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Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

Conflicts of recent years show that the role of special operations and enter values ​​increases sharply in an environment where the globalized world does not allow for large-scale use of military force. Today, special operations forces have elite armed forces of any country, and the elite should use it only available techniques and methods to action, as well as elite weapons and military equipment. Evaluate the role and place of special operations in the doctrine of modern warfare, and explore techniques, tools and techniques of special operations - this is the goal of the project.

The SS penal battalion (Command "Dirlewanger")

Officially the penalty units in the structures of MOP didn't exist. But all the SS knew that erring member of the "Black order" to atone on the Eastern front in the special unit, which is commanded by Oskar Paul Dirlewanger.

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Object Mina f-10

Object radio-controlled mine f-10 is designed for detonation of high-security objects, the decision on the destruction of which must be taken in the usual manner at the time of leaving the area your troops or later, and which shall be destroyed only upon the occurrence of special circumstances.

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`Total resistance. Guide Swiss army on guerrilla warfare and underground operations`

`Total resistance` - eof the legendary work of the famous Swiss expert of guerrilla warfare, major H. von DACH. Among experts, this work is one of the key positions, partendo on the classics of the genre.

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Plaster John `Perfect sniper. The complete guide to training military and police snipers`

This updated and expanded edition of the book "Ultimate Sniper", which includes information on sniper rifles, optical sights, ammunition and equipment, the latest tactics and techniques from the experience of the war on terror, analysis of new technologies... detailed ballistics and trajectory data for sniper ammunition, new chapters on the experience contrayerva fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and more.

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The list of sources in English on the theory and history of the partisan movement and combat

The list of sources in English on the theory and history of the partisan movement.

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