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Political assassinations in the Arsenal of the CIA
Material posted: Publication date: 03-03-2015

Somehow very quickly and smoothly the President of the United States and the Western media reacted to the murder of Boris Nemtsov! And immediately blamed personally on the President of the Russian Federation. In this regard emerge about the actions of "false flag", in which highly skilled agents of the CIA.

The history of U.S. intelligence is replete with examples of killing their own agents. This occurs most often with those who are caught stealing, using "inappropriately" transferred him the money; who is too "lit up" as a CIA agent; who became the "ballast", without the "Office" use; who "knows too much", etc.

Back in the early 50's of last century Chodov in the "Manual for political assassinations" for CIA agents, a whole section was devoted to "secret" killings — the blame for which, according to the classification, it was necessary to hold objectionable to the United States.

kaspanemtsБолее addition, the Handbook States: "except For terrorist murders (also contained in the Arsenal of the CIA, provided with this benefit — N. And.) it is desirable that the murderer was a random person. In the murder of "loss" (that is, when by eliminate — N. And.) the assassin must be a fanatic or a staunch man. Political, religious enmity, and revenge — that's the most likely explanation."

In sophisticated tactics of intelligence services provided and the creation of "martyrs" from the number created by the United States "opposition" parties designed to make the "orange revolutions" and coups.

In the secret manual of the CIA for the Nicaraguan contras, the American mercenaries, who were fighting to overthrow the Sandinista government of Nicaragua in the 80s provided for the establishment of "front" organizations nationwide — in fact branches of the CIA, who have a legal "roof" as parties and organizations headed by prominent opposition figures.

It clearly shows all stages of preparation coups. Moreover, in contrast to the known guidance of the "Einstein Institute" designed for simpletons, pecking at the lure of Western democracy, in the manual of the CIA harshly and cynically labeled subversive functions of all, without exception, "the freedom fighters".

To the reader it became clear that are in fact different "Maidan" and "bog" event will cause a sufficiently large excerpts from this document:

"At the final stage mass actions and rallies become important tools for the task.

The introduction of agents

The introduction of agents in the trade unions, student and youth organizations, etc. is a prerequisite for further work of these groups in the masses, where they will preach our ideas.

— Teams for the organization of psychological warfare must sow the seeds of hostility to the government in their organizations target, to the decisive moment of rage brought forth the violence directed against the regime.
— This work should be carried out in political parties, trade unions, student organizations, the unemployed, ethnic minorities and any other groups in society, where possible, the recruitment of supporters. The main goal is to create in the mass consciousness and the establishment of an "enemy image" in the form of the state

Our agents are conducting a psychological war to forcibly create a climate of obsession in places where the population is constantly hitting me in weak points of the regime. You need to constantly cultivate resentment, irritation, hatred, to organize distribution of pamphlets and leaflets, use radio, TV and Newspapers, concentrating maximally on the task of preparing human consciousness for a decisive moment that will occur in the setting of generalized violence.

Choosing the right slogans

At the suggestion of the agents of the leaders of the opposition must correctly classify and use slogans according to the circumstances and mobilize the masses, on the scope of issues and emotional mood which they create.

When the rebellion is at an early stage of development, our agents have to insist on partial slogans, such as "Feed the people!".

When in power structures of the enemy there were significant failures in the organization and control, but people already are in a state of exaltation, the tone of our campaign has to change and grow to extreme emotional intensity.

The effectiveness of simple slogans is that few people can talk about ideas of the universe, but any citizen no matter how lowly he may be, understands that a pair of shoes. The use of the basic needs in the promotion is the main task of our agents.

The new kernel

The task is to mobilize canvassers from the local community. This group will inevitably draw into its ranks the same number of curious persons who seek adventures and those who are dissatisfied with the government. They will be in the maximum number represented by our agents and the militants. Each group will be strictly prescribed for certain tasks.

You have to gather a crowd in the maximum number that will be dissatisfied with the government and affected by it. They should be armed with batons, metal rods, (if possible — pistols and other firearms, which must be held secretly), giving up the posters, and direct the center of the capital, where the public authorities. We also need to hire criminals, who will perform a special "dirty" work.

