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U.S. policy in Serbia in the post-war period
Material posted: Valetskiy OlegPublication date: 26-09-2016

The first ground, which was the testing of a new Western military strategy of "controlled war" was Yugoslavia. The essence of "managed war" is quite simple - the suppression through diplomatic and economic pressure, bureaucratic intrigues and actions of 'peacekeeping troops' finally through covert operations and ideological propaganda, all the free initiatives of the belligerents, and ultimately the establishment over them of their domination.

This war is officially recognized by the Charter of the us army FM—100(now repealed), in which, the initial primacy of the "air-ground" offensive in versions of 1982 and 1984, in 1993, in the version of FM 100/5 was adapted to the tactical actions "peacekeeping" contingents generally of the rank of battalion-brigade, having, however, the strategic goal. Air-land operation in this case was used only as support for peacekeeping operations. Of course, in this Charter, it is not stated that the peacekeeping operation was only the logical culmination of a long political and propaganda campaign in which tens of years have used methods of "secret war".

Yugoslavia there was not only a landfill, but an instrument of certain forces in the West to create a "new world order", and it is very sad that just the Serbs who were at this diplomacy, not understood. Moreover part of the nomenklatura apparatus of the Serbian side even tried during the war to restore the former relations with the United States, in order to become their main ally in the Balkans, going, respectively, to many concessions just at the expense of the interests of the Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The rejection of Communist ideology didn't shake, but, on the contrary, strengthened its position, because in this case nothing prevented its representatives to behave in society in the conquered country, the arbitrariness of getting something that belonged to the decaying state, for the dissolution of the SFRY was the best item in all the republics of the former SFRY.

In fact, in Yugoslavia even during Tito had created a layer of "new Communist bourgeoisie," which received full political power in the 1980s, and full economic – in the 1990s, and privatized the state "criminal use". Corruption and banditry began in the 1990s, the inherent properties of the statehood of the former SFRY. Pioneer, of course, was Serbia, because the center of Yugoslavia was Belgrade, where he began to develop decay even since 1974, with the adoption of the new Constitution.

In the 1990s, the situation worsened, and the known history of "bankruptcies" joint stock companies", Ugokanai" Ozdemir V., and Bank Dafiment" Define Milanovich, who left without saving tens of thousands of people, was the handiwork of the apparatus. So, Ugoschenie under the supervision of the DB of Serbia, had gained the means of influential government officials and people close to them formally to conduct combat operations in Croatia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in fact a large part of the money settled in their pockets. In 1993, the media in Yugoslavia there were documents showing that the budget of the city of Belgrade (the then mayor Nebojsa Covic, the, future "democratic" opposition, and later a member of the "democratic" government of Yugoslavia) managing the Affairs of Ugoschenie" Abramovich (another future reformer of the financial system of Yugoslavia) transferred one million German marks, not specifying, however, the receipt of the recipient.

Of course, bankruptcy "Ugoschenie" is not destroyed by Yugoslav officials, and Ozdemir V. no obstacles left Yugoslavia and one time through the media even threatened to stage a coup d'état in Belgrade. In his open letter to the press Vasilievich wrote that in may 1993 in tel Aviv in the presence of representatives from the U.S. state Department and service Mossad asked him to organize a government in exile, while Dior Greenberg promised him a connection with the heir to the Royal throne of Alexander Karadjordjevic, while Jacob Meller was ready to begin the disbursement of the funds – to start 7 300 000 Swiss francs.

After all this Ozdemir V. was arrested by the Israeli police, and in August 1993 in Italy was organized the kidnapping of his family – wife Cornely, mother's Warbler and son Stefan – a group of Yugoslavs Dolores Skarica, Branko Radulovic, Wiki Ruitai.

So after all this Vasilevich has decided, apparently, leaving their intrigues with the generals of the JNA, with family, released the Italian justice system, to go to Ecuador, but the DB of Serbia after this interest is not expressed.

However, the owner of Dafiment Bank Dafina Milanovic does not want to leave Yugoslavia, while Serbian citizens, ravaged her, there were thousands, and appeared often on TV surrounded by bodyguards.

Subsequently, after the fall of Milosevic, in court proceedings instituted in Serbia against Define Milanovich and Ezdemir Vasilyevich, revealed the fact that the operations of the state security of Serbia was funded for a long time banks ", Ugokanai and Dafiment" closely associated with capital in the banks of Israel (so 25% of the capital "Dafiment-Bank owned Israeli co-owners, and V. in 1993 he emigrated to Israel where he continued his financial transactions).

The policy of official Belgrade quite well characterized by the fact that section of the state Treasury of the SFRY in the mid-1990s, and that the Interpol in Strasbourg then got the task of finding 60 tons of gold "missing" along with a large amount of foreign currency (Iraqi Dinar, North Korean catfish, American cheques, bearer, etc.) from the Treasury.

The open secret was that, with the consent of the Yugoslav leadership caravans with a variety of property exported from war-torn Croatia, of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Serbia, and that in the opposite direction, first of all the enemy side, there were convoys of cigarettes, ammunition and fuel. The authorities of Republika Srpska and Republika Srpska Krajina here occupies a subordinate position in relation to the authorities in Belgrade, but followed, of course, her example. Of course, all this has led to the flourishing of crime in the society, especially since the beginning of the war many of the local "criminality" (bandits) were forced to return home from Western Europe, which have become less hospitable to the Yugoslavs. As well as organized crime without the protection of police can not exist, then the distinction between "bandits" and "organs" with the course of the war became less distinguishable.

Also erased the boundaries between political ideologies, and the main incentive was money and power.

