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Who are the judges?.. Thoughts surrounding the trial of Ratko Mladic
Material posted: Publication date: 17-05-2012

The world learned nothing from Europe that is due to the financial flows under the Marshall plan rose to her feet, then fall to my knees in fear from the weighty fist of Uncle Sam. Europeans, with unpardonable quickly forgotten war and blood, became abstractly and dispassionately, as if watching another adventure film, watch the events occurring in the brittle part of their native continent – the Balkans, when it began to fall apart like a house of cards, Paradise – Yugoslavia.

"Judge not, that ye be not judged"... This biblical truth has long been out of favor in Europe, where, contrary to human morality, truth and historical memory is forgotten – not in demand now these concepts.

Socialist Yugoslavia created by a Croat Josip Broz Tito, long time keeping balanced relations with the West and the East, yet could not resist the onslaught of the latter. A country with such a variegated ethnic and religious structure sooner or later, like a quilt, to burst, to break down into separate pieces, but... the collapse of the collapse of strife. "Divorce in Yugoslavian" became the very circles of hell, and blood and tragedy of millions of people started playing in "big politics" on the one hand, euroliberal, with the other having "vital interests" in all points of the Earth stars and stripes, United under the banner of anti-Serbian.

One of the titular nationalities of Yugoslavia – Serbs, as a result of the heroic struggle with which this part of the Balkans were swept by the Ottomans and still to Vienna in Kosovo stopped the Ottoman Horde and saved Europe from total slavery, suffered the heaviest losses during the Second world war and after it. A bona fide disciple of Joseph Stalin, Josip Broz Tito so dismembered and rake across the border republics of the Yugoslav Federation, the Serbs were in the toughest situation. Croatia away of Srpska Krajina, Bosnia and Herzegovina turned into a powder keg in the heart and sacred to Serbs in Kosovo was established Albanian autonomy, etc. Planted by Josip Broz Tito the tares immediately after his death, gave the first poisonous germs. Reins of the breakup of Yugoslavia took in hand the Croats-Catholics, who immediately began ethnic cleansing of the Serbian Krajina, which, of course, didn't notice euroliberal, completely forgotten the barbarity of the Croatian ustaše troops who served in the Italo-German fascist army.

When in 1992. at the instigation of Turkey and some European countries for secession from Yugoslavia declared the so-called Muslim Boshniak government of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosniaks – Serbs forcibly Islamized), the reaction of the Serbian majority, of course, had to be negative. Orthodox and traditionally gravitating to the Russians the Serbs were in a very difficult situation, because the West did everything to break their collective power to destroy the disobedient of Yugoslavia. The pain has to be acknowledged that it managed the West, and the main key to this success was the neutralization of the Russian factor.

After as a result 18 of the wars Russia has cleansed Orthodox Slavic Balkans from the Ottomans, she Willy-nilly took on the role of patron if not, then certainly the ally of those peoples and States. The result is a toothless foreign policy Yeltsin's 250-year efforts and the success of Russian diplomacy and Russian weapons for a short time were left to the mercy of "the liberators" from NATO, because of deliberate inaction in Bosnia and Herzegovina there was a real massacre.

Bosnian Serbs, who separated from Yugoslavia looked very bleak, very quickly organized themselves and tried to defend their homeland and half-brothers. But NATO strategists have long determined the fate of this nation, and the Serbs were forced to fight on three fronts. In addition to Bosnian Croats and Bosniaks, the other is their enemy was immeasurably more powerful, prepared and devious. The name of this enemy – the notorious international community, which is diligently and continuously zombified Western media, all the while showing chilling footage of the crimes allegedly committed by Serbs. Even ethnic cleansing committed by Croats and Bosniaks, shamelessly attributed to the Bosnian Serbs and their leaders. The same massacre in Srebrenica and the main culprit of which is Ratko Mladic (today it is judged by the international Tribunal in the Hague) would not be, if the so-called NATO peacekeepers are deliberately not too late to take the dividing line. Dutch peacekeepers in the homeland are standing trial today Mladic, was late as much as needed, that is allowed to commit bloodshed, and then those didived obtained with the blood of eight thousand people, presented the vultures in your Alliance. Rising later than in the Western media hysteria and howls were nothing but hypocritical Pharisaism and another triumph of double standards in the Balkan tangle of problems.

After the overthrow and killing of Slobodan Milosevic, the Western liberasty steel one after the other easily pluck like ripe pears, concessions from Serbia, which is like a shagreen skin, the eyes become scanty and stunted. And then before illegally constituted Tribunal put all the leaders of the Bosnian Serbs – from the President Radovan Karadzic and ending (today) Ratko Mladic, who is before this Tribunal as a true, a noble Serb, whose ancestors, unlike his grandfathers Dutch judge Alphonse orie, did not surrender for several days the army, and bravely, with honor and dignity fought for the freedom of their homeland. Collaborationist Europe once again stands in the pose of "hands up" in front of rude and ignorant by force, as the victim giving their owners the sons of one nation - proud and honest.

Whatever the verdict nor rendered illegal by the Hague Tribunal, the term of which expired long ago, it is still Europe with its myopia, amorphous and double standards is digging his own grave. And gravediggers Oh, how many Bosniaks and Kosovo thieves, robbers and cannibals Albanians to a motley crowd of immigrants from former colonies.




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