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A coup for intractability: what will happen to Serbia if it does not support anti-Russian sanctions
Material posted: Trifkovič DraganaPublication date: 28-01-2015

The constitutional court decided to reject the request about check of constitutionality of the Treaty in Brussels. Because he believes that it is rather a political than a legal question (1). A solution would be equitable, if the court indicated that the right does not exist, but only the concept.

Theoretically it is not difficult to identify the established rules and standards, but in practice it is not moreover not apply certain rules which eliminate the legal system of the state encourages lawlessness and the decision of the constitutional court certainly confirms that in Serbia legal protection the laws of the state of the system, and thus the state does not exist. Public institutions usurped and exercised the interests of the usurpers.

American "Democracy" in practice

Thus, it is not appropriate to talk about the attempted coup in the not existing state, a proper term for this situation would be: the destabilization of the colony. About the risk of the "coup" warned the party "Third Serbia", which claims that Srdjan Popovic, a former member of the Otpor (resistance) that his organization "Center for applied nonviolent action and strategies" (CANVAS) in collaboration with other NGOs, political organizations, criminal clans and journalists with a common worldview are planning destabilization of Vojvodina and Serbia.(2)

Organization CANVAS not so long ago placed in a list of terrorist organizations in the Middle East after a series of revolutions to overthrow governments by force, which was facilitated by H. E. Srgjan Popovich. However, the feature Srgjan Popovich in that he is not able to plan anything, but only to perform assigned more than tasks and orders.(3)

It is known that the Resistance (RESISTANCE) worth of state U.S. Agency for international development (USAID), Agency for assistance to foreign governments and to foreign States, Central intelligence Agency (CIA) through the American non-governmental organizations (which were only a cover) was organized, founded and falsified the above mentioned organization.

Some of the organizations that funded the OTPOR (resistance) CANVAS: Freedom house, the international Republican Institute, open society Institute, United States Institute of peace, (USAID), national endowment for democracy (NED)(4).

First I want to note that the "Third Serbia" has not explained who is planning "a coup" or destabilization, on whose authority the third party must be involved, if any political organization is unclear with ambiguous information, thus already involved in disinformation conscious and unconscious. It is tactless at the same time something to say and something to ignore in the current situation. For this reason, "Third Serbia" to be in "an awkward position", which it argues is not said.

If we take into account the fact that Washington is in Serbia monitors the legislative, judicial and Executive power, the media and even the parties that are the opposition (namely the DS, the VAT, the LDP, etc.) all decisions are made with the supply and on the instruction of America. In fact, USA for many years brings into power political figures: presidents change, but the control remains. This system can be defined as "apparent democracy" in which each proposed solution has the same character, in the image and likeness of the American model.

Thus, the destabilization in Serbia plans Washington, not the Srdjan Popovic, as I repeatedly warned, among other things and at a press conference in RIA Novosti in Moscow, "the West may at any time to start the conflict in the Balkans, as it controls the situation and keeps in the hands control levers (media, Executive power, political parties, etc.) (5)", and you should pay attention to the fact that most of the new States on the territory of the former Yugoslavia is not sovereign.

The sovereignty of Serbia in practice

The current government of Serbia has committed itself to surrendering Kosovo and Metohija Laden terrorist structures in the region and the legalization of captured Serbian territory, which Washington wants to turn into a narco-terrorist "state". And assumed the obligation in respect of the agreement with the IMF, which leads to the destruction of the Serbian economy. All these commitments are not in favor of state and national interest of Serbia, but rather undermine it. Meanwhile (at the moment) there are new requirements, and, as usually happens, the new ruling power in Serbia is not ready at the moment to take.

Cooperation with the West is to accept their rules, what, so, once having anything against public and national interests, and entails further. Resistance or refusal is not acceptable to them. There are many examples of politicians who were associates of the West, and when at some point they wanted to conduct a sovereign policy, it is known as ended the career of these politicians.
New requirements of the West related to sanctions against Russia and the denunciation of the alleged Russian aggression in Ukraine.

