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The events in Macedonia – the script remains the same
Material posted: -Publication date: 23-11-2001

The ongoing operation of NATO forces in Macedonia did not undergo any explicit changes in terms of direction and performances have been prepared script.

Since the mid 90-ies, despite the ostentatious optimism of the U.S. and NATO on the issue of early admission to the Alliance's new members from the Balkan States in the framework of the program "Strаtegic home" (including Macedonia), became the clear-cut line, according to which the Balkan countries will not be soon accepted into the Alliance for a number of reasons, primarily because of the impossibility of complete and absolute subordination of the Slavic population of these countries to the objectives of NATO. We can assume that in this situation the specialists of the USA and NATO proposed a new approval program of the Alliance in the Balkans by fomenting and maintaining of a few low-intensity conflicts, with the purpose of formation in place of sovereign States in the series of NATO protectorates. Today this policy is implemented in respect of Yugoslavia and Macedonia.

This conclusion is confirmed by the results of the analysis of the recent NATO action in Macedonia.

In the period of Yugoslav crisis, Western intelligence agencies carefully studied the degree of equipment of fighters of KLA[1]. In addition to heavy and light weapons, which for a knockdown price due to the looting of the Albanian army depots in 1997, a significant portion was purchased with money of the Italian mafia and deployed to Kosovo via Albania, Bosnia, Croatia and even Macedonia. At the time, the Albanian government asked the UN to provide assistance in the return of 650 thousand units of heavy and light weapons in the hands of the population of the country. Within a few months UN experts have established that the arsenals of the Albanian army were abducted 226 thousand AK-47, 351 thousand rifles SKS, pistols 38 thousand, 25 thousand manual and easel machine guns, 2.5 thousand hand grenades and 750 howitzers. At the same time the Albanian government had declared missing 215 thousand antipersonnel mines, 1 million anti-tank mines, 20 thousand tons of TNT and half a million rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition. a Considerable part of the stolen weapons were sold to the Albanian Diaspora in Kosovo and Macedonia. And against this background, the "peacekeepers" of NATO as part of operation "Essential harvest" plan to collect in Macedonia a total of about 3 thousand units of the weapon!

This situation today has become the centre of media attention in the UK. According to the British, if it is only on the collection of 3 thousand units of weapons, this is almost equal to the number of NATO troops are clearly too high.

Of course, the estimate of 80 million units of weapons given by the government of Macedonia, a much more accurate reflection of the situation, but the Western media is already a few days before the start of the operation clearly outlined the boundaries of the possible concessions from the Albanians: 3000 units and not the barrel more, and voluntarily!

During the Kosovo crisis spokesman of the KLA Sull Ghani said: "NATO needs to "cut a corridor" for the KLA destroying Serbian tanks and artillery, securely covering the administrative border of Kosovo". Now on the way Albanian terrorists faced the army of Macedonia, and again to help the rebels comes "Big brother" NATO.

In this connection it is appropriate to quote Mike Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa, Canada. In his article, the translation of which was published in the newspaper "Soviet Russia"[2]he notes that Western media claims that the US and the EU played a mediating role in the "internal conflict". Public opinion of the West are told that the crisis in Macedonia stems primarily from infringement of the social, political and cultural rights of the Albanian minority and that the "international community" seeks to end the violence between "government forces and Albanian rebels", helping both sides reach a settlement. And only this!

The truth is that, according to M. Chossudovsky, Liberation army of Kosovo (OAK) and the National liberation army (NLA) in Macedonia are auxiliary military forces of the United States. The leaders of OAK and NOAH, who until recently were on the contents of the UN mission in Kosovo, trained by officers of special forces of the UK and the USA.

Most Western media describe terrorists as "Albanian rebels" protecting the rights of ethnic minorities in Macedonia. However, there is ample evidence that the KLA-NLA are well-organized mercenary forces, comprising, including, and mercenaries from the countries-members of NATO.

Western media claim that the American Ambassador James Pardew aims to "help resolve". In fact, its military intelligence mission was, through threats, intimidation and political manipulation to achieve the signing of the "framework document" which was signed on 13 August by S. g.. the point of this paper is to create a legal justification for the occupation of Macedonia by NATO troops. To achieve this goal the leaders of Macedonian political parties were deceived and involved in a questionable transaction and (according to one source) directly bribed. All this are major economic interests of the United States. At the time, as "mediators" of the US and the EU promised that "peace agreement" lays the basis for "disarming the rebels" and to ensure the ceasefire, in reality things are moving in the opposite direction. NATO has no intention to fully disarm ANOA, to deprive the separatists sophisticated weapons with the stamp "made in USA".

M. Chossudovsky further notes that the NATO intervention code-named "Essential harvest", under the control of great Britain, performs a few basic tasks. First of all is not to "disarm the rebels" but to weaken and demoralize the armed forces of Macedonia, as evidenced by the pressure exerted by Washington on Ukraine to force it to stop military assistance to Macedonia. The agreement is intended to strengthen the atmosphere of ethnic hatred between the Albanian minority and the Macedonian majority, which would justify further military and political intervention on "humanitarian grounds" and finally the "framework agreement" lays the Foundation for the transformation of Macedonia into a NATO protectorate (as was the case with Bosnia and Kosovo), which will lead to the destruction of Macedonia as a country. By signing the agreement, the authorities of Skopje under pressure really has abandoned its authority to one third of its territory, opening the way to the occupation of the country by NATO in violation of international law. This interpretation of events coincides with the opinion of Russian experts.

Analysis of the current situation in the Balkans suggests the possibility of expanding the conflict and the emergence of a new hotbed of tension - this time in Greece as a result of the support (information and financial) official Ankara unfolding in Albania, the movement of the so-called "Cham". So on organized in June of this year, meetings and demonstrations at the Embassy of Greece demanded to return them to their historical homeland, compensation for the confiscated property and the subsequent creation of the their cultural autonomy. Turkey, like Greece, is a member of NATO, and therefore promises to put the subject on the international level.

In addition, back in the mid 90-ies the masons of Greece, proclaiming the new aspirations of the "world backstage" openly declared its full support for the territorial claims of Athens to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia ("True", 13.02.1996).

The transformation of Macedonia into a submissive protectorate of the North Atlantic Alliance is the next step towards further militarization of the Balkans. Many experts agree that in many ways all this is reminiscent of the occupation of the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia by Nazi Germany in the Munich agreement between Hitler and Chamberlain. The annexation of the Sudetenland "third Reich" became a prerequisite to the invasion of Poland in 1939. In this situation, the governments of many States, seeking to plunge the peoples of their countries into the ranks of the Alliance members, should reflect on the possible consequences of their complicity in the dirty business of NATO. The example of Macedonia, yesterday so zealously sought to NATO, allows to draw some conclusions.

Given the pattern of actions of the American military, it is possible to accurately predict future developments, not only in the Balkans but also in some surrounding areas. It is necessary to expect provocations during the election campaign in Belarus, in regard to the Kaliningrad region, in Central Asia and in other regions on the outskirts of the state border of Russia and often in its territory. Positive developments in the economic and social revival of Russia and strengthening people's Republic of China forced the U.S. and NATO rush to realize their aspirations of world domination.

[1] shoulder to Shoulder with the mob. Ambitions of a United Albania produces on criminal grounds. Vladimir Vladimirov, "Independent military review" (HBO), electric. version of the app. to "NG" (MNWO). Room 019 (142) dated may 21, 1999

[2] The Occupation Of Macedonia. Michael Chossudovsky, translation from English. V. Tetekin. "Soviet Russia", August 28, 2001

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