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Lopusina M "Masons in Serbia"
Material posted: Valetskiy OlegPublication date: 04-06-2013

Freemasonry in Serbia has a long tradition. It appeared in Serbia in the nineteenth century, with the support of the Greek lodges, in turn podergivaniah English Masonic lodges.


"Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia" was created in 1919 and the Freemasons played a leading role in the creation of Yugoslavia, and the British military assistance and political support were okutani, Josip Broz Tito. Modern Masonic lodges in the former Yugoslavia, including Serbia, were created in the 90th years,under the patronage of the then items appropriately and intelligence. However, this did not save them from the constant internal conflicts and internecine competition, so soon from "the Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia", new lodges are constantly conflictuale among themselves. Nevertheless, the influence of Freemasons in Serbia is very high. In Serbia was built several Masonic temples, among the Freemasons, a large number of Serbian politicians, actors, business people and artists. Creating and female bed. In 2006, Belgrade hosted the world Congress of Freemasons, which was attended by delegates from 42 countries.

In the book of a famous author Marco Lopuchina "the Freemasons in Serbia" ("Masoni u Srbiji“) described in Serbia by 2010 there were about two thousand masons, and in the last four months in the presence of foreign delegations is open six new lodges, as for example, "Svetinja“, "Evropa“ i "Mudrost i vera“. The largest Lodge of Serbia, according to Lousine: "Regularna velika loža Srbije", "Ujedinjene velike Srbije lože", "Velika loža Srbije nacionalna", "Veliki orijent".


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