EU membership, of course, implies a common foreign policy and Serbia will expect (and demand) as a candidate for membership in EU coherence in foreign policy. It also means to accept the EU sanctions against Russia in accordance with the interests of Washington with the loss of their interests. In most cases, EU membership implies a common security policy, where the key role is leading the aggressive NATO bloc. Instead of the authorities in Serbia have stressed the similarities between the conflict in the former Yugoslavia and Ukraine and the propaganda against only one side (Serbia, and now Russia) she continues to implement the plans of the West, at the same time removes the responsibility from the West, that is, assumes their guilt, which leads to irreversible mistake for Serbia. How long the Serbian authorities will be able to postpone new tasks for which they have received from their "vlastimila" will depend on both external and internal pressure.

It is important to note that pressure from the same center, and our it strategic partners from Washington and Brussels with their levers that keep under control.

In Serbia a long time to be anti-Russian company, primarily through the Western media (and all media in Serbia – Western, with the exception of the Internet) and through NGOs, politicians, quasi-analysts and experts who work for the West.(6)

After the decision of the President of the Russian Federation to stop the construction of the "South stream" in connection with impossibility of its realization because of the position of the EU (especially Bulgaria, but it would be necessary to add Serbia, because on demand of Brussels, the Serbian authorities have delayed the implementation of the project). The media blamed inverted and provided information about what is happening. Russia was accused of the closure of the project, and that Serbia cheated, used, had lost a large amount of money. Although the project "South stream" for Serbia was crucial for the recovery of the Serbian economy and energy resources, increase energy security. The government of Serbia is doing everything to prevent its implementation (Zorana mihajlović at its discretion adjust the contract for the supply of Russian gas between Russia and Serbia).

The media even had the headline "China and Russia betrayed Serbia because of the adoption of a quasi-state of Kosovo in the international Olympic Committee (IOC)"(7). The media linked the decision of Western non-governmental (IOC) based in Switzerland (8) with official position of Russia and China. Although it is known that these countries do not recognize illegal activities of the U.S. branch of the southern Serbia. More important was the fact that Serbia was not formally objected to this decision and the President of the Olympic Committee of Serbia Vlade Divac, I agree, but only "in the interests of sport" (9). The current government is well advanced in creating the statehood of the narco-terrorist Kosovo, and it is already in the final phase, remains the inclusion of Kosovo in international institutions, the UN and the signing of an intergovernmental agreement with the KLA terrorists.

The Serbian government is trying responsibility for their capitulation, political treachery to pass on to friendly countries, primarily from Russia. Effect of informational chaos, which is ideal for the well-known methods of manipulation of consciousness, people are unable to distinguish good from bad.

What to prepare?

Ukraine is an example of a country that the West destroyed over the years (like Serbia), whose state institutions, army and the government existed only formally. Washington was just a few months to active destabilization and the outbreak of war, which has unpredictable consequences. If a state has no army, a strong economy and institutions, but only politicians and oligarchs, "elite", who only serve their own interests, the next disaster is a matter of time, not more. All the above apply both to Ukraine and Serbia. The reforms and privatization or, more accurately stated, the criminal privatization carried out by the West throughout South-Eastern Europe. The purpose of this policy, of course, is irretrievable breakdown of the state and to prevent their possible revival.

Reforming NATO force was aimed at the destruction of the armies defending the national interests of States, and their conversion into armies that protect only American interests (abolition of compulsory military service, professional army, etc.). In such circumstances, political puppets manage virtual States, which are unable to protect themselves from attacks from the outside.

Actually there is no government, no state, but rather anarchy, controlled by external forces due to the corruption of the Executive agencies. So Belgrade can easily repeat what is happening in Kiev, not because of the Serbian "Bendera" as Dusan janic scare people and at the same time lobbying for Albanian terrorists and traffickers in human organs, not because the Serbian authorities can turn away from a promising integration projects, but because Washington intends to destabilize Serbia if it does not turn away from Russia.

