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Bombs for Yugoslavia jolted Russia
Material posted: Publication date: 27-03-2017
A new division of the Russian intelligentsia put the bombing of Yugoslavia 24 March 1999. Russia at the time was weak and could not intervene, but most of our people did not support this another "Drang nach Osten" of the West without UN sanction. Then began the separation of our elites in the national-traitors and patriots.

Eighteen years ago no Putin did not exist. Neither for us nor for the wild and civilized West, too. International political brand Who is mister Putin appears almost a year later. And then, on 24 March 1999, there was a historic u-turn over the Atlantic. Vladimir Putin at that time had not yet been demonized. But the ice has moved, as the bombs began to destroy all living things.

It seems that a major reversal has occurred not on geographical of the Atlantic ocean, and carried out not by the then head of the government Evgenie Primakov. It was a reversal in the brain of the Russian liberal intelligentsia% it was lumps "liberastov". On 24 March 1999, began a military operation by NATO against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Advanced, that is to say Pro-Western intelligentsia of the Russian Federation on that day experienced an incredible shock. Our friend, comrade and partner in one moment became ungodly West, which always expires Russophobia. That day, when NATO members began to kill the citizens of a sovereign Yugoslavia, among the post-Soviet intelligentsia began pseudoternary split on the newly-minted "Westerners" and "Slavophiles."

"Operation allied force" (NATO), or "Merciful angel" (the codification USA), — military operation of NATO against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was carried out in the period from 24 March to 10 June 1999. All Asians, including the Mongol-Tatars or Huns, were some of the barbaric deeds: mostly to capture and Rob. The Western barbarians have their bellicose actions provide either purely arithmetical (first crusade, second, third, etc.), or cute metaphors like "desert Storm" (a storm almost in a glass of water, if not for the numerous victims).

March 24 has become a litmus test, which could wipe the annals of MS History, if not a new Schism among the Russian. All our current "liberastov", which is waiting in hell hysterical woman Lera Novodvorskaya, suddenly did shake hands on the outcome of these ides of March not murder "divine Caesar", and the destruction of the sovereign people of Europe. Other Nations stuck their tongues where they, apparently, it was supposed to be the shout from the Pentagon.

When the USSR choked free partchinovniki — outlet was there the "voices". Our press is silent — they tell the whole truth. The truth is dripping out, like a spout, very curious and original. Open-mouthed, like the donkey of the famous cartoon "the Bremen town musicians", the best part of the intelligentsia flocked to the West. Unfortunately, only for the ancient Egyptians the West was the "land of the dead." For "scoops" (I don't like this metaphor, it would be better to compare the citizen of the late Soviet hero Yury Nikulina in "Diamond hand" — semen Semenych) searched "outlet". And found a place where no soul. It's not just the lack of spirituality is the road to nowhere in the underworld.

Soviet intellectual (not the Maverick), criticized in the kitchen, local authorities and quietly sympathetic to the supposedly "free" West, killed the first bomb fell on Yugoslavia. Russian people are often naive. He is a perfectionist by nature, and if you can not find the truth on the ground, looking for her either in heaven, or somewhere else. Atheistic propaganda had created their satanic cause, and "Homo Sovieticus" began to seek the truth not in the Bible and Marx's "Capital", and in the votes there. The more so that these sweet-voiced sirens began to sing tunes, and our Vanya fell for branchy cranberry.

The crisis in relations with the West, with NATO and the United States came not with Putin came to power, not after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia and the formation of new Russia, not even after the notorious "creeping" expansion of NATO on the East, and it was after the bombing of Serbia nearly 20 years ago. In other words, until March 1999, the West was here genuine allies, and now they will find here only the Ukrainian Mazepa and the biblical Judas. Judas can buy silver coins, then to his rot hung in the Fig tree.

It's not even that the West is called guilty the Orthodox Serbs. To living under atheistic regimes of the southern Slavs and of Soviet citizens, among whom were people of different faiths, it played no role. The West betrayed the idea of solidarity with the so-called "advanced people" of Russia. Instead of dedicated idealists of liberalism in the Western sense, there has received at best spokesmen worn truths and rotten ideology, and even a "fifth column" traitors to the national interests of their home country.

Igor Booker


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