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Serbia: Moscow is repeating the mistake of Yanukovych?
Material posted: Publication date: 27-04-2016
On the last Sunday in parliamentary elections in Serbia were won by the ruling Pro-European coalition and, soon Prime Minister Vucic scored 48%.

So what, the Serbs are probably the only Slavic people of Europe who sincerely loves Russia – he preferred the friendship and brotherhood the patronage of those who have recently bombed their houses?

It is not so simple. It is not only the winners of the election were assured and continue to assure the gullible Serbs that the EU is in no way contrary to the interests of Russia in the Balkans, but also... the Russian policy.

So, according to the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev, the victory of the Euro-integrators in Serbia – in the interests of Russia. Here's what he wrote on Facebook: "come To power political forces, advocating for a renewed Europe.. where there is no arrogant sense of their own exceptionalism to one part of it and claims this part, appropriated the name "Europe" to the truth in the last instance, where the political will is above omnipotence of the officials".

Who not rides still cunning plan Kosachev, the fact he "clearly" says: "who Won the elections in Serbia, the coalition includes two of our longstanding partners – the Serbian progressive and Serbian people's party, strongly opposed the country's membership in NATO and for a full rapprochement with Russia."

Firmly! And it's about people who are so close have approved a phased plan of partnership with NATO, which means that both the official-that the entry is not specifically required to be an actual member of this openly anti-Russian bloc!

– It is striking that not only Kosachev, but seemingly consistent statists, as Deputy Secretary of the General Council "United Russia" Sergei Zheleznyak says the success Vucic in a positive light – says the "Politnavigator" the President of the world Assembly of the Serbian Diaspora Dragan Stanojevic. Is, say, a message to Europe that it is time to change policy towards Russia, as if we are not talking about Pro-Western, and Pro-Russian policy.

"United Russia", remember, signed a similar cooperation agreement with the Serbian people's party, whose leader Nenad popović, renowned friendship and business relationship with the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council, member of the Supreme Council of "United Russia" Nikolay Fedorov. Popovich we were presented almost as "the protege of the Kremlin". That did not stop waity in a coalition with the Pro-Western and Vucic have "honor" to be invited to the famous Breakfast with Washington by the American President!.

By the way, when Popovich announced that goes with Vucic, assured that it is the will of Russia! And he, like, its – Russia – this Union represents!

Therefore, no one is not particularly surprised when on the last pre-election conference of the party, Vucic as the honorary guest appeared Zheleznyak. Given that in Serbia more than 70% of Pro-Russian voters, such messages are perceived as a reference to the action.

It's all very reminiscent premadonna Ukraine, where Russia has consistently supported the Pro-Russian candidate," which almost became the President took a decisive course towards European integration.

– Furthermore, the same Kosachev, for example, in Ukraine at the time supported openly Russophobic forces, statingthat the struggle for giving official status to the Russian language will infringe on the rights of Ukrainian citizens. That soon after the decree of President Medvedev was... appointed head of Rossotrudnichestvo.

– Of all Russian politicians, who visited Serbia during the election period, only Dmitry Rogozin took an unequivocal position by visiting Vojislav Seselj.

– Nine percent of the party of Seselj is a success or failure, given the popularity of the former Vice-President of Serbia?

– It's still a success compared to past 2% without a Radical party of Seselj, led Yes, with a disorienting position of Moscow.

– Perhaps, survived and was in a hurry with the early elections that were afraid of skyrocketing popularity only a month released from prison the prisoner of the Hague. Because the dynamics of the rating Vucic is still a negative in this election, he got 30% less votes.

– It should be noted that Vucic and the West have created a bunch of allegedly Pro-Russian movements, which also took away from Seselj a lot of votes.

Their true "Pro-Russian" Vucic demonstrated by the fact that howl celebrated the victory in the company of the English Ambassador (the UK is traditionally considered to be "looking" for the Balkans from the West, – D. S.).

And those pseudo-Pro-Russian movement who have declared personal support almost, the Russian foreign Ministry, received in the amount of 0.7%.

So, the current bravura statements Kosachev, iron ore and others take off – no more than a good face...

– ... under the Russian strategic presence in the Balkans?

"I think so.

Dmitry Skvortsov


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