Agents should also visit the places where the unemployed and the employment office and issuance of social benefits, in order to hire the unemployed to perform "work", not mentioning its content. The recruitment of these elements is necessary because the crowd needed to perform the task is created clearly in order that brooked no deviation or delay.

Part of agents needs to take care of transporting participants to the venue, or on rented buses or private cars or by public transport.

Designated agents must develop and organize the production of posters, flags, banners with slogans or phrases, whether partial, temporary or of the most radical slogans.

Other agents have to arrange the production of leaflets, badges, pamphlets in order to make the collection more visible. This material should contain hidden instructions for the participants, apart from the fact that it aims against the regime.

Special challenges will be faced by agents who must choose the "Martyr" among the leaders of "front" organizations. he must suffer either before the event or during it, that should exacerbate the situation, lead to an open clash with the authorities. it will be a "trigger event" to start violent actions. During the demonstration it is necessary to open fire, which will lead to the death of one or more persons. these people will be the "martyrs" of the movement, and the situation will be immediately used against the regime in order to expand the area of open violent conflict.

The transition from a mass rally to revolt

This task can be carried out by a small group of militants and agents embedded in the mass of participants who are supposed to create the impression that a lot of them and that their side is a large popular support. The efforts of 200-300 people can achieve demonstration with 10 to 20 thousand participants.

Agitation of the mass during a demonstration is carried out through nomination by political slogans. In this promotion must take a few of our agents that gather ordinary citizens to create an impression of unprovoked demonstrations.

They have control of this demonstration from start to finish

External fighters. These elements must be outside the area of protest activity, lying so that they could observe all the events planned. As an observation post, they must use a tower or a Church, highest building, tallest tree, the top rows of the stadium or auditorium or any other hill.

Internal militants. These elements have to be in a crowd. The greatest attention should be paid to the safety of the commanders of these elements. Separate bright posters or conspicuous signs should designate command posts and there should be signals for subordinates. These elements should be located so as not to suffer after the beginning of collisions or incidents caused in the course of demonstrations.

Our key agitators remain in the crowd. Responsible for the operation must pre-specify these propagandists that they are close to certain posters, who will know their whereabouts in the crowd, in order to assist in collision with the enemy. In this way the commander will know where the agitators are, and will be able to give them orders or change along the way, passwords or slogans, or to respond to an unsolicited promotions, and even from time to time to bring the violence in that place and at that time it deems appropriate.

At this stage the key agent to disperse the crowd and take place in prominent locations such as road signs, street lights or other noticeable places. They must avoid clashes and being in the zone of collision after you provoke them.

Defensive posts. These elements should play the role of bodyguards, forming a protective ring around the commander, shielding him from the police and the military or helping him to escape from the scene of the action if necessary. They must have iron self-control and discipline and to obey verbal orders of the commander.

To resort to violent action only by order of the commanders

The liaisons. They should be close to the commanders, giving them orders to internal and external militants. They use radio, telephones, motorcycles, bikes, cars. Ideal for this work are the teenagers (boys and girls).

Shock of the group. These people should be armed (knives, blades, chains, bludgeons, brass knuckles, firearms) and move a few behind the naive and gullible members from the "extras". They must be securely hide the guns until the appointed time. Their role is to support the armed agitators. They must act quickly, brutally and unexpectedly in order to distract police forces themselves, and then quickly retreat, giving the opportunity to pre-run with domestic militants.

Responsible for posters and banners. Posters and banners should Express the protest of the population, but when the gathering will move emotionally to violent protest, our embedded elements should raise the placards, directly aimed against the regime, which so far they hide. They should be keywords of hatred of the regime. Responsible for the operation should warn the agitators about the change posters. Immediately after the change of posters he will know where at the moment the agitators, and will have the opportunity at the final stage to give the order to start violence or General revolt.

Agitators chants, slogans and applause. They are taught special shouts during the meetings. For example, "We are hungry, give us bread!" or "Down with the corrupt government!". Their role and techniques identical to the organizers of the chants, slogans and applause used at football or baseball games. The purpose is not only shouting slogans together with everyone, but in creating involvement and the habit of obedience to the leaders". End quote

Here with such "spontaneous" and "popular" movement will have to deal with our authorities!

Nikolay IVANOV


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