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Too white "special forces": аmerican elite troops are too few black
Material posted: Publication date: 20-08-2015
Pentagon experts are concerned about the lack of racial diversity in the special forces units of US armed forces. According to military experts, the situation when elite US Special Forces units are almost exclusively white Americans, creates difficulties in carrying out missions in various parts of the world.

Despite set of the special programs operating in armed forces of the USA and directed on attraction in numbers of military men of representatives of different minority, structure of elite subdivisions of special troops remains more or less homogeneous in the racial relation. In the American special troops white Americans serve basically. And to change this situation it is impossible, informs edition USA Today which results statistics of a racial accessory of staff of various subdivisions of the American army and naval special troops. This data is not completely opened and collected on the basis of separate inquiries of various subdivisions.

From 7441 military men of those subdivisions of Forces of special operations (various units of special troops of the USA in the different combat arms, united by Command of forces of special operations) which have answered inquiry, 6434 concern white Americans.

Black among members of spetsnaz of only 347 persons, latinosov - 423.

In some subdivisions of representatives of minority it is not enough: for example, among 2242 military men of the private soldier and a sergeant of "fur seals" (special troops of the Navy of the USA) black members of spetsnaz only 45 - that is about 2 %. In special troops of marines quantity black - nearby 1 % of staff, and among rescuers-parachutists (special subdivisions of the Air Forces of the USA which are engaged in treatment and evacuation of wounded men and civilians) - does not exceed 0,6 %.

Now black military men make approximately 17 % from total number of military men of army of the USA. Army and naval command for many years makes efforts on increase of representation of the various minority presented in the American society, in armed forces of the USA.

The admission of the persons who have changed a floor (transgenders), to military service became one of last decisions on this direction.

In Pentagon structure in department on work with staff there is a separate service by the equal possibilities, conducting special programs on expansion of representation of minority in army and to change of the relation to them in the army environment.

That special troops subdivisions - the elite and pride of the American armed forces - remain homogeneous in the racial relation, strongly disturbs command.

One of representatives of the service, responsible for change of this situation, - colonel Michael Kopenhejver in interview USA Today has noticed that the problem of absence of minority in elite subdivisions is not reduced to a question on equality of possibilities. Mainly white members of spetsnaz performing difficult operations in the most different countries of the world where people of different races and the people live, cause additional tearing away in the population. According to Kopenhejvera, «too American kind» members of spetsnaz often became any reason of street incidents with local population.

The military man doubts that the problem will dare by means of introduction of a quota.

From its point of view, the account of necessity of possession members of spetsnaz various cultural experience for the best fulfilment of some operations in other regions of the world becomes one of decisions. National and racial minority possess a unit of this experience in bolshej to a measure. Besides, minority simply should believe in possibility to arrive and promote in the American special troops.

Too small representation of minority in special divisions of the USA caused questions and before. In 1999 known analytical centre Rand Corporation has prepared the extensive report on this problem. From it follows that low indicators at delivery of the academic tests appear a frequent cause of a failure for representatives of many minority. A difference in progress between black and white pupils - a traditional and recognised problem of the American education system. Among the main reasons of this phenomenon usually name absence at many black families of access to the good preschool educational centres, unsuccessful conditions. Insufficient results in delivery of specifications on swimming (that also is connected with the social reasons and absence of access to pools) appeared one of factors.

In July, 2015 the commander of Forces of special operations of the USA general Joseph Votel has addressed to conferences on safety in Aspene. In the speech he has especially underlined that special forces need attraction of minority.

«People with different skin colour are necessary to us, men are necessary to us, women are necessary to solve those problems which we face today», - the commander of forces of special troops has told.

While the initiative of command of "fur seals" realised since 2012 which conduct work with various associations of racial and ethnic communities on search of suitable candidates for passage of preparation of members of spetsnaz became an example concerning the successful program of subdivisions of special troops on attraction of representatives of minority in the numbers.

The Soviet experience of operations in Afghanistan has shown that presence in special divisions of representatives of different nationalities and various anthropological types appeared the important factor for many operations.

In particular, in 1979 even before official input of troops «the Muslim batallion» has been forwarded to Afghanistan on territory of the country - specially generated subdivision of special troops GRU in which collected almost exclusively representatives of the people of Central Asia so-called. Originally the subdivision has been entered into Afghanistan for participation in guards of the governmental buildings in coordination with the country authorities, but later «the Muslim batallion» became the main striking force at storm of a palace of Amina - the event which have launched a chain of processes, the Soviet troops which have ended in input to Afghanistan. Later experience of "a Muslim batallion» has appeared useful and at carrying out of other special operations in territory of the country.

«I consider that the one who pays attention to racial uniformity of special troops of the USA, correctly understands a situation and specificity of these subdivisions, - the deputy of the State Duma, the veteran of Afghanistan tells Frants Klintsevich which were passing in Afghanistan service in special units VDV. - I Can tell that in group in which I served in Afghanistan, the certain quantity of representatives of republics of Central Asia was without fail collected. They were not allocated outwardly among local population and is much better understood a local cultural context. There are tasks which without it it is impossible to carry out».

Stas Kuvaldin

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