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The Serbian Orthodox Church called a threat to U.S. policy in the Balkans
Material posted: Publication date: 27-07-2019
The increasing American expansion in the Balkans, when the United States vociferous in urging political leaders to make a choice in favor of Washington, the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) has become a serious obstacle to the realization of the geopolitical designs of the Anglo-Saxons in the region. While SPO is not only accused of close ties with Moscow, but also a destructive role in the Kosovo issue, for a more active settlement of which is going to connect the White house.

"The role of the United States in the Balkans, including in the negotiations of the presidents of Serbia and Kosovo, Aleksandar Vucic and Hashim Thaci, have become more leading," he said in an interview with "Voice of America" former commander of the U.S. army in Europe General Ben Hodges, adding that "this is the reason for which you want to contribute to the achievement of the agreement between Thaci and Survived".

The General has offered "to not only reject any "red lines", but also to provide them with (Vucic and Thaci) protection from Russian pressure, for example, can help Serbia to resist the pressure from the Serbian Orthodox Church that is associated with Russia."

Meanwhile, it is already known that in September, Washington intends to put forward a new initiative on Kosovo. "Since September when the US will start the promotion of their initiatives that I expect their position will be unambiguous, but, of course, will not be easy for us, in any way," - said Alexander Vucic. The politician stressed that more believes "Donald Trump and his national security adviser John Bolton than many people in the state Department".

What to expect from the US in the Kosovo conflict?

Experts agree that Americans are unlikely to offer something new: rather, it again goes on any form of "distinction" between Belgrade and Pristina.

Here what about this in an exclusive interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" said Metropolitan Chrysostomos Dabrobosanski. "I tried to understand the essence of the term, but he remained for me in the field misunderstood, - said the priest. - Differentiated whether the state of Serbia with its subject territory and citizens, or something else? Does "the distinction between" separation of ethnic Serbs and Albanians in Kim? Or only applies to exchange territories? So, speaking openly, do not understand what is meant when talking about "separation".

The Hierarch reminded of SPTS and the background to the question: "I was a member of the Holy Synod of bishops at the moment when there was the self-proclaimed Kosovo as a state (February 17, 2008). We were in despair, was sad and excited. Then the head of the Synod was blessed by the Patriarch Paul, who for 33 years had served as Bishop of Raska-Prizrenski. He was the hardest. In the atmosphere, one could feel the longing and fear of not knowing what will happen next. While we were in doomed state, there was a delegation of Americans, asked for an audience with the Patriarch. He decided to take them to the Synod that all members could hear the proposals that were going to announce guests. Interestingly, the key idea of representatives of Washington - "distinction", according to which Serbia retreated communities: Kosovska Mitrovica, Zvecan, Leposavic, Zubin Potok, but on the condition that Serbia recognizes Kosovo's independence, and the Church's approval. We were surprised and concerned. In light of the fact that the whole of Kosovo was taken away, the proposal looked like a humiliating consolation on the one hand, but the troubles that have come upon us, it also seemed to some extent a good and positive. Meanwhile, the wise Patriarch Paul, who for 33 years was suffering in Kosovo and Metohija, shaken by this, concluded his interview with the words: "Kosovo and Metohija is inseparable from Serbia. You robbed them, stealing, but to approve of your kidnapping, it's too much, and this is unacceptable. That stolen - stolen, but cannot be delivered!"

Metropolitan Chrysostomos Dabrobosanski openly said that currently sees no solution to the Kosovo issue, except in the framework of UN resolution 1244. "Kosovo and Metohija is an integral part of the Republic of Serbia currently under international control, he said. - We demand full respect for the UN resolutions. Kosovo and Metohija is the heart of the Serbian people. Kosovo is not only the territory, it is a symbol of our moral values, centered on this Serbian land. And as the Holy land - the land of fathers and forefathers, that the Holy and inseparable for the Jewish people and our Kim is a Holy Serbian land of our Holy fathers and forefathers."

Why the US is trying to close the Kosovo issue?

The answer is obvious - it would allow Washington to accelerate the process of Euro-Atlantic integration of Serbia. This is what I warn the bishops of the SOC, in particular, the Bishop of Zvornichko-tuzlanski SOC Photius, who drew attention to the fact that Orthodox peoples are an obstacle to the expansion of the West to the East. "We prevented Napoleon, prevented Hitler and many others who went to Russia, and a similar scenario is unfolding and at this stage, - quotes the words of the Lord, the Agency SRNA. Now the balance of power in the world is such that allows the West to pull together and try once again to achieve the goal - to break through to the East, and we are on their way, and because of this we have many times suffered".

The priest pointed out that the Serbian people have always been close to the Russian: in faith, culture, writing, and, especially, on some special relation to justice in life. This is what always allows the Serbs to look at the Russian like brothers, he adds.

Bishop Photios called any rapprochement between Serbs with NATO immoral. "Our people have already said that we will not be able to accept it (the Euro-Atlantic integration - approx. "RG"), since we survived the NATO bombing and the Serb Republic, and Serbia - said the priest. - Many of us had injuries and clearly - it would not be moral". In his opinion, should not be in a hurry and Serbs in the EU, it is necessary to instruct experts to carefully assess benefits and possible consequences of this step.


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