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A Battalion Of Turan — Blackwater Russia!
Material posted: Publication date: 12-12-2017
The soldiers of the battalion "Turan", consisting of representatives of the Turkic peoples in Central Asia, was captured in Syria. A battalion of mercenaries "Turan" is likened to the Blackwater forces, which the US uses in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Members of the battalion "Turan", in whose ranks reportedly include specially trained troops sent by Russia to Syria, was seen in Deir-ez-Zor on the North of the country. Battalion, about which little is known, and even in the Russian media call it "mysterious", for the most part consists of Kazakhs, the Saki, the Yakuts, Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Azeris, Turkmen. It is reported that a battalion of mercenaries were planted in Syria to fight ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), unconventional methods of warfare.

Former members of the special forces

The number of group "Turan", which are former Russian "special forces", is estimated at 800-1200 people. In addition, the battalion filled up by ex-military that for eight months of intensive training in methods of "guerrilla warfare". Members of the battalion "Turan", which, as noted, consists of ex-military Muslims aged 30 to 50 years, reported in social networks about their successes in the war against ISIS. Russian media noted the high contribution of this group in the fight against terrorists.

They have NATO weapons

The unit, which in the first stage are assumed to have arrived in the region of Hama, composed of 400 people, later were seen in HOMS, Palmyra, and other areas of Syria to support the forces of the Syrian regime. It is reported that the group that uses not only such Russian weapons as the Kalashnikov rifle, but a weapon of the NATO countries, is a private military company. Fighters of the battalion "Turan" was also seen carbines of American manufacture, the M-4 and M-16. Experts liken this battalion security company Blackwater, which hired military, used US in many places, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some Russian Newspapers write about the inadmissibility of the methods of the battalion "Turan", which do not differ essentially from the methods of ISIS.

Their idol — Tamerlane

The blue and red and black stripes on the sleeves of soldiers of the paramilitary battalion there is an inscription "Turan", the hand in which the rifle and three points. On a conventional image of the rifle — attributed to Tamerlan saying "strength is in justice" and the three dots are supposed to symbolize the flag of the Timurid Empire, which existed from 1370 to 1507.

Receive 150 thousand rubles a month

In Russia attract the attention of two companies like Blackwater. One of them is "Wagner", created by a native of Ukraine, Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Utkin, the second battalion of Turan. It is reported that the "Wagner" has about five thousand mercenaries, including in Syria, there are Muslims-Chechens, and the strength of the battalion Turan reaches 1.2 thousand people. Russian newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" interview with an ex-military mercenary, who until recently served in one of these companies. The newspaper wrote that the mercenaries in Syria receive 150 thousand rubles a month (about two thousand 600 dollars). And the salary of commanders is more than four thousand dollars a month.

The dark army

One of the largest private security companies in the world, Blackwater, receiving tenders of the state Department, Pentagon, CIA in the amount of hundreds of millions of dollars, provides support for the operations of the American army, primarily in Afghanistan and Iraq. Founded in 1997, the company, which employs thousands of mercenaries, since 2006, also provides services for the protection of American diplomats. As a result of indiscriminate shooting in 2007 in Baghdad by a group of Blackwater employees who believed that they got ambushed, killed 17 civilians. In addition to this incident, known as the incident at nisour square, in respect of employees of the company, there are many other complaints and lawsuits on charges of torture, ill-treatment, killings. The company, through which, as expected, workers ' party of Kurdistan passed the American-made weapons to conceal notoriety in 2009 changed its name to Xe Services and in 2011 at the Akademi.


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