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How to win Donald trump was the reason revelations Balkan spies
Material posted: Trifkovič DraganaPublication date: 30-01-2017
When the territory of the former Yugoslavia wars were fought, the main sources of information were the leading Western media, such as si EN EN. The world did not yet know about the existence of portals and social networks, and used the Internet a few. The leading Western media was a tool of propaganda by which the US achieved its political goals. The fact that Western media had sinned against the truth, most felt the Serbs, who after the nineties for many years was afraid to mention his nationality, so as not to cause a negative reaction. The influence of media is enormous, and the United States for many years used it as a deadly weapon. Military aggression is always preceded by awareness training, and then actors the future of the collision imposed a predetermined positive or negative role.

The main sponsors of Kosovo's independence, lost the election in the United States

Usually that lie is as old as the power that the lie produces. The development of technology has made information more accessible. But this does not mean that we are more informed, because there is still a need to misinform the public. However, in contrast to the nineties, the public can obtain information from different sources. But still the situation is changing. New 45th President of the United States Donald trump at the first press conference to get even with the journalist si EN, EN, ignoring his question. He told him that they reported "false news". In the last presidential election in the United States lost the political structure that has provoked wars all over the world. During the time Bill Clinton was a war in Bosnia and Herzegovina escalated the fighting in Kosovo, committed by the NATO aggression on Serbia. The family of Clinton is of the main sponsors of the "independence" of Kosovo, the Albanians even set him a monument in Pristina. In April of last year, Albanian Prime Minister EDI Rama said that the victory of the Republican candidate trump in the presidential election would pose a threat to his country and of relations between Albania and the United States. Unfortunately Albanian officials, especially the illegal Kosovo authorities, Donald trump elected President of the United States. This fact of many of them was greatly alarmed.


On the other hand, the approaching presidential elections demonstrate the concern of the Serbian authorities which have relied on populism and glorification of the virtues of the Serbs as a nation. Despite the fact that during the reign of the Serbian progressive party Serbia's position in Kosovo is significantly weakened, this does not prevent authorities to use the Kosovo issue to receive pre-election points. For this January 14 of this year from Belgrade to Kosovo Mitrovica sent to the train, which strained relations between Belgrade and Pristina. Albanians train with the slogans "Kosovo is Serbia", of course, took it as a provocation. Why would the Serbian authorities, who had held the border between Central Serbia and Kosovo and Metohija, eliminated the state institutions of Serbia in the region, supported the selection Thaci in the newspaper "Srpski sheet" and gave Kosovo its own international phone code, now proclaimed such slogans?

Responsible politics is not about slogans written on the train, is to protect state and national interests. Meanwhile, the main problem is that the irresponsible behavior of the Serbian authorities to pay to the Serbs living in Kososo and Metohija. Two days after the departure of the train in the Kosovo Mitrovica to Prizren, was arrested by the Serb, whose jacket was a Serbian symbol. A few days later on RTK television ( television of the so-called independent Kosovo) Prime-time showing of "Disclosure network of Russian spies in the Balkans". On the same day published article on this topic, and this information immediately appeared in the Albanian media. On television of Kosovo and in the Newspapers are pictures and names of people who allegedly are part of a Russian spy network.

These people are, which is unproven to label Russian spies, oppose "independent" Kosovo as well as against the wrong and destructive policy of the current Serbian leadership, which were evicted to Serbia from Kosovo and the remaining Serbs left to survive as best they can. Maybe they would be able, if their native country, turned his back on them, they did not interfere in this.

Balkan spies

I personally proclaimed head of the "Russian spy network in the Balkans", in the transmission shown in my pictures who have long been in the public domain (without the permission of the taken photos taken at conferences, on television, posted on social networks). In the program it was said that a group of spies composed of retired officers of the security services, MPs, politicians and journalists, whose photos also aired. All these people are Serbs, among them are respected figures from Kosovo, Marko Jaksic, Slavica Ristic and Zvonko Mihajlovic. In the transfer, it was stated that the group has connections in Moscow, Brussels, Paris, Berlin and Rome, and denounced its "Intelligence Agency of Kosovo." Such unsubstantiated statements and actions that discredit the mentioned people represent a great danger, especially for Serbs living in Kosovo. It's television before the attack on Serbs in 2004 passed also fabricated information that has led to violence and ethnic cleansing.

Tensions escalate and the Serbian media with headlines like: "the Albanians are attacking! Revealed the devil's plan: in February they will try to occupy Northern Kosovo!“ (Informer) or a statement of Hashim Thaci "Serbia's arming of Serbs from North Kosovo in the framework of the partition plan territory."

Here you can mention the titles: "trump leaves the Balkans, Russia, Kosovo closer to Serbia" and the statement of the Serbian President that he will go to war in Kosovo and , if necessary, send in the troops. The Albanians know that these are empty words, because if the Serbian leadership was interested in the fate of Kosovo and Kosovo Serbs (except during the election campaign), it would not have glorified their victory as a defeat, betrayal and apostasy, recorded Bruchalski agreement.

The point is that if the Serbian government really cared about the Serbs in Kosovo, it would not put them on the map of life. Perhaps the Prime Minister could spend at least three nights in Metohija, in the Serbian enclave as a "Russian spy" to prove their bravery, about which so much is said?

Where the reaction of the Serbian state institutions that are so worried about the fate of Serbs in Kosovo?

If the Serb government agencies were trying to protect Serbs in Kosovo, they would have spoken up about violations of Law on public information, biased statements television Kosovo and insults the honor and dignity of all the persons mentioned above. Instead, the Serbian public and government agencies are silent, and the election protrusion of the Serbian people Serbs only exposes more danger. Of course, if you say that the government should be called to keep the law, we must bear in mind that the Brussels agreement violates the Constitution of Serbia, If someone does not respect the main law of the country, it is pointless to expect that he will call to respect the rule of law especially in areas from which the country is refused.

Only in Serbia the journalists ' Union of Serbia called on the media accountable for disseminating false and unsubstantiated information and demanded to be reacted are present in Kosovo of an international structure. The head of the OSCE mission Yang Brother called the press and TV to publicize information that could cause tensions or endanger personal and professional life.

If the leadership in Belgrade and Pristina, there is misunderstanding, although so far they worked great, they have no right to involve the public in their political infighting and the election campaign. The tension on the part of Belgrade and Pristina no need and unsafe.

Why we were chosen as "Russian spies"? On the one hand almost all the people on the list are against illegal disconnection of Kosovo do not recognize Kosovo "independence" and disagree with the policy Aleksandar Vucic, who seeks to "run" to recognize Kosovo ( unlike the previous leadership, which advocated the slow recognition "on all fours"). Most of the so-called spies openly defends its positions, believes that Russia - an ally that can help us to maintain our territory.

Those who put these data in the media, has seriously set out to discredit us as a people who are sure and reputable. Of course, good at the same time to sow the fear of the danger of Russian influence, and it is often used by the Pro-Western media, the Serbian in particular. The threat of Russian influence, the Albanians are often used for political purposes to attract the attention of the new administration in Washington, who knows how to behave in relation to the failed project of the family Clinton.

And in the end I want to add that we do not live in the 90-ies of the last century, where public opinion is formed only of si, al ain, and the border are conducted with the help of NATO. America is now forced to solve their own problems, she would have little time for other people's problems that she itself created. The "truth" of the nineties is no longer valid. It's time to solve their problems and pursue a responsible policy. And structures that are used to destroy, cannot provide lasting peace and stability.

Dragan Trifkovic


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