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Who in Serbia is beneficial zabaltyvanie the situation in Kosovo
Material posted: Publication date: 31-07-2017
Not being able to solve the issue with cut off West territory, the Serbian elite barren initiates public discussion on the topic of Kosovo.

The article of the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, published a periodical of the Blic, the author needs to provoke an "internal dialogue about Kosovo and Metohija" among Serbs. However, after reading it to the Serbian leader, one question arises: what he actually wanted to say to its citizens, which, as we have already mentioned, the vast majority did not choose it and. What direction he wants to give that same dialogue, about what to talk about?

Since the forcible exclusion of the region from Serbia, Serbian politicians on this subject has been said a lot, and every claim at least some kind of niche in the political process of the country, not avoided this issue. But who, in fact, still there, and, more precisely, the process is still going, but towards the finalization of the independence of the separatist quasi-state of Kosovo. And in this respect the analogy Vucic with Shimon Peres look, to put it mildly, strained, because the latter was quite at liberty to talk about "responsibility leader", and that "could be if we didn't do anything" because he was talking with his Palestinian opponents from positions of the winner. From Vucic, as far as we know, just as he led the country, the position is different, kind of a reminder will not. To win, to cut the Gordian knot of Kosovo problem by a certain "recipe" of the above the Israeli leader, without conflict, but with the full approval of the European Union (these are the basic tenets of the article Vučić) in Belgrade will not work, because the "EU" will be opened only when Serbia will lose its historical edge of the Albanians, and with them, perhaps inhabited by Albanians of the Presevo valley and Bujanovac municipality, Bosniaks-pourcentage — Sanzhak, Hungarians, Slovenes and excessively multicultural Serbia — Vojvodina. And not the fact that Brussels will accept Belgrade to yourself even in this case.

Of course, being more than two decades in politics Aleksandar Vucic is not a fool, not to understand this. And article writing is not for the sake of "destruction of stereotypes about Kosovo in the minds of the politicians" and the national "myths" about it. Most likely, the Serbian President who sees nothing positive to Belgrade the decision created a situation delicately, hints asked the people to permit him to continue to swing the issue, to drown her in the deep end of the negotiating process, a diplomatic language, Protocol smiles, handshakes on camera and lengthy statements. For anything else, unfortunately, Belgrade is now can not afford, for the combined West is playing fully on the side of the Albanians, and Russia are able to Express respect for the choice of the Serbian people, but to prepare on the basis of FSB representatives of the Serbian secret services — just recently returned from Moscow, the group demonstrated locally available skills to the Serbian Minister of internal Affairs. The point, of course (as well as the modernization of the Serbian army, and joint work with the Russian emergencies Ministry's Humanitarian centre), we need here only to be an independent geopolitical role in the region is not drawn. And anyone in such circumstances to lean against Belgrade?

However, the Serbian leader has already started to give advice, which means that they launched a trial balloon is pocketed. Suggest, of course, dear Western partners, though originally, if we recall, the text seems to have been directed, "the internal dialogue".

"The President Vucic showed courage and demonstrated the openness in addressing the issue of Kosovo as well as when he went to Srebrenica (in the 2015th year Vucic, the then Prime Minister, contrite for the alleged crimes of Serbs, the multicultural crowd of angry Bosniaks showered with stones and bottles — approx. ed.), — commented article of the President of Serbia, former US Ambassador and President of the Institute of East — West Cameron Munter.- It is imperative that both countries are on the way to the EU. And therefore they have to cooperate. I don't think the US and Russia is beneficial to fight among themselves for the Balkan region, so be sure that Washington and Moscow will support the efforts of Belgrade and Pristina in their quest to join the EU".

Here is how everything went smoothly and beautifully — Serbia and Kosovo, in any case, fated to be together, but another political entity — the European Union. So what for to break spears? However, invited to the discussion representatives of the Serbian establishment was not so generous on the positive. Perhaps because since the overthrow of Slobodan Milosevic and the dismantling of Yugoslavia they what happy prospects have not heard from the lips of European and American partners, and the result remained the same: balancing on the verge of national shame and the loss of their own statehood.

Thus, the first Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of foreign Affairs, also wolf Serbian politicians , Ivica Dacic, very carefully spoke about the presidential article, saying that now the opposition will be able to Express an opinion on the matter, official Serbia does not want to come into conflict with the interests of other States and set up a dialogue. But at the same time, opening of the 18th Congress of the International Federation for the study of Latin America and the Caribbean (FIEALC), Dacic thanked the States of the region, appeared to recognize Kosovo (which is Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Jamaica, Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados), through which the separatist enclave could not join in UNESCO, giving the Serbian medieval architectural heritage. Also Dacic noted that Belgrade aims to return to the glorious traditions of the non-aligned Movement and to introduce visa-free regime with the countries of the continent. Meanwhile, according to the last 2016 years, export of Serbia in Latin America and the Caribbean totaled $ 31.2 million, while imports — more than $ 201 million

As you can see, big plans, nothing like the draining of national interests. In turn, the Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija in government of Serbia, Marko Djuric, giving an interview to the Serbian TV channel Pink TV, was more specific: "Around 1.2 million Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija are fighting for independence, they know what they want, said a government official. — We must proceed from our interests, but to take into account the interests of the other party. However, Belgrade will continue to fight for more than 120 of thousands of Serbs and thousands of Gorani, Bosniaks and Roma of Kosovo and Metohija who feel themselves part of the Serbian state. It is our duty to continue to care for them. Our country is determined to stay in Kosovo and Metohija".

Not remained aloof from the "discussion" and the SPC Patriarch Irenaeus, who appealed to the secular authorities to prevent rejection of Kosovo, saying that this land cannot be a "gift".

Can we assume that Vucic did not foresee such reaction of the elite of the state? Or deliberately wanted to go against her? Of course not. Serbian leader used to maneuver between their own people and the main geopolitical poles, and he remained determined to continue this game. Otherwise, dear Western partners will go openly to him and to his long-suffering Serbia, at the moment is virtually encircled by NATO. Likely, the Serbs will develop greater activity in the matter of the formation of the Kosovo Parliament, seeking broader representation in the representatives of Pro-Serbian enclaves. And again try to keep what little they have left. However, as historical practice shows, the party against hardened gamblers — a very risky business and too relying on your own strength, you can lose the last.

Alexei Toporov


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