Although the Serbian people, without a doubt, had a lot of smart and cultured people, but encountered various political and social movements were not on top of the situation. It was hard to expect national revival, when almost any gathering of people on the matter ended in mutual accusations of betrayal, extension of fantastic plans in the complete unwillingness of anyone to listen to anything and something to do.

Cannot be blamed for such sabotage "foreign intelligence agencies" for the Serbian intelligence services tightly controlled Serbian society and continued to do so after the loss of power by Milosevic in 2001.

Of course, new technologies and new political world order that emerged with the collapse of the Soviet Union dictated its rules and "globalization" meant an increasingly close financial and economic ties of the political elites of different States, and because the business representatives of socialist Yugoslavia could only adapt to the requirements that already existed in the West.

However, more than strange looks created in the course of the war the Yugoslav propagandists, the picture of the so-called "heroic" resistance of Yugoslavia throughout the NATO bloc, when financial means of the state of Yugoslavia was in the hands of oligarchs with British, American and French passports, whose capitals were situated in the banks of USA, UK and France.

Established in Serbia, the party dictatorship in this case the oligarchs favored, because during the years of Milosevic, these oligarchs were able to become owners of huge fortunes.

The party dictatorship have led to the emergence of the "cult of personality", which did the policy of "the party" of the state is very receptive to personal qualities of leaders. The leader is the same as every person was susceptible to its own environment, which over the years the "party struggle" to enter into the taste of power, more neglected "party duties" in favor of "party of privilege".

Taking the path of capitalism, this apparatus made the subject of various machinations of the state itself that led to the collapse of the economy and the armed forces.

During socialism the apparatus was so connected with the ideology that the rejection of it has led to chaos in the ranks of the army, and the war only exacerbated the chaos.

In the end, both political and military figures in key positions "stuck" in party intrigue and, often, organized crime. This has led to the emergence in their midst of many "experts," experienced only in party intrigue and embezzlement in especially large sizes and instead of military professionals to key positions in the party and clan-based key advanced illiterate upstarts and adventurers, those for whom were in the first place was profit and which is a Scam and deception was a sign of "good taste".

It was obvious that all this is coincidence can not be, and that the state apparatus of Yugoslavia there was a certain group of people which has done everything to weaken the defensive power of the state.

The fate of Yugoslavia is also well shows the actual reliability of modern mechanisms of international security" as different international safeguards, because they are without the backing of force of arms became useless, as did not need and she is Yugoslavia after the collapse of the USSR.

Although the Serbian political top was in this case deceived US, in fact, nothing in this was not unexpected, considering those who have determined U.S. policy toward Yugoslavia.

One of those who shaped this policy was the ideology of "humanitarian intervention" Morton Abramovich, the Chairman of the Carnegie Foundation, a member of the US Democratic party and former U.S. Ambassador to Turkey.

He founded the “Balkan Action Council” and the “European Action Council”, and together with Senator Mitchell established the “International Crisis Croup”. It is significant that this, in fact, the public organization has become a supranational structure, Crowley borders in the Balkans (the"Put at Rambue. Kosovska kriza 1995-2000". Predrag Simi. "Nope." 2000).

Since Abramovich according to Simić was configured antisense, and the panel's recommendations were appropriate, regardless of the constantly repeated in the media of Serbia phrases about the merits of the Serbs to rescue co-religionists Abramovich during the Second World war.

Meanwhile, Yugoslav lobby in the US was the majority of co-religionists Abramovich, with whom was closely associated Josip Broz Tito and his entourage.

After Tito's death, these relations began to break, and actually Yugoslavia, primarily Serbs, in the late 80-ies have been written off not knowing about it.

Amazingly, the Serbian leadership, deceived by maintaining relationships on a personal level, even in the 90-ies could not understand. And the Americans did not hide his contempt for the Serbs and in 1989 Robert Kaplan in "Balkan ghosts" ( "Balkan ghosts"), published in the Wall street journal, described the future dissolution of the SFRY based on the obviously existing plans.

According to Predrag simić, during the visit of the Carnegie Commission in Belgrade in 1996, its members Leo Tindemans, Lloyd Cutler, Branislav Geremek, John Roper, Theo Zomer, Simone Weil, and David Anderson did not show much interest in what is happening, that it was a clear sign of the attitude of the US administration, whose will was executed by the Carnegie Commission (the"Put at Rambue. Kosovska kriza 1995-2000". Predrag Simi. "Nope."

Thus, according to simić, according to the materials of the Commission, prepared in advance, immediately after the visit of Leo Tindemans published a book "the Unfinished world" ("Unfinished peace". Report of the international commission on the Balkans. ASPEN Institute (Berlin), Carnegi Edowment for International Peace (Washington D.C.). Leo Tindemans. 1996), which is the main culprit of the war was called the Serbian side.

This report represents one of the key documents in international politics in the Balkans and was prepared prior to the visit of the Commission Jacques Rupnica, Dane Alyn, James brown and mark Thompson ("Put have Rambue. Kosovska kriza 1995-2000". Predrag Simi. "Nope." 2000).

The thesis of collective responsibility of the Serbs, according to Predrag Simić, was first introduced by Daniel Johns, Goldhagen in an article published in the journal "The New Republic", called "New Serbia – if you want to restore it" ("New Serbia – if you rebuild it"). In this article, Goldhagen wrote that the essence of repression against Germans and Japanese was in the geopolitical order, in their education and the revulsion against nationalism.

Although Goldhagen wrote that the Serbs were not so notorious enemies of the Germans, whom they re with Napalm, however, they must be re-educated by military defeat and occupation, regardless of whether the West is ready for military intervention or not.

According to Goldhagen, Serbs had to re-educate a "soft occupation", because on foreign policy they had no rights.

