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As the Soviet forces from Lebanese militants spoke
Material posted: Publication date: 22-06-2017
September day 1985 machine with unknown terrorists clipped two cars of the Soviet Embassy in Lebanon was in them doctor Nicholas swirski, Vice-Consul Arkady Katkov and employees of the residency of foreign intelligence Oleg Spirin and Valery Myricom. They were forced into cars and taken away in an unknown direction, and Arkady Katkov was shot, he just had no help, he has gangrene, and he was shot.

Our intelligence services have determined that the perpetrators of the abductions were the Palestinians and perhaps the hostages were held in Baalbek. Tucked Palestinian bandits aide to Yasser Arafat, nicknamed the Hyena, his name was Imad Mugnie. Soon, the Hyena came to our Embassy and delivered an ultimatum: the Soviet Union needs to put pressure on Syrian President Hafez al-Assad, to cease operations in North Lebanon and left this territory for the Palestinians.

At the same time, the Embassy was surrounded by Palestinian militants. They stated that they will attack and shoot not only those who were kidnapped, but all of the Embassy staff. Here such loyal friends. The Ambassador reported this to the highest level, then went on a telephone conversation with Yasser Arafat and asked him how he could do this to your friends:

– In addition, Mr. Arafat, you represent that your threat about the storming of the Embassy is simply unreal, because Lebanon is, as you know, about a hundred thousand soldiers of the regular Syrian army, which at any moment will come to our aid. Please take into account this factor and in such impermissible tone with me to talk. And give this to your assistant Hyena (Ambassador specially revealed Arafat, knows that the nickname fighting Lugna) that he forgot the word "ultimatum" in relations with the Soviet Union.

Was talking to our Ambassador deliberately harsh. Then he in an authoritative tone demanded the release of our diplomats and to lift the siege of the Embassy. A special apparatus was allowed to listen after I hung up. Arafat knew nothing about it. After the conversation, confident in the fact that we can't hear him, he told his subordinates that they are in any case the hostages were not released, the Embassy has not released until Syrian troops will come from the North of Lebanon.

Advisor to the chief of intelligence continued the story: – this is why Andrei Rogov was tasked to conduct reconnaissance of the area to find the hostages in Baalbek to allow the military operation to free them, and Horns after the first unsuccessful attempt addressed to our chief, and he decided to use us. I was indignant: – As Yasser Arafat has decided to take such actions against us, because we and the leaders of the PLO has put forward, and in a large volume to provide economic and military aid? How many millions we put into it! His fighters only use our weapons, which mostly had them delivered free of charge. – No one understands it, even our senior management. But at the same time losing control over the Palestinian movement does not. "Vympel" in Lebanon for this reason, our senior management took the bold and unprecedented decision. On the orders of Yuri Andropov this task decided to entrust just created the group "Vympel". To control the operation he charged General Yuri Ivanovich Drozdov.

A group of ten people secretly arrived in Lebanon. For the first time for our military doctrine and intelligence decided to act according to the method of intimidation. How and with whom they communicated, is still unknown. There is an assumption that intelligence received information from the leader of the Druze community, Walid Jumblatt. He said the place where the leaders of the group that seized our hostages. And maybe our office has contacted the Israeli intelligence service MOSSAD, this also could be.

Because the principles of operation of the "Vympel" is quite consistent with the principles of the action of special groups the MOSSAD. Unexpectedly for the Palestinians, someone suddenly began to kill close associates of Yasser Arafat and Hyenas. One by one destroyed more than ten commanders. And then the Hyena sent a written ultimatum, and the letter brought him a boy, that is given to understand that you know where it is. This letter was written to the Hyena chose the next victim, if he did not let the Soviet hostages.

And He realized that as came to him, the victim is likely to be himself. And one day at the gate of the Soviet Embassy in Beirut knocked three of a bearded man – our diplomats. The siege of the Embassy were also removed. After that, the task force disappeared as quietly as it had arrived. As far as I know, Yasser Arafat was furious with anger and powerlessness, but to do anything could not. He realized that the Soviet Union is a friend, but the other such that the teeth can show, and so it must be friendship. And it was our political victory in relations with the PLO.

And our mission was connected with the fact, ' said the Colonel, that, according to intelligence, the hostages were in prison in Baalbek. Then they maybe transferred to the Palestinian camp of Shatila, though, maybe they stayed until the end of the operation in Baalbek. Anyway, at first it was assumed the power option release of these hostages, and for this it was necessary to know where the prison is and how guarded.

And our group got, in fact, in the heart of this Palestinian resistance movement, is almost completely provided a video of the area, using the latest digital reconnaissance equipment associated directly with the satellites. When they have shot a panorama of Baalbek, and even in the height of the temple, information is transmitted through space in Moscow, in the Center. There were visible the smallest details of all need for our intelligence structures. So our journey to Baalbek was necessary, and we all played a big role. And although all ended without a military option, we have fulfilled our mission. Eyewash two weeks in the framework of the program "Club kinoputeshestvennikov" showed the film "20 minutes for Lebanon", shot by reporters of Central television.

And we shared a dozen bottles of whiskey between them, not forgetting our General. Yury Ivanovich Drozdov in the 90-ies was dismissed from the service, a group of "Vympel" has ceased to exist. After the 2000 decision to disband the group will be considered incorrect and will be recruited the new team but it will be another group and another story.

Terentyev Andrey


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