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What threatens Russia Serbian independence?
Material posted: Publication date: 18-03-2019
The Balkans is a traditional "powder keg of Europe" and the impact of the "Russian" and "Western" worlds. After the collapse of Yugoslavia, Serbia remained probably the only truly friendly country in this key region of the Old world. United States of America began the development of a program "anti-Russian activity in the Balkans". And what do we see?

Running since December last year in Serbia, the protests have moved to a new level. On the streets of Belgrade EN masse, protesters, some wearing yellow vests. A group of activists broke into the building of Serb television station, and only thanks to correct actions of the police managed to avoid casualties. In the air hovers the elusive word "Maidan". Familiar with the Ukrainian events the President Vucic warned that the government will respond to acts of violence. Recall, the protests began right for the visit to Serbia of Russian President Vladimir Putin and since then has not stopped.

Who took to the streets? Against the current authorities came together very diverse representatives of the political forces. It and left, liberals and the centre-right, both supporters and opponents of European integration. No General constructive program they have, they were United by a common protest against President Vucic and the demand for his resignation and early elections:

The only requirement that we put forward, is an end to the reign of a bad political regime. We want elections, but freedom should be in the first place.

The protesters called Vucic "thief", and the response of the opposition as "oligarchs" and "fascists". It is alleged that an unofficial adviser to the President is the son of billionaire George Soros, which has a very mixed reputation. In General, the rhetoric is very familiar to those that saw the preparation of the Ukrainian Maidan. It turns out, the state Department intends to overthrow our "bratushka" Vucic as Yanukovych?

For a proper understanding of the situation, you must realize that the President survived, in General, is not Pro-Russian leader. He is a representative of Pro-European forces. Pro-Russian configured the population of Serbia, unlike the ruling elites, who have to "multi-vector politics" and to flirt with the Kremlin's rhetoric.

Safely withdraw Serbia's membership in the European Union and NATO also Uucico prevent very serious internal reasons:

First, is the question of Kosovo. Recall that this critical for the Serb people, the region of the country was cut off from her with the active support of the USA and Western countries. The opposition accuses Vucic that he is ready to recognize the "Republic of Kosovo" and make a territorial exchange. But experts on the Balkans refute it:

In fact, Vucic not to make concessions to the West's recognition of Kosovo, and the West does not know how to force Belgrade to go for it. Enumerated were all the options: the talks with Pristina stalled so much that hardly will continue the economic pressure did not help.

Secondly, the Serbs remember how a few decades ago, NATO countries have helped to break apart Yugoslavia and then bombed Serbia and its capital. European integration also means the indispensable accession of Serbia to the Alliance that looks essentially immoral is the height of cynicism.

Thirdly, it is necessary to take into account the special attitude of the Serbian people for Russia and Russian, who have repeatedly come to the rescue. Recall, the Serbs, alone of all our "bratushek", which did not take part in the Second World war against the Soviet Union on the side of the Third Reich. Membership in NATO will automatically put Serbia on the other side.

Given these factors, the impression that the United States decided to replace the moderately Pro-Western President Vučić more radical, which will set the Serbs against Russia and will take all the demands of the West on Kosovo, citing the need for military protection from NATO, from the "Russian imperialists", conducting a "revisionist policy".

Sergey Mariacki


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