It is significant that a number of edinoroga of Goldhagen such as George Soros, Henry Kissenger, Warren Zimmerman, Madeline Albright, Richard Holbrooke, al Gore, William Cohen, Samuel Berger, James Rubin, Jacques Klein, Peter Galbraith, Anthony lake, Warren Christopher, Reginald Bartholomew, Richard Slate, Jeffrey Sachs, Richard Goldston, John Deutch, Robert Frowick, Wesley Clark, Malcolm Rifkind, Carlos Westendorf, Robert Badinter, Bernard lévy, Jacques Attali, Bernard Kouchner,Israel the Kelman and many others.

In full agreement with his theory and carried out in the former Yugoslavia, a policy on "re-education" of the Serbs.

Meanwhile, the authorities in Belgrade continued to consider the US as its ally, which was not shaken even air strikes of 1999, as Slobodan Milosevic, as actually the whole Yugoslavian nomenklatura, was part of the Western world, and unlike the masses, was quite closely integrated into the Western world of business and politics.

Retribution followed fast enough in kinds of events 5 October 2000.

It was later revealed that the revolution 2001 was financed by various foreign funds (primarily, Soros), which created a number of so-called "public" organizations". Of the last should be allocated to the student organization "Otpor" ("Resistance"). Having learned the phraseology and symbols of anti-fascist movement", this organization main goal was made by the youth and acted according to the instructions of their Western bosses, who trained the leaders of the organization in the centres of some Western intelligence services. These centers were located in the territory of Hungary, where Yugoslav citizens could travel without visas.

In Hungary, in Szeged, was created a camp where they began to prepare the activists of the "non-governmental" organizations, first and foremost, a specially created movement "Otpor", whose symbol was a clenched fist, designed to conduct propaganda against the then Yugoslav authorities

Writes Hans Hofbauer(“Balkan – krieg. Zehngohre Zerstorung Jugoslawienc.Hannes Hofbauer. Wien. 2001), the overthrow of Milosevic financed Foundation Freedom House, founded in 40 years of Eleanor Roosevelt, as well as the organization "the German Marshall Found", "International Republican Institute", "National Democratic Institute", "National Endowment for Democracy, which received the support of the United States.

He coordinated operations against Milosevic's representation of USA in Hungary– US office for Yugoslavia – headed by William Montgomery, who was in Budapest.

Montgomery, writes Hans Hofbauer from 1988 to 1991 he worked in the U.S. diplomatic mission in Sofia and participated in the overthrow of the government of Todor Zhivkov, and then Montgomery was sent to Zagreb, then worked at the London stock exchange.

Montgomery, who graduated from the National War Colleage, supervised thirty employees. He writes, Hofbauer meeting in Segedina chose Vojislav Kostunica, the leader of the opposition and the main criterion was that Kostunica presents himself as a national politician, openly cooperated with Milosevic and enjoyed the support of the army, wrote about the French “Mong” in the issue dated October 21, 2000.

Under the support of the army was intended to support military security, especially its former head Alexander, who worked with both USA and Israel and Russia and therefore had broad support.

The international Tribunal for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia - the ICTY – was funded by the same sponsors who financed the Serbian opposition.

Already in the 90-ies it was possible to read in the open all the plans of the West and the federalization and de-Nazification of Serbia. These plans were not something new for Serbia, because this kind of "denazification" was already carried out by the Yugoslav Communists after 1944, with further "federalization".

In the end, during the "democratic revolution" 5g October 2000 in Belgrade as a result of "explosion of popular anger" (according to the media of Serbia) was overthrown by the "Balkan executioner" (according to the terms of Western media) Slobodan Milosevic.

All the precariousness of the official rate just appeared on 5 October 2000. Then there was rather absurd at first glance, the thing: those structures that most participated in the course of carrying out official policy now ensured the smooth conduct of the democratic revolution.

This applies primarily to the state security of Serbia and its special unit "red berets", which could easily nip in the Bud all attempts of anti-government protests in užice and Cacce, and not in Belgrade.

They had no trouble force of arms to stop the column of demonstrators marching on Belgrade from Uici and Cacak, especially Velimir ilić who led a column of protesters from Cacak, according to Miladin, Vilotic in his book "Who and why hide the truth about Kosovo and Metohija" ("To je j and Sesto skriva on the truth about Kosovo and Metohija". Miladin Filoti. "Trap Studio Loznica". 2011) later admitted that the truck he was carrying weapons to the demonstrators.

It should be noted that the use of bulldozers in the March of demonstrators in Belgrade was proposed by advisors from Israel and, accordingly, we can assume that these advisers gave a number of tips, which facilitated the overthrow of Milosevic.

In the book Tim Marshall "Game of shadows" describes in detail the preparation of the events of 5 October 2000, and according to Marshall, the former mayor of Belgrade, Nebojsa Covic, then led by the staff of the preparation of the coup in Belgrade. In the factory, where the headquarters was located was stored two thousand barrels of weapons, and deployed two thousand fighters.

The whole demagogy about the unyieldingness of the people's outrage at the theft of the election a few percent of votes from the socialists of Milosevic, looked very convincing after the last, perfectly peacefully to society of Serbia, delivery of a RSC and a large part of RS, although for the sake of their creation, the Serbian side had spent a lot of effort, money and lives.

As peacefully in the Serbian society was perceived by the withdrawal of the Yugoslav army and Serbian police from Kosovo and "Serbian Jerusalem" as Kosovo and Metohija was called the Serbian media, was easily delivered, and then no mass anti-government demonstrations have arisen, and the Patriotic conspiracy of officers of special forces and intelligence services, in other situations, pulling up in jail, and even kill, those of the person, which power was defined, as traitors. So all this "democratic revolution" was just the final number of this filerskogo view.

