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"The President of Serbia respects the opinion of the West, Russia's position does not interest him"
Material posted: Publication date: 12-09-2018
In September in Brussels should continue direct talks between the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic and "President" of the separatist Kosovo Hashim Thaci about reaching the "comprehensive agreement on normalization of relations" between Belgrade and Pristina. Shortly before the start of a new round Aleksandar Vucic stated that Serbia, apparently as a result of these negotiations "will not receive anything". "If we do not give anything, what can you do... According to my predictions, so be it," — said Vucic on August 29.

My opinion about how similar the attitude of the head of the Serbian state can affect the course of negotiations, the correspondent of the Colossal was expressed by the Director of the Centre for geostrategic research (Belgrade) Dragan Trifkovic.

"First of all, it is unclear who authorized the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic to negotiate with the Albanian separatists in Brussels. No decision of the Serbian Parliament, which would give Vucic authority to negotiate on Kosovo," said Trifkovic. This question deputies of the opposition parties have repeatedly raised in Parliament, but never received an answer, she said. In addition, he added, the Serbian expert, unknown, on the basis of a political platform Aleksandar Vucic solve the Kosovo issue. "If the President has neither the authority nor the platform (or rather, politicians), the question arises on whose behalf Vucic serves on the negotiations and what he's negotiating," said Trifkovic.

She also recalled that the Serbian public is still not familiar with the contents of the agreements that were reached in Brussels. While Vucic dezinformare society; allegations that the commitments under the Brussels agreement with Kosovo separatists allegedly started to perform at the current and previous Serbian leadership headed by Boris Tadic, said Trifkovic.

"The President of Serbia informed several times repeated that it is impossible that the negotiations with Pristina one side got everything and the other nothing. Now he has said that the Serbian side will not receive anything. His statements about Kosovo and Metohija have recently become increasingly confused and contradictory. Besides the introduction of misleading the public about the steps taken by the ruling Progressive and Socialist parties, Vucic almost daily changes his statement today he says one thing, tomorrow something completely opposite, and the day after will deny everything, said first and second day. The public is confused and does not know how to react to such behavior," said Trifkovic.

According to the expert, the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina, which are held under the auspices of Brussels, it's time to declare failure. Aleksandar Vucic should take back the discussion of the question of Kosovo and Metohija under the jurisdiction of the UN, says Trifkovic. "He can't do it, because the West promised to sign the agreement with Pristina, which actually means the recognition of Kosovo as an independent state. That he will free the West from responsibility for wrongful acts and aggression in 1999 against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia", — said Trifkovic.

The extension of talks in Brussels, of course, leads to the realization of the worst of all possible scenarios for Serbia, said the expert. "But Alexander survived mainly concerned about how to fulfill their promises to the West, and not burden himself with analysis of the catastrophic consequences of this step for Serbia. Idea on exchange of territories or "differentiation" showed that Vucic has decided to go to the end, and that "he is ready for even more harmful steps just to get material on the basis of which he could present their policies as successful," she added.

"If we consider that Vucic has not received authority to negotiate on Kosovo from any public authority that it has no political platform for solving the Kosovo issue, in practice it is pursuing a policy the opposite to that which was presented to the voters what he is operating on false information, when it comes to the Brussels agreement and its implementation that he started a war with the Serbian Orthodox Church, the intellectual elite, the non-governmental sector and the majority of citizens of Serbia who oppose the ceding of Kosovo, we can confidently say, he has no right to address the question of Kosovo," said Dragan Trifkovic.

"Every day we have the opportunity to hear defeatist statements by the Serbian President that nothing in Kosovo we don't get that we're small and weak country and that no we do not offer", — the expert continued. At the same time, she said, such statements are not true, because Russia firmly stands for the protection of international law and Resolution 1244, rather, considers Kosovo and Metohija part of Serbia. "However, the Russian position in the Serbian information space is often interpreted wrongly. So, controlled by the regime media and their analysts argue that Russia's support section, or the surrender of Kosovo. Also ignores the position of China, which is similar to Russian. Based on this we can come to the conclusion that Vucic respects only Western opinion, which contradicts the Serbian state and national interests, and that he was not interested in the opinion of the countries that promote the preservation of Kosovo and Metohija within Serbia, the point of view of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, which he swore to protect," concluded Dragan Trifkovic.


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