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`The training of snipers`/ Educational-methodical manual
Material posted: Publication date: 07-06-2013

In the conditions of modern combined arms combat, despite the use of modern means of combat, the sniper role is still important. In the experienced hands of a sniper rifle is a powerful weapon.

As the experience of the second world war and local wars, on average, one killed in the war was spent in several tons of metal, sniper also to perform combat tasks spends only a few grams of metal, striking the opponent, usually with one shot.

A sniper is a specially trained, specially marksman, excellently wielding the art of shooting, camouflage and observation.

Sniper in battle is granted considerable independence in solving battle task, so it needs to be tactically competent, be able to quickly and well to navigate the terrain both day and night, to be able to read a topographic map, quickly, cleverly, and secretly move on the ground. The importance in the successful fulfillment of combat tasks have the sniper skillful use of terrain, the art of disguise and surveillance.

In a modern battle, when the enemy fully uses various means of disguise, to find purpose on the battlefield — is not easy.

Using every terrain, skillfully choosing the shelter, the sniper must patiently and persistently to observe and hunt down the enemy without revealing themselves.Subtle signs he needs to find a goal and seizing the opportune moment, hit her in the shortest time with the first shot.

In order to achieve the best results in the training of snipers, commanders must be aware of the aims and objectives of this training and the same understanding and dedication to develop the learners; clearly present the content, sequence and methods of preparation (training and education) snipers; clearly and effectively present academic material and relate it to previously studied questions; for each class, to check how snipers learn the material under study.

The main conditions of successful performance of the tasks of training snipers are of high theoretical, practical and methodical training of officers and sergeants, guiding the training of snipers; meet the requirements of snipers base material; constant maintenance of weapons in readiness.

The training of snipers should be based on the principle of sequence in the study of theory and practice (transition from simple to complex).

Essential for solid mastery of the subject is the repetition of previously studied and systematic training. In addition, account should be taken of the individual characteristics of each student that will help the commander to achieve the greatest results, to develop the abilities of snipers, to achieve mastery of subordinates in the sniper case.

You must specify the learners their weaknesses and how to overcome them.

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