It was strange to hear talk of "touching care" about the lives and health of the demonstrators from the mouth of the officers of state security and special forces "red berets", CY and special police, whose commanders had competed in "humanity", although these units for a year and a half before the "democratic revolution" was involved in ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and Metohija, and not only evicted, but according to numerous verdicts of the courts just Serbia killed civilians Albanians, many of whom were not involved in the actions of the KLA.

These special units were involved in elimination of a variety of opposition in Serbia itself because it was amazing to watch as the state security of Serbia run-in many wars and tied inside a lot of connections, was in October 2000 so helpless that couldn't get several thousand people to disperse by force of arms and special equipment, a few dozen demonstrators, most of whom were ordinary onlookers.

After the crowd managed to set fire to the Assembly (Parliament) of Serbia, after the formal resistance of one thin chain the police, in the evening for not very large area, only to tens of thousands of demonstrators, many of whom wandered about in a drunken and half-drunken condition. The whole military energy of the crowd then resulted in the looting of several shops and stalls.

To disperse this crowd could have a single police detachment of several hundred people. All opposition politicians, with all their assistants and guards could have been captured by the special forces of state security and SAI.

Blockade of bridges demonstrators was funny, because the army and police were armed with a sufficient number of armored vehicles and helicopters.

In fact, the special forces of state security - ISO" is known as the "red berets" stationed in front of Skupstini Serbia has not tried at least, it is badly depleted disperse crowds of demonstrators in front of Parliament, and the garrison of SAI of MIA of Serbia immediately defected to the opposition.

It turned out that the security forces had a secret agreement with the leaders of the disparate opposition of the arrest of Milosevic. Subsequently, namely after the murder of "democratic" Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic on March 5, 2003 during a police operation "Sabre" it turned out that this contract was related to the local mafia, which is closely related to the above-mentioned "security services. Thus, intelligence weekiwachee years and invented various foreign spies eventually found themselves under the control of the spies, because otherwise does not explain their behavior in October 2000.

It is the responsibility of the security services the power of Milosevic and his wife little patience and possibly their actions to overthrow the government of this family state was necessary, but then the question arises: why is a major blow to the power of Milosevic were made from the police and, above all, of security? And why the detachment commander ISO Milorad Lukovic and the commander of the special police Bosko Buha was ready to move their fighters against the army, when I learned that there is a possibility of its exit from the barracks to protect the power of Milosevic?

Of course, you can find a lot of excuses, but very unnatural looks democratic revolution, carried out by the security services, because all of these intelligence agencies and special forces were the main driving force of the previous national revolution of Milosevic, and had to defend her leader. The incident is hard to subsume under the usual "Praetorian" revolution, because it changed the course of state policy, which the Praetorian years imposed on his people, presenting himself as the main pillar of the national spirit in the state and society.

Forces special forces, ISO was then arrested Milosevic on the 1st of April 2001, which later admitted the special forces commander Milorad Lukovic in his interview to the newspaper "the Voice of Explicitness" from Belgrade on 26 July 2013. Police forces, including special forces SAI not only when it surrounded the Villa of Milosevic in the district Dedinja, but the force dispersed the supporters of the Socialist party of Serbia coming to the aid surrounded by police Ville, which was the protection of Milosevic.

Though writes Hans Hofbauer, two days, a special purpose unit of the interior Ministry of Serbia precipitated the Villa of Milosevic defended by the volunteers("Eksperiment Kosovo: povratak kolonializma". Hannes Hofbauer. "Albatros Plus". Beograd. 2000 - Hannes Hofbauer. “Experiment Kosovo: Die rück kehr des kolonialismus”),but the political parties that supported Milosevic failed to gather any combat ready troops of volunteers except for a couple of dozen people led by Sinisa Vucinic.

After the arrest it quickly Milosevic (28 June 2001) issued by the International Tribunal in the Hague, where he died 11 March 2004.

The reasons for his death so publicized and was not, and the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov expressed doubts that the death of Milosevic was a natural.

As he wrote then, some of the media of Serbia, increased pressure from Milosevic contributed to the increase in the rate of dissolution of medications that he was poisoned.

The movement "Otpor" played a major role in the overthrow of Milosevic, and which was funded by the George Soroses, further, in 2004, appeared in the Ukraine. According to an interview with Hans Hofbauer with Mikhaylo Svitavice with the support of the Foundation "Renaissance", owned by Sorasu, there went a group of members of the movement "Resistance" from Serbia("Eksperiment Kosovo: povratak kolonializma". Hannes Hofbauer. "Albatros Plus". Beograd. 2000 - Hannes Hofbauer. “Experiment Kosovo: Die rück kehr des kolonialismus”).

The old regime, which has plunged Serbia into numerous unsuccessful war was of course then, in October 2000, is doomed and nothing constructive could not offer. In addition, the majority of its representatives quickly moved to the side of the new "democratic" government and, therefore, the last revolution of October 2000 should be seen as "the operation of the same item of apparatus for the preservation of their power, but under the direct patronage of the West.

Obviously that sort of revolution the growing appetites of the oligarchs of any country whose corporations have grown, broke boundaries effective state control, becoming part of the global transnational corporations.

In such circumstances, a much more important role received from the local intelligence services closely associated with these oligarchs and vested interest in the change of power.

Of course, the ideological factor in this case plays an important role, because as it turns out so that the leaders of the democratic revolutions to be members of certain secret lodges or sects.

