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No allies – there are only partners
Material posted: -Publication date: 29-05-2011

One of the landmark events of the past week was, without doubt, the arrest of Ratko Mladic. The wheel of fate turned once again, and again – not right... the figure of the General, until recently, remained the epitome of the national hero of Serbia. As long as he remained at large, the ideologists of the destruction of Yugoslavia and Orthodox Holy sites in Kosovo could not sleep well – developed plan was not completed. But now everything is settled – the current leadership of Serbia has decided to present a gift to the heads of member countries of G-8 and pass the General in the days of the summit. As the saying goes – nothing personal.

"Everything I've made in my life, I did not in order to please somebody.
All I've done, I have done according to my personal convictions and in the interests of my people.
And in this war I have striven to protect the lives of people, soldiers, officers, without thinking about your own life.
My people were my army and I was a little boy this huge army"
R. Mladic (1995)

"...all taken and sold..."
R. Mladic (2011)

However, the arrest of the General was an indispensable condition for beginning the accession negotiations of Serbia to the European Union, as well as provide financial assistance. Serbia has already promised a billion dollars – in such sum now outgrown the thirty pieces of silver – inflation, however.

Everything that happened with Yugoslavia in the last decade is one of the most revealing examples can and will be contemporary world politics. What we are witnessing today in Libya and, perhaps soon, we will see, for example, in Belarus or Iran – echoes of the Yugoslav tragedy.

With all the tragedy of the Serbian events, "dancing on the blood" around the FRY, there is one very noteworthy point, clearly demonstrating that the battle of good and evil is at a completely different level.

The international Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, designed to expose misanthropic position of the Serbian leadership, showed the world a very interesting phenomenon – the fate of chief Prosecutor Carla del Ponte. She, as a person of Western civilization, with Western mentality and understanding of good and evil, originally with zeal took the resolution of legal problems in the investigation of war crimes in the former Yugoslavia. But the more she delved into the problem, the more detailed information about what is happening the picture she had formed for himself, the clearer it brought before her the picture of the tragedy, the apotheosis of which was the international network of black transplantologists "capital" in Kosovo. The person purely materialistic, it is difficult to imagine that in such a revered place could appear more terrible than that of illegal trafficking in organs. Memoirs del Ponto about what is happening in Kosovo became the cry of the soul not before the end of wicked man. As often happens, the man to see the truth, you are deeply deluded.

But beyond the insights of Western man, Yugoslavia gave history another very important example. An example of dominance virtual "interests" over the historical friendly relations. The events of 1999 clearly showed that Russia in the international arena is not what was previously the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union.

It is still memorable and "Primakov turn" over the Atlantic, and the March of Russian paratroopers in Pristina, and the expectation of a tough position of Russia in the international arena to defend their Serbian brothers. But all is a Mirage. Actually expect something in vain. Then how did the collapse of the Union is good evidence of that. Among the many examples, suffice it to recall the fate of the East German "Stasi" and its leader – M. wolf. According to some media, R. Mladic in 2005 also attempted to obtain asylum in Russia, but - in vain, Russia has refused to the General. After that, he even tried to voluntarily surrender to the authorities.

Decades later, the situation repeated itself in Iran the promised s-300 never made it to this country.

At the G-8 summit, which was presented to R. Mladic, Russia expressed its desire to mediate in the issue of renunciation of Gaddafi from power. And just a few days before the summit, the Russian foreign Ministry promptly reaffirmed the legitimacy of the Libyan rebels.

What happens? Why even Hitler in 1943, when it was clear that Germany was losing the war, gave the order to rescue Mussolini from captivity?

What prevents Russia to keep at least neutral in relation to what is happening in Libya? Why the initiative when it not require? The reputation of the country in the eyes of the population of another country is shaped by decades and destroyed very quickly. Really long two decades of Russian "independence" is not shown, refer to us as "senior partners" in international Affairs? How Suvorov Testament die, but friend – help me out? Although today there are no friends, only partners.

It is possible that all key issues have already been resolved and for the common good, we just need to punish Mladic, Gaddafi and Ahmadinejad? Not at all. Today is the perfect time to rally world public opinion around the issues with Japanese nuclear power plants and the extremely low efficiency of the Japanese government to eliminate the consequences of the accident. Here's what you need to constantly deal with not only the G-8, but the UN and other international organizations.

The damage to the ecology of the world ocean due to the negligence of the Japanese authorities, today lets talk about finding out what was happening at the Japanese nuclear power plant at international bodies. The scale of the disaster is such that its consequences will affect more than one generation. But today, the Japanese problem has gone not only the second but even a third plan. We only vaguely know about that problem again today on another reactor NPP "Fukushima" and that the ocean is contaminated with radiation for many hundreds of miles from the scene of the accident. And Russia will be one of the most affected countries, which will suffer significant losses from problems in fisheries in the Pacific ocean. But no, the problem is not so relevant, how relevant today the requirement for Muammar Gaddafi to leave.

Looking back and building the key events of the last decades in some logical line, very clearly and clearly realize that you can't judge by words, a judge should be – on business. Too many flattering words have been said in recent years, and too many bitter disappointments followed them. I would like to believe that resistance Ratko Mladic, Muammar Gaddafi and others that do not fit into the modern world leaders, will serve as an example and other peoples who value their history, their culture and their country higher than a billion US dollars.

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