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16 Russian special forces against 300 fighters
Material posted: Publication date: 11-05-2017
"Komsomolskaya Pravda" became known details of the battle in Syria, in which four officers of the special operations Forces of the Russian Federation submitted to the state awards.


Four young officers in dress uniform on Frunzenskaya embankment, Moscow has not attracted attention. Victory Day on the streets of the capital are traditionally many people in uniform at the awards. Clean-shaven face, clean, open-minded, free spring in your step... They came to the monument to the heroes of the film "Officers" in front of the National center of defense, laid flowers and took the "under the hood", giving a military salute to the bronze prototypes of the heroes of the past. A group of young people waiting their turn, happily stuck to the monument and organized a memorable photo shoot. If only they knew that two steps away from cine officers are the real living heroes of the present time, to leave without a selfie for sure would not give. It is about such as these two Lieutenant colonels and two captains Vladimir Putin said at the Victory Parade:

"We feel the blood, penetrating kinship with the generation of heroes and winners. And addressing him, say: you will never be ashamed of us. Russian, a Russian soldier today, as at all times, showing courage and heroism, ready for any feat. These warriors are today, and here at the parade on red square in Moscow. The country is proud of you!"

On the proposal of the Minister of defence to award the officers of the Supreme Commander with his own hand brought a resolution: "Hand over in person".

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to name the full names of these heroes. Yes, and from a selfie, they probably would have refused. Daniel, Eugene, novel and Vyacheslav officers of the Special Operations Forces (SSO), the elite of the Russian armed forces. Recently the President signed a Decree on awarding them high state awards. Colonel Daniel as the group commander was awarded the title Hero of Russia.

Four young officers in dress uniform on Frunzenskaya embankment has not attracted high uniminuto: Victor ГУСЕЙНОВtrue_kpru

I was always struck by the modesty with which the real heroes tell about their exploits. They say, nothing special, just work.


Standard day routine, shrugs Daniel.

- There were reports that in one district of the province of Aleppo in Syria, the frequent attacks of the militants Jeban al-Nusra (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization - ed.) on the defensive positions of government forces, says Colonel Yevgeny. - Was given the task to move to the area to conduct reconnaissance, to identify places where terrorists technology to restore our aircraft. Set, started to work.

A group of Russian commandos from 16 people, being close to the front line, figured the building in which dwelt the enemy, strongholds, armored vehicles, ammunition depots, routes of movement. All the information with the coordinates of the fighters quickly passed on to headquarters and adjust air strikes. With the help of aviation was destroyed three tanks, one battery of MLRS (multiple launch rocket systems fire — Ed.) a homemade launcher, two warehouses of the terrorists.

Fruitfully worked in General - smiling Eugene. But one fine morning, everything has deteriorated. Began shelling our positions. Used "Grad", mortars, artillery and tank shelling.

16 Russian special forces in the province of Aleppo during the day repelled the attack 300 militants


Syrian troops due to confusion between units moved. Colonel Daniel decides to stay on the cutting edge.

Drone found Shahid-mobility (car, loaded with explosives, driven by suicide bomber - ed.), moving on our position, he says. But our experienced ptarmica worked in time. A car bomb exploded before reaching us.

Ptarmica is a subgroup of the special forces, specializing in anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM - Ed.). Her commander, captain Roman, Syrian, explains the specifics of the work.

- To be clear, before Shahid-mobile was a bulldozer, lined with three or four layers of sheet steel, between which filled sand. Hit from an RPG-7 does not cause much harm to such a machine. And is coming for him car bomb. As a rule — is a BMP-1. Took position on the right flank, the operator ATGM "Kornet" with the first rocket hit the BMP. The explosion was so strong that failure came even marching in front of the bulldozer! After that, I had to immediately change position. The enemy had a large number of ATGM (anti-tank missiles - ed.) mostly of foreign production. After our shots within 30-40 seconds the rocket came from the other side. I had to run. Over the next hour and a half we managed to destroy a tank, worked with neighboring high-rises for our group. We must pay tribute to comrades there is not quite simple. In the same position did not stay long. To hit a tank, had to work hard. And in the late afternoon destroyed some anti-aircraft guns Zu-23 on the car. Special thanks to our complex "cornet", which once again showed itself from the best side.

During daylight hours a small group of Russian special Operations Forces successfully repulsed four attacks by terrorists. Thus, according to conservative estimates, the attackers was about 300 people.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to name the full names of these geraete: !The archives of "KP"true_kpru

- And these were highly trained people, - said the Colonel, Daniel. After, during the inspection it became clear that the terrorists were very well equipped. Imported form camera a go-Pro on their heads, medicine is very expensive. Was including dark-skinned mercenaries. In General, the experience of the Syrians to such resources is not enough. And on the field, they behaved as was to be seen a serious preparation. And weapons, in addition to the Soviet and Chinese — American and Israeli.

By nightfall, the group commander takes the decision to mine the approaches to their positions. Armed with night vision devices and thermal imaging equipment sappers under cover of snipers moved at 500 meters from the front edge. In the direction of the enemy. The barrage of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines sub-group of the captain Vyacheslav installed in the managed option. And not in vain.


Little dawn, militant attacks continued, I went to the second, the third wave, as casually Vyacheslav tells. - We have consistently undermined the barrier, destroying several armored vehicles and personnel.

Exactly how many were killed of the rebels to count almost impossible. According to our commandos, the night the terrorists are trying to make the field of battle of their dead. But only on the approaches to the shelters of fighters of the MTR was found about 30 bodies. The commandos stayed on the position for more than a day, when approached by government forces. Terrorists attack then the mood was gone. The Russians handed over their borders and the Syrians retreated to their original position without loss.

- You consciously made the decision to take the fight or it was spontaneous? - I asked the team leader.

- We already know their psychology, we know that for a long time to come, they can not, - says Lieutenant Colonel Daniel. We were confident in their abilities, the terrain to keep the defense allows. Ensue, it's even harder, so they were in a losing situation.

- And if you moved away?

The militants would occupy the commanding heights, it would take you weeks to hit these positions again. Plus losses from the Syrian army would have been much higher.

- In those conditions it was the only solution, - said Eugene. Something else there to do it.

On the proposal of the Minister of defence to award the officers of the Supreme Commander with his own hand brought a resolution: "Hand over in person".

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