In such circumstances, derzhavotvorennya side, de-facto led by the supporters of such revolution, for which the first role in attempts to suppress this revolution, consciously move in the most odious to society and the least a reasonable person. Accordingly monitored the economic situation, and often it is artificially deteriorates and creates a kind of crowd, beckoning the active part of society, whose discontent are justifiable reasons. However, the leadership of the masses are persons just are unable to solve these issues. Such persons should be manageable, and that is the reason preceding the revolution, political repression, directed not against all opposition, and against uncontrolled or lightly managed opposition.

When the revolutionary masses will finally come out, after a series of quite deliberate repression, the forces of order either step aside or join the people, giving power to those who chose the representatives of the new world order, suggesting their local oligarchs.

However, was surprised by false hopes that part of the state apparatus, which had hoped for a painless change of power since the beginning of cooperation with the West, and primarily with the European community.

After all, it was obvious that the nomenclature and unit of the former SFRY to the EU is not needed.

Properly the very nature of the nomenclature unit created under Tito, the device after the breakup of Yugoslavia as its main objective was to obtain material gain for members of this unit, including through illegal actions.

In such situation, the government has been caught in the crime and, accordingly, that the state security of Serbia was in such a policy a key factor.

There is nothing to contest and the trial of the so-called "Zemun clan", which according to the court decision included the commander "red berets Milorad Lukovic has provided ample evidence. However, brand was not investigated the background of the events that the so-called "Zemun clan" has arisen not in itself but due to the fact that Zemun district of Belgrade, bordered with the municipality of Surcin.

In Surcin, as well as in neighboring Zemun and pančevo, located in the territory of the former Sirmium, after the eviction of the Germans had moved many settlers from Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, primarily veterans of the army of Tito. Vsilu its relative remoteness Surcin lived quite isolated life and was a kind of analogue of Lyubertsy of Moscow of the beginning of the 90th.

Emerged in Surcin OPG worked closely with the state security of Serbia and there was a kind of centre for the organised theft of cars. Vsilu its remoteness from Belgrade at OPG from Surcin not ever contradict Milosevic unlike some other OPG from Belgrade and because it successfully existed for all 90th years.

It is impossible to give a detailed analysis, but during the "democratic revolution" on 5th of October 2001, the centre of this revolution was just in Surcin and it is here taken key decisions of the government of Zoran Djindjic.

The commander "red berets Milorad Lukovic first time collaborated with this clan, then a few became isolated and, together with two representatives of the criminal world - a mile Lukovic - "the Godfather" and dušan Spasojević - "Shipfrom" your center was relocated to Zemun, where the then government was the Radical party of Vojislav Seselj.

Thus, by and large, no separate "Zemun clan" does not exist, and there was a conglomerate of various organized crime groups, whose center was in Surcin and Zemun, and who was closely associated with national security, renamed after October 5, 2001, BIA.

Of course, as Lukovic was the detachment commander ISO the "red berets," which the government continued to use in South Serbia in 2001-2002, even after his shift, he continued to control this unit and, accordingly, when necessary, recruited individuals to perform a variety of wrongful acts in the interests of the aforementioned criminal group.

This circumstance, eventually, led to the fact that the squad began to manipulate and, in the end, used his fighters in preparation of a failed coup that was to follow the assassination of Zoran Djindjic in March 2003.

The subsequent operation of the interior Ministry of Serbia "Sword", in which the majority of Serbian OPG has been defeated and the companions Legia mile Lukovic - "the Godfather" and dušan Spasojević - "Shiptar were killed by a special unit of SAI during their arrest in March 2003, and the "Lehi" was arrested in may 2004 after a year of hiding.

Milorad Lukovic (Ulemek) - "Legia" was received in court the punishment of 40 years imprisonment for the murder of the Prime Minister of Serbia Zoran Djindjic.
Meanwhile, Lukovic refused to take part in this murder and so his interview to the newspaper "the Voice of Explicitness" from Belgrade on 26 July 2013 they said that Djindjic was killed by unknown sniper, evacuated the day of the murder by plane to London, then as an officer of ISO Zvezdan Jovanovic, who allegedly shot and killed Djindjic from a sniper rifle (although the sniper squad never was) was only to cover.

The arrests and trials, of course, undermined the influence of this group on the local gang and later many of them came under the influence of British intelligence Mi-6, whose resident in Serbia Moncton according to the book of Marco Lopuchina "deception of the British MI6 in Serbia" conducted a policy of cooperation with the local gang.

After the events of the spring of 2003, it is quite natural that, having lost competitor in the face of structures of the former state security, the British service has become a key factor in the politics of Serbia, which was thoroughly riddled with the most crime, so that those representatives of the criminal elements of that time understood the power of the British, later years could do in Serbia with anything from drug trafficking and contract killings to participation in privatization and in a variety of both domestic and foreign projects". At the same time has increased the influence and the Albanian mafia, which has started to work on Serbian criminal groups in Serbia, which "Patriotic" principles of the "red berets" case there was any, as to the "red berets".

As a result, the British instructed the interior Ministry of Serbia to fight against the system.

Of course, the influence created by the system overnight, was that it was hard to break and only on 16 November 2010 in a joint operation of police of Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Italy were arrested 80 people on charges that they belonged to an organized criminal group of Darko Šarić, accused of buying, transport and sale of illegal drugs, including two tons of cocaine purchased in South America.

According to the investigation this OPG worked closely with the members of the "Zemun clan".

In 2012 in Spain in the month of February was arrested by a group of Luka Bojović, fighter SDG Zeljko Raznatovic and closest associate, Milorad Lukovic a wanted Serbian interior Ministry on charges of murder and drug trafficking
The investigation revealed a number of hitherto unknown information, including that a number of members of organized crime groups from the former Yugoslavia, including Serbian, collaborated with the secret services of South Africa.

