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On the creation of Special Operations Command
Material posted: Publication date: 21-03-2015
The closer Washington announced in 2014 the conclusion of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF), the more explosive the situation became in Central Asia. A combined Afghan tribes ruled by radical Muslim parties, under the control of the Taliban, suggests in the very near future is not spontaneous and organized threat to the export of Islamic extremism and drug trafficking of opium in the territory of the CSTO, Iran, and therefore - and Russia. And this threat will come not from a weakened and fragmented tribal strife, and a holistic, increasing hostility and Afghanistan.

Now much is told about "setetsentricheskih" wars. But appropriate production engineering of operations only a few countries, unfortunately, own.

In the war concept of "new type» special troops as one of constituents of forces of special operations and as an organ, capable independently to extract and implement the information gained or extracted by him, - will play one of dominant roles in support of national safety of Russia.

If to size up experience of the countries which actively conduct operations in various regions of the world abundantly clear that all of them add the Forces of Special Operations (SSO) huge value. Such commands are created today practically in all leading armies of the world and permanently develop. So, for example, the USA reinforce military survey RUMO of a secret-service component - with the task to ensure the SSO the authentic and timely information from "land" for its usage in a proper place and in due time.

Advantage SSO, or, on our nomenclature, "special troops" - consists first of all that it can successfully act both in large-scale war, and in local confrontations, on an instance of Afghanistan, or to ensure conducting of counterterrorism operations. Differently, Forces of special operations and their constituent, "special troops", is the general-purpose offensive weapon. The country and the army owning this weapon, will always have advantage over the opponent who has no that.

Today in the Russian Armed forces the imperative need of creation of uniform Command of special operations (KSO) with submission to it of forces of special operations has ripened: parts of a special purpose, "special troops". At creation KSO it is necessary to start with an estimation of the probable opponent and character of the future confrontations. KSO should be able carry out planning and perform operations in a confrontation or in local (regional) war and simultaneously is active participate in one-two counterterrorism operations without engaging of additional forces and means, and reserve shapings KSO to attract only at the closing stage. In «the big war» KSO should carry out of the task independently, but gain to carry out at the expense of engaging of reserve shapings and mobilisation development. Such approach defines a basis for structure formation KSO, determinations of its composition and fighting possibilities, the subordination order, and also the order and volume of financing for performance of all complex of tasks.

Creation of Command of special operations - is not simple shaping of an additional organ of military control and transmission to it of any subdividings, and creation of the rigorous offensive combat arm until now missing in the full, finished type in structure of Armed forces of the Russian Federation.

With a modification as a whole character and methods of the armed struggle, methods of not lethal affecting on the countries and the population, scales of application of troops and armaments, approaches to army structures change also. The USA, Great Britain and other countries, having survey as a type of the offensive weapon, for a long time already were defined with ways and methods of its development and perfection, we in this problem, adhering to defensive strategy, much more we concede only because survey cannot be defensive.

Survey is today an offensive means in the arm of the politician and the military leader.

Growth of possibilities of engineering survey and convergence of the gained information in a uniform flow demand new approaches, as to structures of army survey (a part / operative command), and to structures of strategic survey to which refers to also special troops parts. Creation of Command of special operations will allow to solve the whole seam of the tasks not solved in the modern conditions standing both before Armed forces of Russia as a whole, and directly ahead of survey. It will allow to create combat arm in essence new to Russia, having merged in it various for the present separate structures and having created new, not having analogues in the world.

Concentration of forces of special survey (survey/erasure) and other structures necessary for performance of special tasks, preparation and their equipment under uniform demands, application under uniform command, - will allow to be valid and means for performance of almost all priorities in the limited time, in the conditions of large-scale war on any strategic direction.

In the conditions of origin of nonconventional methods of guiding of war (counterterrorism operations, «colour revolutions», outgrown in the armed opposition as Libya and Syria) it is necessary to apply all complex of forces and means of special operations as best tool in struggle against insurgents: in real time and with real outcomes. Experience of Syria shows that any armed opposition needs to be localised resolute acts at the initial stage, without admitting its growth. And the most effective weapon for these purposes are forces of special troops.


Besides, their application will allow to organise, ensure and lead strategic and special survey in a total storage: both in the conditions of threatened phase, and at the initial stage and during direct confrontation or large-scale war by enough of forces and means.

Developing and implementing tactics and strategy of application of special troops, and also other structures of special operations, KSO should supervise over conducting road operations, the organisation of insurgent, guerrilla and subversive and terrorist acts in territories and in back of probable opponents. And also, considering the gained private experience and studying experience of other countries, to carry out development, implementation and special troops support by the newest systems of armament, mastering and usage of these systems of armament and survey directly during involvement in operations. Not only personal courage and bravery, but also the superiority of a hardware will promote performance by special troops of its fighting tasks.

At the uniform centralised approach to completion, instruction, a dislocation, to layout, support of the subsequent application of staff after service in armies, Command of special operations on the basis of comprehensive communication with structures of the Russian private military companies (after acceptance of the appropriate law) the mobilisation reserve permanently ready to fighting application necessary for secured performance of tasks in view will have.

KSO, under the country leaders solution, can assist our foreign allies in support of their national safety, in fight against terrorism and the international criminality. It will allow to organise and perform operations on rendering of the humanitarian help, and also search and rescue operations, thereby notifying propagation of acts of terrorism on territory of Russia.

Considering trends of development of the modern armed struggle where the considerable role is played by the organizational and informational weapon, KSO, interacting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other power structures, can participate in conducting of special psychological operations, operations of the informational character and the operations hindering propagation of weapons of mass destruction.

KSO, possessing set forth above, and also the advantages not mentioned in the text, considerably will increase fighting possibilities of Armed forces of Russia, will raise safety and defensive power of our state.

The important factor at the solution of a problem on creation of Command of special operations is the problem of its status and the subordination, in many respects defining military efficiency of the given organisation. Considering the stored experience of conducting of special actions, the most expedient are represented to subordinate Command of special operations not GRU, and to the Minister of Defence through the Chief of the Joint Staff, and to use it only under the personal order of the Supreme commander in chief Armed forces, that is the President of the Russian Federation. Advantages of the given approach are obvious: it and raise of the status of again created structure of control, and abbreviation of an administrative component, and a possibility of selection of purposeful financing and that is important, personal responsibility.

Structure KSO should ensure the solution of all spectrum of the present and perspectiv tasks, that is in a peace time or in threatened phase independently, or in interacting with power structures (FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Measures, etc.) to carry out necessary counterterrorism operations in territory of the country and behind its limits, if needed - together with Russian CHVK.

Cooperation with the last will allow to influence in every spots on the globe where interests of Russia are infringed and simultaneously - to contain capable and boegotovyj a reserve for KSO.

During military conflicts KSO and the forces subordinated to it should be used as an integral part of Armed forces of the Russian Federation.

Such approach, in our opinion, most full answers those ringings which already in the nearest future will rise before the Russian army and before the country as a whole.


The author of the concept general Sergey Alekseevich Kanchukov

Radiant: <>

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