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Battle sheep pens
Material posted: Publication date: 24-06-2016

"Bow before the shadows of all the fallen soldiers,especially the Pristina corps, I pay tribute to all soldiers of the corps, for extraordinary heroism and say: it was, it must not be repeated, but should not forget."

Colonel GeneralVladimir Lazarevic

The Concept Of The Shed

The notion of Koshary can consider moral, tactical and geographical, the narrow and broad senses:

A. In the moral sense

Defenders of the Shed were soldiers in the army, serving under call; mobilized reservists, volunteers from the Republic of Serbia, Russian Cossack volunteer unit and international volunteer detachment. Every defender of the sheep pens was inspired by the truth-ideas of freedom, to resist and repulse the enemy, personalized in the NATO Alliance terrorist fascist hordes collected in a terrorist organization the KLA. In addition, each defender was determined to sacrifice their lives for their ideas and free Serbia. By this battle the Moggies became a symbol of resistance.

B. In tactical and geographical

b-1) in the narrow sense

1. Military post "Moggies"

Was on the state border with Republic of Albania, on the Eastern slopes Unicka mountains, near the old post "Boro, Vukmirovic", which is marked on the map. Height over sea level of over 1140 metres. Newly built post and providing high security by ensuring the state border. The problem is that it can be reached only by a single dirt road passing through the village Batuse. There was an alternative way that could only be used in a dry summer, the so-called road", Pinzgauer", which linked posts Morin and Koshary. From a military point of view, not suitable for defence, is directly along the boundary line, on the back side, so the planned movement of labour and technology. A survey from the territory of the Republic of Albania for a long time allows you to make a detailed presentation on the participation of all organ systems in providing security of the state border. Length of the boundary line in the area of responsibility of a military post "Moggies" is 7.1 km.

2. Village Barn

The village Barn is located four kilometers West of the village Batuse. It is mainly summer pastures, except for a few objects in the area Oplas. During the fighting, the civilian population was not.

b-2) In the broad sense

1. As the zone of differentiation

Right Mirchi TT.2250, left object Maya Head, deeper - S. Batucha and Decan. This, in essence, a border strip, which consists of Miradouro belt along the state border in the area of responsibility of a military post "Moggies" and extended border strip area, according to the decision of the Federal government of the FRY in July 1998. The decision was made that the army of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia had the ability to channel the fighting into the state borders to ensure its security. During 1998, in the direction of a military post "Moggies" committed illegal perebrosa of weapons and military equipment for the needs of terrorists in number from a few dozen to several thousand units per one illegal transition. This became possible due to the configuration of the territory, good knowledge of the territory from the Albanian (saptarshi) of the population in the foreign zone and the insufficient number of border agencies according to the regular scheme of security.

2. As an auxiliary direction "Drisko-Kosovo" prompt path

The path with the main guide: Tropoje – Prevost Morin (cafA have Marines) – S. Ponosevac - Djakovica. This is also the direction for the use of the main forces attacking from the territory of the Republic of Albania, with a capacity of up to two brigades. Two auxiliary areas for attack power on the same team. Consider the concept of the Shed and battle sheep pens in the broadest sense, as an auxiliary direction "Drisko-Kosovo" operational way. Command of NATO forces chose this auxiliary direction to attack the main forces in the aggression against the FRY, and it has made a strategic mistake, because in 78 days of fighting did not have time on their own to invade the territory of Serbia and to carry out its goal.


General Lazarevic, commander, Pristina corps of the military about the battle on the Moggies

"During the aggression on our country from NATO applied the well-known principle of the air-ground operations. In my estimation, this little know. A joint fight on the Moggies, marinska direction – a practical proof that our country was made a ground aggression. A huge terrorist force, with the support of the regular army and police of the Republic of Albania, with unprecedented air support NATO began aggression on a broad front, from 15 to 20 km, and Their goal was for a short time to win the heart of Metohija, Djakovica, and then to dissect the forces of the Pristina corps. In the first wave of these combined forces was the terrorist forces of the Albanian separatists. In the other – support of the regular forces of Albania. The command function had a special NATO forces, the SAS, the "Red berets", the "Foreign Legion", with an unprecedented air support. Their forces were asianromance at a depth of 10 to 15 km in the territory of Albania. This operation land aggression lasted three weeks in the harsh climatic and ground conditions. Indeed, were heavy, nitrilase fighting in defense of the integrity and security of our country. In contrast to these large forces of the aggressor, there were our forces – heroic 125th motorized brigade from the composition of the Pristina corps of the Third army which had to bear enormous pressure to terrorists and to endure the daily bombardment of our locations. After three weeks of bloody fighting Moggies, our forces managed to protect the border integrity of our country. Yes, that way we have suffered major losses. But, at the cost of lives of our soldiers and officers, our children and fathers of our children - because the Moggies had a lot of fathers who voluntarily came to help his children to stop the implementation of the objectives on marinska direction through the battle on the Farm.

Lubinko Jurkovich, Colonel

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