Actually this is the same year in connection with the above arrest, said in an interview with the First channel of Serbia, interior Minister Ivica Dacic. The latter said that during his visit to Moscow and met there with the head of the special services South Africa and informed him that the police of Serbia know the facts when person a wanted Serbian interior Ministry are hiding in South Africa under the protection of the local gang.

However, over time it became clear that the so-called struggle against the mafia in Serbia has been that of former bandits imprisoned or killed, and instead began to rule the people from the world of police and justice on the same principles. This fact explains the influx of people with rather vague biographies, because these biographies with an equally vague sources of income are pledge of allegiance to the chiefs, so, in turn, equally obedient to their bosses abroad

So in the magazine "Tabloid" published in Serbia author major Goran Mitrovic claimed that the top Serbian interior Ministry is mired in crime and corruption, and a series of high-profile arrests of leaders of the Serbian mafia held in the last three years, the interior Ministry and BIA (state security) in coordination with the U.S. Agency for fight against drugs DEA, was caused by the fact that the leaders of the Serbian organized crime groups do not like to cooperate with the largest Albanian Osmani criminal clan, whose centre is located in Zagreb in Croatia

Naturally, the Serbian organized crime, which had intertwined interests of the Serbian politicians and the Serbian security services have become a great influence on the whole Serbian people. This advantage not only of the Albanian mafia, but those who support it on a global level. Thus the policy of involvement of the state in crime in the mid-90s, was a disaster after only ten years.

The morale of the Yugoslav nomenclature shows that during the war practically the entire territory of Yugoslavia, both Serbia and Montenegro were covered by a network of brothels, which "worked" thousands of women from former Soviet republics – Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus, Romania and Bulgaria, that is, of those countries that proclaimed the Belgrade propaganda part of the "brotherly" of the Orthodox world.

How to deal with women from this "brotherly" world, quite well known, and instances of cheating, beatings, pedophilia, suicides, and even murders was more than enough.

This "business" was carried out on the line Russia – Serbia, Russia "goods" were delivered through Yugoslavia to many countries in Europe gained OPG Yugoslav relations, including with the help of citizens of the Russian Federation.

In Montenegro the port of Bar was one of the centers of a transfer of the women and sometimes children for the sex industry of Italy by the Albanian, Montenegrin and Italian mafias operating under the direct patronage of the local police, primarily security.

Such centres of human trafficking existed in Subotica and Novi Sad, and in Belgrade, especially such a trade was not hidden.

It is indicative that in Serbia the media about this disgraceful fact began to write only after the change of government in 2001, However, in Russia, and then it continued to remain silent, and only in 2008 on RTR channel "Russia" was about how from the Siberian town of Anzhero-Sudzhensk was sold to the Albanian mafia hundreds of Russian girls to work as prostitutes in Europe and Asia.

Showed the transfer and the local Madam, the pimp, the Israeli and the Albanian mafia boson in company with the so-called lads from Russia, however, silent about the fact that the business in which the Albanians operated closely with the Serbian criminal networks have evolved just in the 1990s, the Albanians in Russia got on the Yugoslav channels, what is the most famous example-an Albanian tycoon Pacoli.

But there were plenty of articles written about what supposedly "Western peacekeepers" have developed in Yugoslavia, all adverse events from drug trafficking and robbery to prostitution. Used in these propaganda crimes that actually occurred in postwar Bosnia and Herzegovina, committed by members of the American civilian companies – purchase from the local mafia (as Serbs and Muslims) underage girls from the CIS.

But the scandal has raised just American employee of the us private military company "DynCorp", which is then sent home, but "tavern" dispersed us military command.

Actually crime, including organized prostitution, flourished in the former Yugoslavia in the 1980s, and a "window" through Yugoslavia in the late 1980s was used by the OCG from the former Soviet Union, acting together with several employees of the Soviet law enforcement agencies, for the transfer of citizens of the Union in the house public liaison Yugoslav OPG, covering the Yugoslav interior Ministry.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina the issue of public buildings decided after much trouble with international police the United Nations, which, of course, were the Russians and the Ukrainians, who played an important part in this, however, led the operation command of the international police in Bosnia, the main enemy which was the local internal Affairs bodies, including the Serbian, who did not want to abandon well-established business, built on the "Slavic sisters".

Thus in contrast to the Muslims of the local Serbian mafia here even launched a pseudo-Patriotic campaign against the "occupiers" and attracted the television of Republika Srpska, had no qualms about this "picket". However, this did not help, and the citizens of the CIS of the clubs released or resold in Kosovo, where international police had no such influence on the Albanian mafia.

Places in night clubs took the citizen of Serbia, and began business calls by order of the local girls.

In spring 2007, in derventa in Republika Srpska, there was a scandal: several young girls of 14-15 years, one of whom was a daughter who died in the war soldier of the army of Republika Srpska were engaged in "service" of local businessmen and politicians, and their "macro" agreed with the head teacher of the school, according to TV report that passed on television of the Republika Srpska and article in the newspaper "the Voice of Srpska" (Zasto o sluсaju Derventa stanovnici grada this сute. – Glas Srpske. 16.01.2008). Similar examples can result in hundreds, in particular from the field of drug trafficking, which in Yugoslavia was not organized by Western intelligence agencies, Yugoslav, but in this case already it is necessary to resort not to the press, and to the archives of the interior Ministry.

"Mafia", even "national," an obstacle to the modern Western order is not, because the local nomenklatura apparatus, and spawned the mafia has become a key partner of the European community in the management of the company.

Though created as a result of this policy, "Serbian" business actually was initially loss-making enterprise, since the system that is built on the theft can no longer be used for the creation.

