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Special Operations: Theory and capabilities

Conflicts of recent years show that the role of special operations and enter values ​​increases sharply in an environment where the globalized world does not allow for large-scale use of military force. Today, special operations forces have elite armed forces of any country, and the elite should use it only available techniques and methods to action, as well as elite weapons and military equipment. Evaluate the role and place of special operations in the doctrine of modern warfare, and explore techniques, tools and techniques of special operations - this is the goal of the project.

Field book of a partisan commander

Field book of the guerrilla commander.

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`The art of guerrilla warfare`

Book on the art of guerrilla warfare in English).

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`Hand to hand combat in a confined space`

The American leadership system of unarmed combat and defence without weapons in a confined space.

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From the book A. A. Lyakhovsky. "The tragedy and valor of Afghanistan"

About military политическоq the situation in the middle of the I960 year in Afghanistan after input of the Limited contingent of Soviet troops, the first successes in the struggle for the establishment of a new regime in Afghanistan and the first losses on the book by A. A. Lyakhovsky “the Tragedy of the valor of Afghanistan”

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I. Horikov, D. Chapygin `Spies`

The article "Scouts" of the authors I. D. Chapygina Horikawa and link to results of actions of reconnaissance units of the red army during the Second World war.

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