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10 improvised weapons of the Syrian rebels
Material posted: Publication date: 05-06-2013

Syrian rebels created a lot of crazy weapons to fight against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. They made weapons from PlayStation controllers, ropes, fertilizers, and explosives from unexploded bombs. This desire for artisanal solutions now could end – or at least, to go on the decline – because the European Union ended the embargo on arms, which hindered the flow of weapons to Syrian rebels. This move is likely to give them access to a much more perfect specimens of the military industry. And we also take a look at 10 of the most intriguing improvised inventions of the rebels.


A pipe bomb

A homemade bomb is a standard improvised weapons, mainly because they are relatively easy to construct. Explosive, fuse, and shell give in the amount of lethal and quite unpredictable weapons. Opposition fighters have put online a video showing their self-made creations, some of which are made of materials of unexploded bombs.

Slingshot for bombs

The main drawback of grenades and homemade bombs is that people can't throw them far enough. And just for this are the slingshot like this. In the web you can find a video in which a team of two puts the bomb into the pocket of the slingshot: one of them takes aim and pulls the rubber, the other lights the fuse and the bomb goes over the wall.

Homemade tank

Named "Sham II", this armored vehicle is a by and large, a tank for the poor. It is made of chassis and steel plates inch thickness, and there is a place for the driver and the shooter. Cameras mounted on the armoured vehicle, give the driver a four-sided review, but the camera on the turret allows the gunner to see where he shoots. The turret itself is controlled by the redesigned controller from the PlayStation, and uses the 7.62, which allows you to shoot the same ammunition that AK-47.

Hell of a gun

Hell cannon Hell Cannon) is a massive artillery system, capable of sending projectiles a distance of a mile. It is produced in large quantities and can carry on the trunk of two missiles. The basic shell for this gun is a converted gas bottle, as ammunition for a makeshift weapon, as a rule, quite difficult to find.

The grenade launcher

This device is a shotgun converted to fire homemade bombs. Bowl at the end of the barrel holds the bomb in place, and modified charge shot shoots her in the right direction. The second person in the calculation of the required to ignite the wick of the bomb when it is in the trunk. With the end of the embargo, Syrian rebels will likely begin to use a Croatian grenade launchers RBG-6, samples of which have already been found in Jordan.


From among the different catapults that were used in Syria, this is more reminiscent of medieval kanneltalo car. Catapults are still relatively effective weapon, despite the fact that they are large and difficult to move from place to place – because they do not require fuel for its operation. And though they themselves are effective enough, their accuracy leaves much to be desired.


This converted turret has found a new life as a homemade gun, mounted on a trailer that carries a truck. Parts removed from combat vehicles, in the absence of modern weapons and vehicles, represent one of the main ways for the militants to arm themselves.

Mortar truck

Indirect fire is a very useful method of attack, it allows you to throw explosive projectiles through walls and buildings. But as it is very popular, that is a considerable chance in a mortar attack on the checkpoint to meet the same retaliatory mortar fire. This is dedicated to a science, but it doesn't matter if you have the opportunity to take some shots and move to a new position without waiting for the response of fire. And for this is this on the truck mounted mortar system.

The robot gunner

It's not completely remote-controlled machine, but this wired machine gun is a very distant relative of advanced combat robots. You control them with a controller attached to its wire. Weapons the robot has no wheels or caterpillars, which would allow him to easily get over challenging terrain, so it can get stuck even on a small stone. However, sending in a dangerous corner of the robot, not the person – is a smart move, and a robot that can shoot back is even better.

Wireless gun

This Soviet machine gun, mounted on the frame and controlled remotely. A small video in the network, where it can be seen, shows that there is no camera attached – and therefore, the operator should control where it shoots. Also, I don't think he can shoot with full speed, because the recoil from a single shot almost knocks him.

In the modern world there are much more sophisticated types of remotely-controlled machine guns. For example, South Korea has some incredibly high-tech products, controlling the Korean demilitarized zone, however, it is unlikely that they will need to Syrian rebels. Although, of course, if their war will result in a 60-year-old passive confrontation, they can reconsider their views.


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