In the former Yugoslavia, the oligarchs and their "Empire" in the 90th years, with the support of the item of power, with new "democratic" government took huge loans from the International monetary Fund, began their journey on an inclined plane.
So Zoran Drakulic, has sold a controlling stake of the company "ist. point West funds, the shareholders of which was not revealed as he "ist. point registered in Cyprus and because Serbia has no right to demand information about customers, this company owns numerous enterprises and mines in Serbia, it does not have the right nor to the tax on the sale of the company.
The largest Serbian tycoon Miroslav Miskovic sold his trading network "Maxi", whose debts increased by eight hundred million euros to the Belgian Fund.
Another oligarch Serbia Warrior Djordjevic was also in debt due to unpaid taxes under the age of one hundred million euros
The most famous Serbian oligarch Bogoljub Karic Serbia was under investigation, his property was confiscated, and against his family members and companions in the courts were going to progressirovanii which was prevented by the political refugee status received by Karic in the Russian Federation

In this case, these oligarchs have discovered that the United States put control of Serbia, did not need partners, but only in the blind executors of his will, and therefore carried out a systematic policy to destroy every major capital in Serbia, moglie would be for them to present a potential threat to the value of capital.

Conducted themselves in the "Western" spirit of the reform, had a fairly clear similarity in the objectives with the reforms after 1945 the Communist regime.

The only difference was in the methods, and the scale of the targets as Josip Broz Tito sought to create within a single Yugoslavia - "Yugoslavia" as a single nationality, apparently non-religious, whereas the European community and the United States, strive to create the type of Western "cosmopolitan" professing so-called "new Age"(New Age) religion.

About public morality there is no sense in detail to write, because society began to build a relationship largely for demagoguery, fraud, and money interest, and it is quite natural that those, who sincerely believed that protects the ideals of this nation eventually found itself on the sidelines of the society in which these ideals were a little unnecessary, and courage, duty and perseverance were replaced by selfishness, arrogance and lies.

In mass culture, especially in music, the benchmarks were taken from Turkish and Arabic, and Serbian society was stunned "narodnjaci" songs with primitive texts and Eastern music, performed even with the 1960s, in Bosnia local Gypsies and Muslims.

The General spiritual situation in Serbian people fairly well seen on the example of the so-called "Serbian brand" at the festival of trumpeters in Guca.

Picture of Gucci with the fusion in the ecstasy of the Serbian bearded and citizens with chikazumi, the Gypsy trumpeters and young girls with bare bellies, writhing under Turkish music and pour a liter of beer and brandy was quite colorful characteristics of the modern "serbsca".

This picture was aggravated by the quite deliberate policy of the EU upon return to Serbia, many Roma have emigrated from Yugoslavia to the EU, because in Serbia returned to Kosovo and even a Bosnian Roma, and the bulk of the Roma were merging in the South of Serbia, where they constituted a large percentage of the population that actually destabilize southern Serbia, bordering Kosovo.

While these Gypsies, considered themselves part of the Serbian nation and in this are supported not only by the part of Serbian politicians, but also part of Serbian society, leading to more than grotesque paintings, reminiscent of other lines from "Mowgli" by Rudyard Kipling.

All these social processes, coincided with the two processes of company allocation to Kosovo of the constitutional order of Serbia and with the sharp weakening of the defense capability of Serbia.

Simultaneously with the disintegration of Yugoslavia, which at the end of 2006 left Montenegro when the defense system of the former JNA tied to the Federal authorities of Yugoslavia experienced a sharp reduction, Washington and London launched the process on Kosovo's Declaration of independence.

After Yugoslavia in 2003 ceased to exist on paper, and under the patronage of Javier Solana was created the Union of Serbia and Montenegro, began a systematic destruction of the former army of Yugoslavia launched under the leadership of then-defense Minister Boris Tadic..

On the basis of signed with the EU "stability Pact South Eastern Europe (Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe) began the work of the Department UN – UNDP - for the destruction of "excess" weapons according to the act on the control of small and light weapons (Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SEESAC), which was the beginning of disarmament of the army.

Then in the course of various intricate combinations of the officials of the Ministry of defence of Yugoslavia, most of the ships of the Navy of the former Yugoslavia was in the navies of other countries, such as Egypt, while using advisers from NATO under the programme NAMSA is still an efficient T-55 tanks were written off and were playing metal, and MANPADS "Strela-2" and "Needle" were destroyed.

Skillfully playing on the contradictions of the various political-economic clans within Serbia and within Montenegro, the West has become a sort of justice of the peace in the relations between Serbia and Montenegro.

It is not surprising that in 2006, this Union came to an end after the referendum on Montenegro's independence.

With the final collapse of the Federal authorities began a new reform under the leadership of Boris tadić, but has already become in 2004 the President of Serbia.

In the end, one hundred thousand Army of Yugoslavia, has chetyrehsotletnem reserve, thousands of tanks and nearly a thousand other armored vehicles,3750 artillery,155 combat aircraft and 53 helicopters to the time of the unilateral Declaration of independence by Kosovo in 2008 has been reduced three times.

Such a policy is the almost complete lack of interest of Serbian society, has coincided with a rapid process of independence of Kosovo, which obviously was a potential source of a future war

After all, in February 2006 in Vienna negotiations began under the leadership of Martti Ahtisaari, which lasted eighteen months and ended in failure. New negotiations began in Baden, on 30 August 2007, also ended in failure.

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Agim Ceku, in November 2007 rejected the project the Kosovo compromise 2007" proposed by the government of Serbia on 6 November 2007 in Vienna and the project "Substantial autonomy" proposed by the government of Serbia, suffered a final collapse of the negotiations 28 November 2007 in Baden near Vienna.