Even if the Serbian government agrees to the blackmail of the West and Serbia will be part of the anti-Russian front, the situation will not change. There is practically no choice. In any case, the result is the same - destabilization is inevitable. We cannot claim that the current policy of Serbia or Serbian authorities was not anti-Serbian, but he was not anti-Russian, this argument disputes the fact that Tomislav Nikolic, Alexander Vucic, Ivica Dacic and colleagues distinguished between Serbia Central Serbia and the southern suburbs. They took all the ultimatums Washington and Brussels and agreed to participate in the construction of another "state" in its own territory, closed all Serbian institutions and Executive institutions in Kosovo and Metohija and continue to go further.

They recognized the terrorist gang membership in international institutions and took measures of the IMF, which are economically destroy Serbia. No one proposed an agreement with Russia about investments in the Serbian army, which would greatly improve its combat readiness, about the investments in the agricultural sector of Serbia, is not accepted. The Serbian authorities continue to undermine the implementation of infrastructure projects that have already been agreed between Serbia and Russia. The best example of this is the project of strategic importance to the South stream. Serbian army participates in joint exercises with NATO and working with the U.S. army, whose actions are aimed against Serbia, and against Russia. For a long time NATO had engaged in an intense company in Serbia, promoting their "humanitarian" organizations, which dedicated considerable resources.

While Russia defends the position of protection of Kosovo and Metohija in accordance with international law, Serbia supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine "considering the Crimea", but not at the same time supports the territorial integrity of their country. Such examples are many, thus the position of the Serbian authorities is clear. Washington never organized coups and change of the ruling forces that serve their interests, so we are not afraid of Vucic, Nikolic, Dacic and their supporters as long as they serve the interests of the West and cooperating with Western partners, i.e. with their leaders. There is a danger for the Serbian people and this is the last time very clearly. Provocation of Muslim extremists in Raska region (the March of the SS KHANJAR division in Novi pazar), as well as Albanian terrorists in Kosovo and Metohija, Presevo Dahlin, in Belgrade (the flag of great Albania on the Maracanã). We must not forget the murder of the Serbian young men in Turkey.

The West after Syria and Ukraine is working to destabilization in many areas, and the Balkans for them can be easy prey. At the same time, in Serbia the FBI agents are here to assist in "organizing institutions" i.e., terrorism, as well as to assist in the creation of a terrorist state on the territory of Serbin, and in the creation of the "Kosovo institutions" was not enough assistance provided (10). All further actions will be communicated and implemented in order to prevent Russian presence in Serbia, but also in creating the illusion that Russia wants its destabilization.

Not so long ago in a circle of patriots, I heard from the Professor, at first glance, an insane statement, as Russia mobilized its "agents" to destabilize the country. Later I realized that such statements are not accidental but for a purpose. In the end, for decades the Serbs podsovyvayut various "Patriotic" organizations and individuals, which sooner or later comes the information that they serve foreign interests. The current "patriots" in power were partially identified (through the media and disinformation), so that the West needs new Patriotic organizations that will help to renew and strengthen the "Patriotic" commitment of the government. Who will serve this goal we are yet to find out.

Maybe it will happen in subsequent reconstructions of power. At the same time will be continued demands and pressure on the imposition of sanctions against Russia, while the anti-force of the company, both through the media and through "Patriotic circles", which will talk about it only in a confidential setting. When and whether the Empire before the precipice, will decide whether to start a new war in the Balkans or still escalating military conflicts around the world escalate into World War III? It depends solely on evaluation of the United States. Now they are losing control in all areas and the war they need, it is for them a matter of survival. One can only be happy that the current assessment of the situation, even given the less favorable developments that will follow, the American Empire is facing imminent defeat.

Dragan Trifkovic


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