mists of the past, and the works of his successors in present — are included in the scope of their vital interests..."

One of the leaders of a powerful movement of anti-globalization movement leads a curious example of its communication with the former US Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, who showed him the already printed banknotes with a face value in excess of thousands of dollars.

These bills have not been portraits of presidents.


Rubin said, "the Presidency is a fortress, and that's where the slave-owners" and showed bills with a portrait of Baruch, Schiff, Loeb, Kuhn.

However, the richest financiers in the world do not keep their wealth in well-known banks.

Try to find information about "Standard Charter Bank", founded already in 1613. Any similar offices in Hong Kong and in some places still glowing, but the Bank is not in any one list, however he controls all calculations in the world.

And all this conduct of the family of Baruch, Loeb, Schiff and Kuhn, who intermarried among themselves.

Financier Bernard Baruch at the meeting with John Kennedy on July 26, 1961.

Of course, much from the times of the active activities Mannes Bernard Baruch changed. Left in the distant past are the days when a billionaire could quietly walk in the Park, sit on a bench and converse with passers-by.

The veil of secrecy surrounded the world of untouchables, and in dealing with people they don't need. This means that people become expendable for the realization of ideas shut-ins.

And when we see crocodile tears, streams pouring from the eyes of Western politicians about the suffering of residents in Aleppo or anywhere else, you just need to be reminded of their absolute indifference to the victims by bombing civilians in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and the government-controlled areas of Syria.

We must understand that all this is done to manipulate the opinion of the layman. For he, a layman, is the main supplier of cannon fodder to the slaughter in the interests of those who are closer to the breath of the Golden calf, initially devoid of conscience.

Valentin Antipenko


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