The plan of Marti Ahtisaari, was rejected at a meeting of the Serbian Parliament on 13 February 2007 with the votes of 224 out of 225 MPs, that is an absolute majority.

Although on 19 March 2007 the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Churkin left the meeting of the UN security Council, where Russia and South Africa opposed the independence of Kosovo, and against the idea of Kosovo's independence also made and Slovakia no effect on the process it didn't. Although Churkin demanded that the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, to announce the plan on Kosovo's independence illegal, but he refused to do it.

Kosovo became an international protectorate of the UN received its independence, so even the flag of Kosovo was created with the use of the EU flag is a blue background, the outline of Kosovo with six stars.

The decision of the Parliament of Kosovo on 17 February 2008 Kosovo declared independence and the same day that independence acknowledged Costa Rica, and the next day, and the United States. As one of the first independence of Kosovo was recognized Afghanistan, more precisely in the US government until the middle of 2011, 76 countries had recognized Kosovo's independence.

It was quite natural that similar processes began in Vojvodina and so the 7th of November 2009 th year, the direct heirs of the Yugoslav Communists-socialists supported Serbia in the Parliament of Serbia the law which ensures the assimilation of the Status (and indeed the Constitution) of Vojvodina, the editors augmented the leader of the separatists in Vojvodina Nenad Chunks his two prepositions than, in fact, restored the 1974 Constitution when Vojvodina, de facto, had the right of the Republic in the SFRY. 14 Dec 2009 re-Vojvodina received the status of a form of autonomy and voted for this status not only "avtonomka" (separatists) of Vojvodina and representatives of Hungarian parties in Vojvodina 14% of the population is Hungarian), but members of the Democratic party of the then President of Serbia Boris Tadic and members of the Socialist party of Serbia Ivica Dacic succeed as party leader Slobodan Milosevic.

So how, then, was adopted and the Constitution of Vojvodina, with the ability to create ministries and private police, it is obvious that thereby indirectly such right was given and Sangaku, who had autonomy as Vojvodina, however, had a fairly homogeneous population, and with the cohesive and aggressive and the government formed by the Democratic party of Boris Tadic and the Socialist party Ivica Dacic, was created in the South of Serbia economic district that was based in the Sandzak.

In the end Serbia by 2015 continued to be a country with an unstable internal and external politics.

Almost complete control over Serbia turned out to be the London help, which was a variety of local oligarchs.

Her so-called elite, represented a mixture of the former party nomenclature, a layer of police, justice and intelligence services, as businessmen and criminal elements.

Vsilu generic structure of the local community for three decades was virtually complete fusion of crime and law enforcement, political and judicial elements. Any reforms of these structures and of Serbia as a state is not submitted as it was all bonded in different types of relationships from kinship and clannishness, to the collegial, political, and Masonic and dominated there, so to speak, "parochial" psychology.

This elite perceived itself as the owner of the state and accordingly was set sharply xenofobie.

However vsilu the constantly deteriorating economic situation, where in the province the average wage was in the 100-200 Euro, while the ruling elite of Serbia to maneuver, trying to flirt with the US and with Germany and France and the Arab countries and with China.

The final choice is in this case determined by the interests of the elite. Since the elite this is deeply mired in crime and links with various intelligence agencies, the most reasonable figure was the forces in the international arena, which put the Serbian authorities least of all conditions in relations to legality and most of all could give money cash

Naturally, such power was the Arab countries, primarily the UAE, based on the traditionally strong position of the UK in Serbia

Vsilu that have been committed understand the actions of the authorities of Serbia opening the doors of Arab capital in Serbia itself

This process is to stop was impossible, for he lay roots in the absolute dominance of psychology pecuniary interest in the local community, which for relatively small bribes was a policy to expand in almost any direction

An example of the action of the ruling SNS, basis made up of former ultra-nationalists SRS, which for the sake of money and power has asked Serbia where more rapid movement towards European integration than could do that so-called "Democrats".

Accordingly, in these conditions, the operation of the categories of economic benefit for determining the vector of the future policy of Serbia is pointless

Key factors here were the secret services of great Britain, which controlled the interior Ministry and the BIA, and the U.S. Supervisory structure of military security and the so-called "Montenegrin" Klan in law enforcement

Any optimistic predictions is impossible, because the root of the problem lies in the ego of this item, causing the volcano of the intrigue in any matter in the field of politics, economy and culture, making them impossible political solution

In the 21st century, all the former Yugoslavia was to represent a practical protectorate of the United States, which they ruled, providing newly independent state, quite in harmony with the spirit of the lines of Fyodor Dostoevsky from "diary of a writer (September - November 1877)" to feel part of Europe.

As Dostoevsky wrote the political elites of the South Slavs began to revel in the thought that they belong to the European elite. Though in this case they are too late, it became clear that Europe itself was already unable to control the territory of the former Yugoslavia without American help, while the latter many were caused not so much by US interests but rather the interests of the Islamic world-which according to the rules of "business" the United States and, in fact, sold the Balkans.

What then was the US air force and NATO, first in 1995 and then in 1999 without declaring war, bombed the Serbs was an open defiance of all rules of law in the actions of the US administration for which the main criterion of righteousness was their own benefit.

However, it is worth noting that Kosovo Serbs lost not only because of the global conspiracy, which often try to describe the other too ambitious, but not too educated authors seeking on the topic of Kosovo to gain political capital in the Serbian society, and thus profane a serious topic

The Serbs lost Kosovo and its independence, for the same reasons that lost its actual independence all of the once Christian Nations of the world. Of course, some people, like Serbian, Russian, German, and Spanish, in one way or another resisted by force of arms the establishment of a New world order, but eventually in the late 20th century was established the order throughout the former Christian world.

Oleg Valetsky

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